24 Hairstyles with natural curls

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When it comes to hairstyles with natural curls there are plenty of diversity in styling. Naturally, curly hair can be defined by simply getting wet, and using the right curly hair products. Hairstyles for natural curly medium length hair executing the right style can be easier than those with longer hair onwash days.

Here are 24 curly hairstyles ideas to inspire you. Curly hair is extremely feminine and romantic and versatile. The curly hair trend is quite popular now as well, a lot of women going back to their natural curly roots.

Hairstyles with natural curls

Hairstyles for natural curly medium length hair

1 . This hairstyle is a half up half down with a lot of texture. What makes this style looks even better is the little frizz it still has.

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hairstyles with natural curls

2 . This next style has a top bun and the back is let down. Part the hair in half, pull the top in a tight bun, and finish with baby hair. Hairstyles with natural curls can be super cute and go well with anything.

hairstyles for natural curly medium length hair

3 . The next hairstyle is a shag curl cut with large loose natural curls. These curls may be harder to maintain during cold weather. To keep these curls from falling flat try using the right hair products.

4 . This next hairstyle is cute and it is good for women with naturally frizzy hair. The beautiful natural curly balayage with flat wrapped style hold with a rubber band. Due to kinks and curls get the right nourishing shampoo. The one I recommend is this one with good ratings check I out here.

natural curly balayage

5. Hairstyles with natural curly hair can be really beautiful when you let the hair do what it wants. Adding complimentary hairpins can enhance the look and

Hairstyles with natural curly hair

Hairstyles with natural curls and braids 

6 . This black hairstyle idea is timeless and would make a fun curly hairstyle for school. The style has regular cornrows that has loose ends with large curls. Adding small curls at the hair front adds a romantic look to it.

hairstyles with natural curls

cute curls

7 . This next adorable hairstyles for natural curly medium length hair. If you are thinking of doing this braid, detangle your hair properly before hand. Moisturized your curls so they are dehydrated and the braid looks good as well. Thick braid across the front of the head and finish off your edges with edge control.

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Edge Control is a good one.

hairstyles for natural curly medium length hair

8 . Parting your hair in four sections make large cornrows with hair cuffs. Pulling two of the braids together creating buns in the back of the hair.

hairstyles with natural curls

Cute hairstyles with natural curly hair

9 . Straw curls are a popular way to get the most defined curls. This is super cute and easy to do, with two small flat twists in the front with the rest of the hair curl behind. I recommend this gel here to keep your edges laying all day.

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10 . Rihanna hairstyles are memorable and stunning. Pulling your curly hair into a high ponytail and have it drop more to the front of your head. You can use hairpins to help push the hair in the desire direction.


11 . Double buns on natural curly hair. This style is from the ’90s but it is back and even better than before. You don’t have to do your hair too tight.

To avoid Frizz do not brush the hair when its dry. 

hairstyles for natural curly medium length hair

12 . Natural curly balayage is attractive on every hair. The next hairstyle with natural curls is pulled away from the face with large pearl bobby clips like these here.

13 . This next style with long bang, style your ha


14 . Hollywood classic glam look, this is a perfect way tp style curly hair for elegant events.

Glam curls

15 . Cutting your hair in layered looks good with all hair texture. If you have thin hair layer cuts will really help make your hair looks better.

hairstyles with natural curls

16 . Always use a heat protectant when enhancing your curls. This will look good if you have looser curls.

natural curly balayage


17 . Style your bang to the side, making frizz and curls at the end.

18 . Coloring your hair in silver is a popular trend right now. This style is going to be around for some time.

Tip* Do not wash your curls with shampoo every single day. Use more Silicone-free and sulfate-free products. 

Long hairstyles with natural curly hair

19 . Up next for those with long hair ,there are plenty of romantic hairstyles. The side part is a safe beautiful look.

hairstyles with natural curls

20 .

hairstyles with natural curls

Half up Half Down Hair

21 . This style is perfect for a casual day, effortless look.

natural curly balayage

cute natural curly balayage

22 . Curly messy bun, also remember! Avoid products with sulfate as that may damage your natural curl and make them dry. 


23. Small and Large Cornrows at the front half of the hair. Loose wavy curls in a back ponytail.

Hairstyles with natural curly hair

Loose curls

24 . The next hairstyle, has cornrows at the front with decorative hair accessories. This hairstyle looks really good with natural curls.

hairstyles with natural curls

Keeping curly hair healthy is important especially if you have thicker type curls. IF your hair leans more to the thicker side then it won’t be as easy to just add water to define soft bouncy curls. You will also need holding products to help your curls last longer and be more define. 

Hope enjoy this list of hairstyles with natural curly hair.

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