21 Light Blue Nails & Baby Blue Nails To Try

Are you looking for a cute nail color to wear this winter? Here you may enjoy these light blue nails. Baby blue nail designs are some of our favorite shades of color.

Baby blue nails are some of the cutest color choices for everyone. This nail color may not be the conventional idea but they reflect beautifully against the snow.

There are plenty of things to enhance your manicures example reindeer nail designs are stunning and fun for Christmas. However, these manicure ideas can take you beyond that and you can have fun and be flirty all year long.

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This pop of color may be what you are looking for on colder days. Since winter is around the corner for most of us let’s get some light blue nails.

The Best Light & Baby Blue Nails

These ideas are creative and cute and if you have a good nail tech you can save the image and have them recreate the design for you. If you are looking for something more easier we have shoppable press on nails as well.

1. Light Swirly Nail Art Designs

First things first the nails have a beautiful shape are elegant and the design is stunning. Swirly nails are usually popular during the summer but you can rock them in the winter with the right shade as well.

light blue swirl nails

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2. Long Diva Choice

This next nail art design resembles Elsa’s fairy tale blue. Maybe you are feeling magical this season which makes these next nail art perfect to get. I love that the Rhinstones going down vertically making the designs a little more interesting.

baby blue nail designs

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3. Teal Ombre Nail Design

Teal has always been one of the most elegant colors. This next nail has lovely ombre nail art designs. The nail art length is glam and will not be for everyone but certainly for those who are bold.

light coffin ombre

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4. Cute Matte Polish and Gold Detailed Flower

We are obsessed with these nail designs, it’s the perfect wedding nail for winter. The ombre gold tips and the flowers work well together.

The matte finish polish has always been a classy look and this is no exception. I like my nails to look clean and well done and this color would work well on anyone.

Matte Polish and Gold Detailed Flower

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5. Blue Daisy French Design

The minimalist design of this next look is really cute. The design features three solid baby blue nails, clear and blue tips with clear and some daisies on the side.

pretty blue nails

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6. Long Minimalist

There are plenty of women wanting long nails but they also want something simple. This next look features all solid light blue nail art designs.

Coffin shape nails in light blue

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7. Pretty Icy Catch

Almond shape nails are practical but also not too short and this may be what you are looking for. The sweater pattern nails go well alongside the blue glitter nails.

blue sweater pattern

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8. Baby Blue French Tip Rhinestone Nails

If you are a fashionable woman that wants to turn your manicure up you may love this next design. The blue French tip nails with clear bottoms and the small rhinestones add personality to it.

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9. Blue Negative Space Nails

These next nails are stunning and modern, a lot of girls are enjoying the negative space nail art. The almond shape design with white tips and blue swirls. The minimalist design also seems elegant.

negative space blue swirly nails

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10. Trendy Cloud Light Blue Nail Designs

These pretty light blue nail designs will look good all year round. Pastel color nails are so trendy and they are more popular in winter and spring.

light blue nail designs

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11. Matte in Trendy Cloud Design

Pastel nail art is one of the most popular choices for people during spring. This design features a matte finish, a cloud pattern on two nails, and blue melting into a purple color.

light blue nail designs

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12. Cherry Rhinestone Light Blue Coffin Nails

There are a lot of people who love cherry and this is quite popular in winter. Pretty baby blue nail art designs with the cherry to elevate it. Light blue nail designs are lovely and the pop of red and light green makes it interesting.

light blue coffin nails

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13. Almond Shape Flower Power With Design

This next nail art design features blue, white, and clear nail color combinations. Each nail has a simple cute design and the almond shape and length are cute.

light blue nails with design

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14. Baby Blue and Silver Stars

This nail design features small glittery silver stars on blue base nails. This embraces the season well because they can symbolize the Christmas star.

light blue nails with design

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15. Coffin Blue with Glitter

This next bling-looking nail art is bold and pretty yet not too overdone. Coffin blue shape nails feature a full glitter and besides that rhinestones.

The rhinestones on the two nails add more depth to the design. It is not very hard to place these just have steady hands and be creative.

pretty baby blue nails

Image via Pinterest

16. Winter Christmas Perfect Nails

This next blue nail design has to be one of the more creative looks and quite complex compared to some of the others on this list.

The design has soft blue, white, nude, and silver with a cute little snow fox.

Winter Christmas nail design

Image via _mejzi

17. Cute Snowflake For Winter Wonderland

This next nail art inspiration is not the best for beginners. Pretty sweater nail patterns, large snowflake nails, and small dots of snow. Elegant light blue nail ideas for the chilly season.

blue snowflake nails

Image via Instagram/nailssbykate

18. Light Blue French Tips

This next look features a soft feminine design with light blue ombre tips and snowflakes.

blue snowflakes tip nails

Image via Instagram/heluviee

19. Clear with Flowers

Nails with flowers are basically great no matter the season.

Clear with Flowers

Image via an_nail_beauty

20. Pop Of Color with Swirl Design

When it comes to the best designs adding some color can make a huge difference. We love these baby blue acrylic nails because they bring some of our favorite summer colors into the design as well.

Baby Blue Acrylic Nails

21. Cute Sparkle and Snow Gnome

During the holiday we sometimes want to embrace it with a fresh manicure.

Cute Sparkle and Snow Gnome

Image via Instagram/elartopl

The Meaning of Light Blue Nails

There are a few meanings to light blue nails, some more new than others. One of the new meanings is that if you wear light blue nails you are taken. So it’s like saying you’re into a relationship and getting light or baby blue nails. 

Other meanings such as:

Tranquility, Serenity, Freshness, and Openness.

Whatever the case the meaning of a particular color is not set in stone and generally, people choose colors based on personal preference, fashion, or occasion. Nail colors including light blue are a fun way to express your creativity and a way to express yourself

Which of these light blue nail designs are you thinking of trying? Most are shoppable which will save you time. If you are experienced or just looking for an acrylic manicure then save some of these for later.

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