28 Stunning Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

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Valentine’s Day 2024 is the perfect day to show your significant other how much you appreciate them. This is a good time to be creative and play around with Valentine’s Day makeup looks.

Looking for some new inspiration for a romantic night, after searching for the perfect Valentine’s day gift for him? Then you come to the right place here is Inspired Beauty we have collected some of the cutest Valentine’s Day makeup.

1. Soft Romantic Makeup Looks

With dark brows that pull attention to your eyes. Eyebrows with gold and pink at the corner of the eyes.

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2. Makeup for Valentine’s Day

A glamorous look that is not over the top. The under-eye shadow has a tint of orange, and above the eyes golden shadow.

source: here

3. Glam Valentine’s Day makeup

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day makeup that is good for day or night. Groomed eyebrows, bright matte lipstick. This look depends heavily on the right full coverage foundation.

4. Valentine’s sexy makeup

For a glam pink makeup look this next idea may be what you want. Sharp half-cut crease with pretty pin hues. Using different shades of pink to create depts. and dimension.

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5. Cute makeup look

For a more natural look, clean winter-inspired look. This requires proper skin care to have a minimum makeup look.

6. Soft Glam Look

Although soft delicate looks may seem boring for such a day, it does not mean it looks any less impressive. If you like the more feminine soft look then go ahead and do it. I find these looks to be super romantic with a more natural look.

Source: Instagram/nicolebhm , Instagram/charliesbellamommy , Instagram/michellypalmamakeup

7. Smokey Valentine’s Day eye makeup

With a touch of a chic vamp look, this makeup has you covered. Matte lipstick and scissors sharp eyeliners.

valentine's day eye makeup

8. Dramatic Dark Eyeshadow

Dark eyes with a tint of brown shadow and similar shade lipstick. The look is effortless glam.

sexy makeup looks

9. Glitter sexy makeup ideas

This look is subtle but also sexy makeup looks for all special occasions. Valentine’s Day is no exception.

glitter makeup for bold look

10. Pink Shadows and Matte Lipstick

Swap out the classic black liner for this silver glitter over stunning ombre pink with red. The look is complete with long full lashes and bright pink matte lips.

11. Bold Wings and Black Undereyes

Lush lashes with and large wings, the look is focused on the eyes. The contrast between the eyes and the soft lips. This is one of the classics that you cant go wrong with.

12. Sultry Makeup

Sultry look that also gives a vamp vibe. If you like dark red lipstick and a glossy finish this is worth a copy. This is one of our favorites especially if you are looking for a more mysterious look.

Credit: Instagram/cakeyconfessions , Instagram/makeupbyalinna , Instagram/thaynah_pires

A good tip is black mascara, for everyone who is getting into makeup, this is a must-have. Black mascara adds that contrast to your look that makes your eye pop. The right eyeshadow palettes for our eye color.

13. Chic Shimmer Blush

I love how bright this makeup looks without looking cake or clown-like. The makeup is flattering with well-done brows, and fox eyeliner with thick lashes.

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14. Stunning Red

Old Hollywood glam, this is perfect for women with vintage tastes. This sexy makeup look is rich and elegant. Clean face with an ultra-bright red lip stain.

15. Soft Glam With Light Pink

With soft-tone pink eyeshadow matching color lips, then enhanced with dark liners and silver shadow in the eye corners.

Soft Glam With Light Pink

16. Shimmer Pink

When it comes to a romantic date we spent the days planning. This is the perfect time to treat ourselves to this elegant bubble gum pink makeup idea.

pink elegant makeup

17. Delicate Elegant Look With Neutral tone

Embrace a timeless look with brown eyeshadow that adds warmth and depth to your gaze. Define your eyes with a sleek black liner, creating a classic winged effect for added allure. Complement the earthy tones with a luscious brown lipstick, completing your chic, understated ensemble. Let your natural beauty shine with this effortlessly elegant makeup combination.

Photo credit: Instgram/jessicarose_makeup , Instgram/lolaliner , Instagram/denitslava

18. Fox Eyes Makeup for Spicy Look

Elongating your gaze for a captivating look. Achieve a natural, dewy complexion that enhances your features, keeping the focus on your eyes. Complete the look with glossy lips, adding a touch of allure to your understated elegance. Embrace your wild side with this stunning makeup that balances boldness and natural beauty

makeup for valentine's day

19. Soft romantic makeup look

Next is this soft, romantic makeup look that enhances your natural beauty with a touch of pink. Create a subtle, dreamy eye look using soft pastel shades and a hint of shimmer. Finish with rosy red lips, adding a delicate, romantic touch to your overall glow.

soft romantic makeup look

Image from @francinyehlke

Bright Color Valentine Makeup Ideas

20. Barbie Pink Makeup Look

Image from: sarinanexie

21. Love and Hearts Makeup

If you are feeling heartstruck this Valentine, you may love this next creative idea. Talented Instagram makeup artist created bright pink makeup with different shades. Glossy lips, hot pink eye shadows, hearts under eyes.

sexy makeup ideas

Image from: @christiana.gabriele

22. Love Struck Valentine’s Day makeup

Valentine's Day makeup

23. Full Heart Makeup

Valentine's Day makeup look

24. Neon Pink With Silver Glitter

Step out with your date with a daring pop of color! Apply neon pink under the eyes for a vibrant, edgy look that demands attention. Contrast the boldness with a sweep of silver eyeshadow on the lids, adding a touch of metallic allure to your gaze.

neon pink and silver

makeup by @d.aleksandria

25. Romantic Shimmer Red

Romantic Valentine Makeup Looks For Date

26. Heart-Eye Makeup

red hearts around eyes

27. Heart-Eye Makeup

cute rhinestones for makeup

28. Green Eyeshadow + Graphic Lines

Make a statement with a bold twist! Pair vibrant green eyeshadow with graphic eyeliner for a look that commands attention. Balance the drama with a soft, rosy blush for a touch of warmth and softness, creating a striking yet harmonious makeup ensemble.

Makeup by @nikoletova

If you are looking for an elegantly effortless Valentine’s Day makeup look that can go from day to night we have these beautiful looks. Some of these sexy makeup ideas are creative and others are toned down.

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