Beautiful Space Buns with Braids

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Want to try something new, here are space buns with braids for the party. Moon Bun is just too adorable to ignore. Mixing two of the most popular hair techniques into one, bun, and braids. They resemble sailor moon buns and they are also called space buns.

They are the perfect solution to a fun casual day or on days when a bun is all you need. These hairstyles are easy to do which is great for a busy morning.

Fun Multi Blue hairstyle

This hairstyle with the color and ring accessories on the hair. Half up, half down braids with moon bun. Doing zig zaggy part in the front of the head going to the center creates a space bun.

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space buns with braids

2 . Space buns with braids

Here is another way to style your space buns with braids. By doing small cornrows in the front with hair cuff. Making your puffs shows the curly texture instead of being tightly pulled together. This hairstyle is charming and really fun and a good summer look.

space bun

3 . Unicorn Color

Be sure to detangle your hair before you start styling it. Create a center part from the front to the back of your head. This specific style has a low buzz cut down the mate of the head. Making the style unique and pretty with all the bright colors on the top.

two buns with braids in the front

4. Glitter and Rings

Adding glitter to your hair does get that Coachella feeling right? I love this hairstyle because it makes me feel free, it has that touch to it.

space buns with braids

Tips For upside-down braids:

Do not rush these styles as it takes time because of the angle

Use a setting spray to hold hair in place, sometimes you have those flay away and they spoil the look.

For thick hair, you can use some texturizing spray and also use a hair bun maker to create larger buns.


space buns with braids

Pretty Space buns with Long Bangs

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