70 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas For Women

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Halloween is here and it’s time to get your makeup on with some of the best Easy Halloween makeup ideas. You may already have your Halloween nails so here are some forthy plus makeup ideas.

We have some pretty angel Halloween makeup and you can also check out Euphoria makeup looks for other Halloween inspiration.

Some of these makeup for Halloween are a bit tricky and may take more skill than others. However, don’t worry we got some that are a bit easier than others. So even if you are new to the makeup game you will find some that you can try. You may run out of time and need a look that will stand out and we want you to not worry. 

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best Halloween makeup ideas

We have a smoky eye, witch makeup, and my favorite vampire makeup for Halloween Parties or other events. 

Scary Glam Halloween Makeup Ideas

halloween makeup ideas

Image ©ByBkrookelle

This look is quite pretty even though it’s scary it’s a work of art. If you want to feel like a goddess even on Halloween season this next makeup look is for you.

Snow White 🥀

halloween makeup

This is another way to see one of the most popular Disney princesses. The illusion on one side of her face is like a cracked mirror is very nicely done by Brookelle.

Snow White had a mysterious story so should fit right into the creepy season right? For more fantasy makeup look here.

Easy Skull Halloween makeup ideas

easy skull halloween makeup ideas

Skull makeup is popular for most festivals and Halloween is no exception. This makeup design has white rose decals and pearls, the rest is painted with white and gold. The look is glamorous so feeling like a glam zombie.

Cracked Doll Halloween Makeup

Feeling like a doll? this look is an expensive doll. On the side of her face, she creates a broken mirror illusion. Halloween night is full of wonders and this is an easy way to look amazing.

Taurus Zodiac Makeup


This beautiful zodiac makeup idea is a bit goth and has a perfect Taurus look. The symbol on the forehead smokey eyes and dark lips. Simple makeup and you will feel great as well. 

Devil and Dark Angel Makeup Ideas

angel makeup halloween
simple Halloween Makeup Idea

Can’t decide if you want to be naughty or nice this season? Well here is a party makeup idea to express just that. Two faces make up one with a halo over the eyes and one with devil horns. This angel makeup Halloween look is easy to do as well.

Princess Jasmine-inspired makeup

Jasmine is another popular Disney princess. The design has multicolor eye shadows that make a dramatic look. This look is not only for Halloween I can see it being a look for events. The matte nude lips add a more sophisticated feel to it.

Scarecrow Halloween Makeup Ideas

halloween makeup

The cutest scarecrow I have seen in some time. The look is done with an orange color on the nose a black outline and an illusion on the lips. The color hair has a straw look as well to uniform the whole look.

Cute Halloween Cat Makeup

The next look is easy to do for girls who already know how to create dramatic eye makeup. Long lashes, black liner, and gold glitter shadow on the eyes.

White Ghostly Pearl Skull

This next look gives you the creep but in an interesting way to stand out on Halloween. The white pearls spread across the nose and cheek area in a line. The bottom of the face has a skull-pain look.

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The Crazy Escape White Face Paint

white face paint

Halloween makeup ideas that are crazy and hands down creepy, extremely long lashes, and a pale face. This white base makeup is like if you just escape the crazy town.

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Easy Glitter Harley Quinn Halloween Look

Pretty Halloween Makeup

source https://www.instagram.com/p/BozCvnVn05g/

For easy Halloween makeup ideas, this is perfect, although it seems complicated it really is not. One eye has glitter and blue studs under the eyes the other is in red, and the lips are colored red with broken red studs.

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Pink Unicorn and gems for a Fantasy Halloween makeup look

Pretty Halloween Makeup

What would this list be if we didn’t include a unicorn? Unicorns are the ultimate fantasy animal and this is the season where you can relive your childhood fantasy.

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A Fantasy

butterfly fantasy

Star Girl

Instagram halloween Makeup

Wanting to be a star girl for this Halloween? You will love this next pretty Halloween makeup look.

Instagram / @heirofglee

Cloud Face

halloween makeup

Feeling like bursting out from the clouds, this look has that illusion. This look is easy to do, the most complex part is the shading of the edges.

Yeh or Nah Maleficent? Strong yasss

Easy Halloween Makeup

This is another easy Halloween makeup idea to explore. In one of the modern popular movies Valliant in her exotic look. For this Halloween take a step on the dark side of the creepy world.


Blue Skull

easy halloween makeup

Image source: real.alterface

Some makeup is not hard but this one is a bit more complicated than others. Skull makeup is a big choice for Halloween.

Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

easy halloween makeup

Up next is this pretty Halloween makeup idea to try. I love the fire look under the eyes as it also incorporates the autumn color. To achieve this look you will need steady hands and two-color paint to recreate the ombre look.

Sugary Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas

Pretty Halloween Makeup

Yummy Halloween makeup sprinkle, this look is delicious and playful. If you are just in a good mood and want to show your playful side why not give this a try. Although the color of hair and crown are optional wearing the right accessories really elevates this Halloween makeup look.

