Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t still look your best. enjoying your best life. These hairstyles are for the woman who may want to show off their greys or blend it with colors. You may choose from short, long, curly, or straight it’s really your choice.

Hope you will get inspired by one of these hairstyles.

Short Bob Hair

These hairstyles has been around for decades and its not just for younger woman. The bob hairstyle is great for woman of all age group. 

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Pixie Hair for older woman

Wild Waves

Enjoying life , let your hair doing what it want. A effortless look and style great for the free spirit. 

Stunning Short Pixie Pompadour Style

For some of the most edgy woman 

Sophisticated look

Short haircut with long layers

Shining Curls

Let your natural curls shine through 

Gray and Layered

Youthful cut on salt and pepper hair. 

Classy Side Swipe Bang

Long Grey Hair Ombre Hair

Revers Grey ombre hair is great to blend your new white hair with the black. 

Nicole Kidman at 50

Who says getting older cant be youthful, this hairstyle is one of my favorite. 

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