20 Glitter Coffin Nails For a Stylish Manicure

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Glitter coffin nails are simply just more fun to wear. Glitter is a universal touch for fun and brightness. There is just something about the shine it gives that makes you smile. If you are new those glitter nail designs are your best choice to look awesome.

Glitter can be added to your hair, face, and your nails. For these manicures, if you plan on doing them yourself you will need some special tools. Clear base (keep your nails protected), polish in the base color you like, glitter color or powder ( recommended if you like the textured glitter look), you need a tiny brush to clean up around the nails after, and a top coat.

1. Holophraphic pink glitter coffin nails

Holophraphic pink glitter coffin nails

Love this! rainbow holographic nail design. If you love bold nails that will stand out, this is a fun one to give a try.

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2. Pink Glitter Coffin Nails

 Pink Glitter Coffin Nails

Source Instagram/sandalo.studionails

The nail design with a little cloud, cuteness, pink, peach, and glitter is amazing. The whole nail art combination works.

3. Soft Pink Sugary Coffin Nails

Source Instagram/sandalo.studionails

Sugary textured nails are quite a popular trend so you will need some glitter powder as I listed above. You can buy these on Amazon my preferable place for these items.

4. Accent Nail Art

If you are not a fan of red coffin nails maybe you want to try burgundy.

5. Stylish Black Glitter Coffin Nails

Stylish black glitter Nails

This nail design idea you can totally pull off at home. Glossy glitter on one finger, two nails in plain black glossy polish, and black and white marble on the ring finger.

6. Black stylish Acrylic glitter nails

black glitter coffin nails

Clear glass nail, solid black and silver glitter top coating.

7 . Cream color glitter coffin nails

glitter coffin nails

Source: instagram.com

Textured and fresh cream-colored nude polish with a matte finish. The accent nails are thick silver glitter. The contrast really makes the design stand out and catches the eyes. The accent nails are on different fingers on each hand making it even more interesting.

8. Neutral Cream With Peach Glitter Accents

Neutral Cream With Peach Glitter Accents

Source: instagram.com

These nails have a triangle glitter in peach color, the base creates a truly elegant design. Glitter coffin nail shape is simple, not over the top and this shows you just that.

9. Purple glitter coffin nails

Purple glitter coffin nails

This is a light version of purple nails that I can say I truly love. If you wanted

10. Tiny red gemstone

Glitter coffin nails such as these can be most requested during Valentine’s or for weddings. If you are looking for amazing wedding nails copy this and take them to a talented nail technician.

12. Rainbow Glitter Nail Idea

Getting the glitz of multicolored rainbow nails. I love glitter coffin nails that can make you feel amazing. This will certainly do just that for a party, but may not be the first choice for the working ladies.

13. Silver Glitz and Glam

Silver nails

This silver nail shines so bright, perfect for New Year’s Eve. You can copy this design easily, with clear nails, a silver top coat, and a textured silver mix.

14. Load of Rhinestone

Although this is not technically glittering it shines a lot, and the accent nail is covered fully in gems.

15. Cute Glitter Coffin Nails

16. Long Glitter Nail Design

Glitter all over, these are beginners friendly.

17. Soft Glitter Tips

For Holiday Glitter nails I would recommend this because during Christmas everything sparkles. I love how the color is soft and delicate and the glossy finish never gets old.

18. Gel glitter nails

19 .

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