13 Cute Goddess Braids Two Goddess Braids

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pics of goddess braids

Cute goddess braids are amazing and beautiful for more than one reason. Goddess braids are actually a go-to style for most girls when you want to give your hair a  break. It’s easy to do and it looks amazing when done properly. Here in this post I have curated pics of goddess braids to inspire you.

Although these two goddess braids are pretty casual, they can look just as great for formal events. You can do these hairstyles and not feel like you are trying too much. Try utilizing extensions to create long or thicker braids.

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What are Goddess Braids?

Goddess braids are jumbo size cornrows. They are usually tight and neatly done with natural hair or extensions. There are a few different ways to style them, from udos, mohawk, crown braids just to name a few. Although in this particular post we will be looking at just two goddess braids.

1 . Sleek Minimalist Look

This look is done close to the scalp, with little hair out. A lovely thing about goddess braids is how fierce they can look without trying hard.

Double Goddess Braids
Double Goddess Braids

2 . Two Toned Goddess Braids

A touch of softness, love the shade of blonde bleeding in the cornrows. The brown and blonde color create mix of fierce beauty. Every elements of the two colors shine through this braid.

blonde goddess braids

3 . Blonde goddess braids

The eye-catching color, and also the blonde color is totally trending right now. If you have a natural blonde hairdo try playing around with this style> Known celeb like Kim Kardashian giving it a try.

blonde goddess braids

4 .Multi Color Brunette

For brunets, this simple style is for you. It is effortless and I love the many different colors of brown. This is a cute goddess braids for all the brunette ladies out there.

5 . Red Braids

This next braided hairstyle is not done very tight, it gives a lot of room to create a softness. If you have sensitive scalps you can do your goddess braids like this. If you want to do yours tighter it will look just as good.

red braids
Double Goddess Braids

6 . Cute Accessories pics of goddess braids

This style is pretty and the hair accessories make it even better.

7 . Two Tone Cute Goddess Braids

Adding extensions to your braids to enhance the style even more.

8. Super Cute Goddess Braids

You can use your favorite products to keep the hair neat and in place. Flaky gels are not the best option to look natural.

A good product for braids is this Shea Moisture, here

Double Goddess Braids

9 . Natural looking Goddess Braids

This pretty two double braids is easy to do for school. Cute goddess braids can look good for school and gym. If you want to exercise and not worry about hair being in your face this is nice.

Double Goddess Braids

10 . Pretty Cornrows Braids

This next hair is done similar to a fishtail style. Always use a nourishing mask to help with hair growth like these here. The sunglasses are good for a summer look with braids.

Double Goddess Braids

11 . Hair cuffs on Braids

These can make the normal braids looks a little bit more special. You can buy these here. Another creative cute goddess braids idea, to use small cornrows as parts in the center.

12. Large Side goddess braids hairstyles for black women

Here is another way to do your goddess braids, add weave( like these here )to help with thickness.

goddess braids hairstyles for black women

13 . Two Bun Braids

Doing your cute goddess braids in a double bun is good. When choosing goddess braids hairstyles for black women, you should also look into the best nourishing oils. Having your natural hair of good quality is very important. Invest in castor oil, olive oil. Here is a 7 blend oil to help with breakage here.

two Goddess Braids

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