90’s Hairstyles and Clips


Beautiful hairstyles and hair accessories have made combat. These hairstyles and trends have come so far over 2 decades later. There are many things from the ’90s that are trending right now, music, clothes, and cosmetics.

Scrunchies from the ’90s

Scrunchies are back, if you are a 90’s girl you will appreciate these adorable hair accessories. So if you love these vibrant color hair cosmetics do give this look a try and also they are adorable for home hairstyles.

Half up-half down hairstyle with scrunchies

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Bun hairstyles with Scrunchies

updos are among the most popular and comfortable. If you have a good shape face this is great for showing it off.

Get these colorful accesories:

Space Buns

Who doesn’t love space bun? it’s such a fun and playful hairstyle it’s great that they are back. Space buns are easy hairstyles for school that are perfect. These hairstyles were quite popular in pop music videos in the 90s as well.


This is another popular looks that happened to make a comeback a few times. These are especially popular among celebrities in the music industry. At the moment they are quite popular at music and festive events. If you go to festivals like Coachella you will sure to see this 90’s trend.



These hair clips from the 90’s everyone loves them. We are seeing so many of these clips coming back like celebrities like Ariana Grande is embracing the trend with sleek ponytails and snap clips.

Snap Clips

Butterfly clips


Banana Clip

Bouncy waves, curls, and blowouts

Baby Hair

If you dont know this trend it was popular then and it’s back now. Chilli from TLC ’90s icon rock her baby hair and dont let the name fool you it is not just for baby. This style is was more popular among girls with curly hair texture but now everyone is getting in on it.

baby hair 90's

Bouncy waves, curls, and blowouts

Back in the 90’s blowout was a trend before the straight hair fever. Again woman is now embracing their natural curls and waves again. Celebrities back then who rock voluminous curls are Whitney Houston and Diana Ross. They inspired this generation as well.



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