Image credit vanitymakeup

Cleopatra 🖤

Cleopatra Pretty Halloween Makeup

One of the most popular queens to date. For years people have been recreating this look and adding their own twist to it. Here is another modern look to enjoy.

Dark eye shadows, with a touch of blue and gold.

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Pretty Unicorn Idea

halloween makeup

This looks cute and girly and for all the unicorn lovers this is for you. With Pink powder makeup on the cheekbones and on the forehead and Barbie pink lipstick.

Easy black liquid eyeliner

simple Halloween Makeup Idea
simple Halloween Makeup Idea

If you are looking for something that is not over the top then you will like this next idea. It’s a simple web design at the corner of the eye, at the end of the web with small rhinestones.

Pretty Pink Halloween Makeup Idea

cute halloween makeup
halloween makeup

This makeup idea for Halloween isn’t have simple but it’s really cute. This is one of my personal favorites as well, it’s an anime girl’s dream. If you are a fan girl of anime then this makeup may do it for you.

Pumpkin Makeup Illusion

scary Halloween makeup
scary Halloween makeup

The season has a lot of elements such as pie and pumpkin. This makeup represents the season, the artist really creates a nice illusion.


Beautiful work from Feyisoge, a beautiful human scorpion. Green eyes with a really creative face element. This is more like art not sure you will be able to open your mouth too much at a party.

Clown Easy Halloween makeup ideas

Simple and cute
Simple and cute

Clown makeup is another popular choice for Halloween. Clowns are creepy and scary and they are sometimes cute.

This is a cute clown makeup idea to try this is an easy Halloween makeup idea to copy.

A Little Lilac Makeup

halloween makeup
Halloween makeup

This next Halloween makeup you will love if you are a woman or girl who loves heart and soft colors. Pretty Halloween makeup to embrace the season but still maintain your cute personality. The contact lens helps to create a dramatic look that makes you want to keep staring at them.

Vampire look

If you are a fan of the vampire diaries then you will recognize this look. It’s a modern way to look at vampires, right? vampires walking in daylight, going to school, etc. Ok, I am a fan so I had to add this look to my collection.

This pretty creepy Halloween makeup look is easy to do, memorable, and effective.

Pretty vampire Halloween makeup

Amazing Halloween Makeup Harley

Harley Quinn is pretty scary but also a popular Halloween costume and makeup choice for many women and teens. Gaining more popularity from the movie and tv series this is a makeup idea worth trying.

The look goes well with the hair, the costume is optional but recommended for full effect.

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halloween makeup
halloween makeup

” You give me butterflies 🦋”

This look is truly a fantasy makeup look, it does take your mind to another world. This look brings back all my childhood memories. This is a pretty Halloween makeup look that all comes together with bright colorful eyeshadow, dark burgundy matte lipstick, and butterfly hair accessories.

Cute Halloween makeup idea

Scary and fantasy makeup

Wanting a scary look for Halloween but are not sure what to do yet? Here we have another look that seems complicated but it really is not. With little practice, you can get this perfectly down, another version of clown makeup.

Half Pumpkin

This is scary makeup and if you have experience you can take this look to the next level.

Fairly Odd Parents

Another Childhood favorite, around one eye there is pink with white creating an ombre look, and the other is green with a white ombre. This makeup is

Pretty halloween makeup


Blush me, Heart

With the heart crossed on the face, it seems like your blush is in heart form. If you like freckles and unique skin features this look may do it for you. It is not all about Halloween but it can work just fine.

Pretty halloween Makeup


Spider women makeup for Halloween. The makeup look is of two main colors. Red and black lining to create the spider web.

Spiderwoman makeup idea
Spiderwoman makeup idea

Creepy Pumpkin

This artist went all out to create a stand-out look. The hair the whole look and even her hands make this look truly amazing pumpkin Halloween makeup.

halloween makeup ideas

Image from, gogetglitter

Scary Easy Illusion Makeup

The illusion is done on the lips creating a dark look that is really creepy. If you are thinking of a creepy Halloween makeup look this is a good option.

creepy halloween look

Halloween Cat Makeup

Cat Halloween makeup is perfect for cat lovers. Although the next pick is not a small friendly kitty it will scare everyone on Halloween.

easy illusion makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup with Red Stars

Choose the clown makeup foundation to recreate the skin, adding stars on the cheeks under the eyes. This look is like straight out of a fantasy book.

Scary Makeup

This creepy Halloween look was found on Pinterest. Half the face is painted in a skull look another side is nicely dolled up. This could be because your other side would look good on everyone.

