20 Summer Fresh Sassy Nails

Summer is always the best time to have fun and summer nails are a fun way to do that. Designs such as beach nails, palm trees, sea shells, lots of colors you name it.

The sassy nails we have selected can be DIY or easily duplicated by skilled nail stylists. One of the keys to summer trends is the bright colors coming from spring and beautiful pastels. If you dont have an idea of what you are looking for yet, these sassy summer nails will bring the flair to your life.

Best Sassy Nails For Summer

Cute Vivid Mani

Vivid colors are one of the trend colors for summer.

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Dope nails

Pink Chrome and Matte

A summer without pink is never an option.

Dope nails

Fun Pastel

Pastel colors are perfect for women who like lighter colors.

Multicolor Ombre Dope Nails

If you are looking for dope nails for summer check these out. They come in many different colors that are perfect for summertime.

Dope nails

source: instagram/astrid.ng79/

Beautiful Hel Polish Manicure

These almond shape nail art designs are amazing, with an interesting design on each finger.

sassy nails

Source: Instagram/matuszewsk.a/

Pink Cloud Sassy Nails

These are popular on Instagram right now and should go well into summer. These trendy nail art got popular among influencers and they are still relevant and worth trying.

dope pink nails

Sunshine Yellow Sassy Nail Art Designs

Yellow is one of the popular color choices of summer. We love how bright these sunshine color nails look. The sugary coats and matte finish is lovely too.

yellow sassy nail art


Summer Splash of fruits

Get your summer inspiration with these tropical fruits, do you want these on your nails? Fruits on colorful base nails with juicy color ideas.

fruity nail art

Rainbow Nails with butterfly decals

Summer, butterfly design, and multi-color nails, The glitters are pretty and help the design. The design looks more magical because of the glitters which sparked, every nail has its own unique color tip.

long acrylic summer nails

Extra Long Nails in Pastel Shades

This next nail design is super long and fire not for the more practical woman and girl. However, if you are here it means you are looking for summer sassy nails so this fits right into that.

long blue nails


Pink and lavender with a Romantic Heart

Here is another fun look if you are looking for a design with pink and hearts. Vivid colors, pink, purple, yellow, and blue shades. These nails are giving barbie girl meets Sas.

heart sassy nails

Square Shaped Nails

Another perfect design on square shape nails for a summer of fun. The mermaid effect make these nails special to me and for most of our readers.

Black Stiletto Marble Nails

Black and marble are versatile and this is a perfect example of that. Black and gold nails are just chic and this design speaks for itself. Each nails has its own unique design so there is just something to be amazed about on every finger.

Sassy Nails

Starburst Clear Base Sassy Nails

Up next is sassy nail art with a clear base and colorful stars decals, rhinestones, and studs.

sassy nails


Purple Nails

If you want a bold color with a sophisticated design.


Pointy Sassy Nails

It doesn’t get sassier than this next design.

Long Nail with gold design


Orange Nail with painted Snake Art

Painted-on nail designs are not for everyone so if you are not artistic you might have to get this done professionally.

Sassy Nails

Multi-color multi-theme nails

When you can’t make up your mind about the theme you want. A good nail stylist can get creative and give you something like this.

Sassy Nails dope nails

Pink Sassy Nails

Who says you can’t be a girly girl with sass?

Sassy Nails

Which of these dope summer nails are you thinking of trying? Let us know!!

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