20+ Amazing Black Coffin Nails

Black is a popular nail color, one of the top choices by many. There are plenty of ways to wear black coffin nails because of the shape and the color compliments everything well. Choosing black coffin nail designs is choosing something chic but practical as well.

Combining two popular trends creates something magical that will surely be stylish. These will match everyday outfit ideas and you guarantee a stylish manicure. Our top choices of black coffin manicures include ombre, glitter, clear, and marble for example.

So here are the 20 best coffin black nails to inspire your next manicure appointment. This popular nail trend will not disappoint you one bit.

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1. Shine and Matter with Gold Stud

First up this sophisticated black coffin nail with minimal designs. The nails feature a glossy top for the most part a small matte finish at the bottom, and small gold detail on each.

Shine and Matter with Gold Stud

Image credit@margaritasnailz

2. Sheer and Lace

This next nail inspo features plenty of different black designs to explore. We love that each individual nail has its own interesting design. The design features elements such as lace, mesh, black studs, and vertical tips.

lovely long nails, lace patter, mesh and sugary

Image credit @riyathai87

3. Black and Gold Coffin Nails

This next option is a beautiful glam nail idea. Glossy black nails, gold foils on the small nail, and one stand-out clear accent nail with rhinestones. Black or gold nails are not just goth they are elegant and classy such as this one.

Black and Jelly Coffin Nails

4. Black and White Hearts and Stripes

Black and white coffin nails with cute and fun designs. These nails have designs such as hearts, stripes, and solid black glossy polish.

black and white nail art

Image credit @@niloo__nail_art

5. Matte With Flower Power

Black nail polish goes with any color and pattern, here is a perfect example of such a combination. To recreate this look you must have it done professionally are you have experience yourself.

Each finger has its own unique design and color combination.

nude nails, gold coffin nail and black matte coffin nail design

6. With Glitter Coffin Black Nails

Our next idea features black on all nails and an overcoat with thick glitters. With the colorful glitter, your nails will stand out among your outfit.

black glittery nails

Image credit @margaritasnailz

7. With Cute Design

If you are into cute nail design this next idea is youthful and fun.

cute black nail art

Image credit @magicalnailspa

8.  Glossy and Matte Black Nails

The next design features another matte and glossy combination. Matte black nail art with design is trendy. If you want to jazz up your manicure with a little design you can do this yourself as well.

If you want something classy that goes well with everything and looks good on everyone.

 Glossy and Matte Black Nails

Image Credit: @joannasnails

9. Multi-color and Ideas

On the other hand, this nail art option will encourage you to go bold. We love how simple and cute each nail art is.

Multi-color and Ideas

10. The Dark Galaxy

The dark color background with the multicolor shimmer creates a galaxy look. The design is not too complicated to do but it takes some experience to complete them and make them clean and fierce.

Dark Galaxy

Image Credit @marilyn_nail_art

11. V Modern Black French Tip

Our next inspiration is nails with black tips and clear polish. We love the modern look and feel of this nail art design.

V black french tip nails with clear base

12. Glam Black Nail Design

Up next is another example of how you can elevate your black nails. The nails are classy and simple with a stunning single stripe and crystal. You can recreate this look with black nail polish and a holographic strip. These are usually bought precut from Amazon and you can find tutorials online to help.

Glam Black Nail Design

Image credit: @margaritasnailz

13. Euphoria Nails

Inspired by the TV show Euphoria by the character Maddy Perez. The design features negative space which is a popular technique now, with a thick wavy black pattern on the side.

Euphoria Nails

Image Credit: @kuypernailart

14. Stylish Cow Print Tips

Aesthetic cow print nails have been on the top for the last few years on my social media. If you want something a bit modern but not too wild this is a good one for you to consider.

cow print french tips

Image credit: @sheadbeauty

15. Glittery Style Design

These coffin black nails have a forever young look to them so a timeless manicure for you. If want to give your mom a manicure surprise she may appreciate this one.

textured black coffin nail art

Image credit: @theglitternails

16. Black Spooky

Black nails for Halloween is top tier and you can’t go wrong, these will go with any costume you will be wearing. The design features different textures and designs that are cohesive and bold.

Black Spooky nail art

Image credit: @@botanicanailstudio

17. Chic Gold Shimmer

Shimmers belong on black coffin nails too! The black nails create a perfect canvas for your glitter creativity to shine. This in turn gives you a modest and eye-catching design as well.

Chic Gold Shimmer

Image credit: @luzpantoja127

18. With Grey

It doesn’t come as a shocker to have a grey and black nail combination. These have a design with glossy glitters over the black polish that stands out.

grey, black and clear nails

Image credit @solinsnaglar

19. The Honey Bee

Bling nail design, very long black nails with a gold pattern on all nails. The nails have their own interesting designs such as gold drip, bee, honey cone, and gold French tip.

The Honey Bee

Image credit: @lafayette_nails

20. Marble Nail in Black

We mentioned earlier that marble nails are some of our top choices so had to include an example in our list.

Black Coffin Nail with marble design and pattern


cute clear and black nails

Here are 20+ amazing coffin black nails to inspire your next unique manicure.

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