Acrylic Nail Designs and step by step Tutorial

Acrylic Nail Designs

Here are some step by step acrylic nail design that you can do at home . Some of these beautiful design wont have tutorial but will be able to still inspire you to achieve a beautiful look .

1. Acrylic Nails with an Ombre


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What You Will Need

  • Periwinkle nail polish
  • Light purple nail polish
  • Nude-pink nail polish
  • Liquid latex or tape
  • Makeup sponge
  • White nail polish
  • Top coat



How to Apply :

1. Apply the white polish as base.

2. Apply the latex liquid around your nails to prevent it from getting the polish on it.

3.Then on the makeup brush,apply  the periwinkle, light purple, and the nude-pink nail polish (like on the picture).

4. Dap the brush on your finger to create the amber effect . Apply more polish to the brush if needed.

5. Finish remove the liquid latex from around your nail.


2. Matte Lavender and Snow Nails

Image source

This is beautiful and a great color to try this fall/winter season . This is nice especially if you dont like dark colors for winter, perfect between light and modest.


What You Will Need

  • Matte Pastel purple nail polish
  • White matte nail polish
  • Loose white glitter
  • Dry flat paint brush

How to Apply

1 . Paint all your nails with the purple polish except for the one you plan on doing white.

2. Now for the finger you choose to do white, apply white polish.

3. While the white polish is still wet, use a flat brush to pick up some loose white glitter and place it onto your nail.


3. Lavender Boho Acrylic Nails



Image source


Here is another lovey pastel design with the ring finger done in a different color. The unique design is done on the ring finger.

What You Will Need

  • Pastel purple nail polish
  • Fine brush
  • White nail polish
  • Top coat

How to Apply:

  1. Paint all your nails with the pastel purple polish leaving your ring finger unpainted.
  2. You will need steady hands for this part , you will need to draw out the boho design on your ring finger.
  3. Now seal your design with the top coat polish . Easy 😀


4. Night sky  blue and White Acrylic Nails with Silver Moons


This is so my style, personally this is me. This is not only fun but super easy to do.


What You Will Need

  • Black nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Silver nail polish
  • Top coat


How to Apply:

  1. Paint the thumb, pinky and ring fingernails with blue.
  2. Paint the index and middle fingernails white.
  3. Paint half-moons with the silver nail polish onto all of the nails.
  4. Seal the manicure with a top coat.

Other Acrylic Nails you may like

5. Round Short Nails


Round short nails with beautiful blend of colors.


6. Multi colors

This is just perfect and easy multiple color nails. This is so easy to do you dont need anything special .


7. Black and Sparkle Nails Acrylics


8. Zig Zag Designs


Pink shade with touch of zig zag .


9. Emerald Green Nails

Classy emerald green color nails with beautiful green rhinestone.

10. Pearl Acrylic Nail Designs


This look is simple and super easy to do. The Pearl create the design to add a little more to the look .


This is perfect for falls , dark and lovely and best part super easy to do . Same color scheme with two different texture will surely make a statement.


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