Scary Harley Quinn Makeup

This is another version of the famous Harley look. This is the scary version, with very dark eyes, a scar, and a big joker-like smile. Other than looking scary this is an easy Halloween makeup idea.

harley quinn
Harley quinn

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

This angelic makeup idea is perfect for those who want something light and cute. This look is not overly makeup but the wide eyes do stand out and the white paint power over the eyes and from the chin to the neck.

Halloween Eye Makeup

spider and bat

This look is cute and it focuses on the eyes, with a cobweb, spider, and a bat done with black liner and multi-color over the eyes.

Creative Lion King

I Really like this one lion king 
I really like this one Lion King

We really like this one because it’s good for anyone who loves the classics. You can get some really good photos with this and with the classic Disney character makeup.

Aesthetic Halloween makeup

scary halloween makeup ideas

Pumpkin makeup is another classic scary Halloween makeup idea to try. Jack-O-Lantern is one of the Halloween favorites you will give most people something to talk about.

The main products you will need to pull this off, black liquid eyeliner, bright orange pigment, and yellow-orange eyeshadow.

Makeup Ideas for Halloween

makeup ideas for halloween

Sugar skull makeup is also one you should consider for this festival. We recommend you practice a little as this requires some kind of skill to recreate the details.

Moon + stars

Pretty Halloween Makeup

Image via Instagram/euphriaxiv

This is one of our top picks at Inspired-beauty.com, the small details under the eyes of the moon and the stars with the bright burnt orange eyeshadow.

Pixel Hearts


Even during the spooky festival we still want to celebrate love. You can choose to go with less scary makeup and try something like this, both creative and amazing to look at.

Cute Makeup Idea For Halloween

Cute Makeup Idea For Halloween

Image via sir.cu

For Halloween maybe you want to do dreamy makeup. This pop of many shades of pink comes to mind.

Pure and Soft

pink soft makuep idea

Image credit @bybrookelle

This is a beautiful and modest way to look at Halloween. The makeup is soft and pretty and a lot like a Barbie makeup inspiration too.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Image credit @katiifirecat

This is not the best beginner-friendly look, you will need to have some experience to do this yourself. You can save the image and take it to your beauty guru.

Vampire Makeup Step-by-step

scary halloween makeup

This next tutorial on makeup ideas is quite scary. The look is not hard to recreate just follow this tutorial and you can find other videos online to help. The teeth are an added bonus that takes it all to life.

Pink Skull

skull halloween makeup

Image via sarinanexie

If you are still looking for the perfect full-face makeup to go with your skull costume. The makeup looks great and well-detailed and covers the entire face with slight smokey pink eyeshadows.



Image credit bella.mkup

If you are ever considering a stunning look this is a version of Cruella we all just love. The style is perfect for a woman with steady hands to recreate the over-the-eye makeup. You should be able to make a sharp cut crease to start a basic look and false eyelashes.

Helga from Hey Arnold

Helga from Hey Arnold

Image credit Instagram@folacosplays

One of our childhood nostalgic ideas is not scary but hilarious. This is an easy DIY makeup idea and can be done at the last minute, simply sketch the Helga’s Large unibrow with dark eyeliner, pull your hair into a pigtail, and add a pink large bow.



Image credit @bella.mkup

This may not be the best last-minute look but if you are fast and love full-face makeup then this next Halloween makeup look is for you. You may need a green temporary hair color to complete this look.

Witchy Makeup


Image credit @angelacosainmakeup

The good witch, here is one for you, and it’s quite a popular choice. We love that you don’t need a lot of products to recreate this makeup idea. You will need a black liner, orange shades of pigment, and black lipstick.

Betty Boop


This Betty Boop makeup is so clean and easy to recreate. The focus is on the eyes and the signature bold red lip.

A little Broken

broken makeup look

Image credit @kamimua_

This is a scary makeup but it can represent feeling, some people feel a little broken at times. You will need to be a little more experienced to create this makeup idea for Halloween.

Super Scary black lipstick 

scary makeup look

Image credit @katiifirecat

This has to be one of the scariest ones on our list. The look features a spooky skull-like makeup with black button eyes, black lipstick, and pointy black nails.

The Joker

the joker

Image credit @jordanakeen

The Joker is a villain that we all enjoy watching and maybe you are in that mood. Here you can recreate this look and be a villainess for the night.


This has been one of my favorite series, I am just a big fan of shows that contain witches and magical creatures.


Chucky Halloween makeup diea

Image credit @prettypeachstudio

Another classic one to scare your friends, this makeup will go well with your Chucky Halloween costume. This amazing makeup idea doesn’t require any special effects.

Eye Makeup With Bats

eye makeup looks

Image credit @katiifirecat

This next makeup idea is so lovely, we this think the details are just great and will need you to be a little creative to recreate similar.



Image credit Instagram@soymarian.mua

Maybe you want to play with magic this certainly will help bring that out. This is not too hard to recreate, blue face makeup with gold holographic glitter and black lipstick.

Wednesday Addams

Halloween Makeup Wednesday Addams

Image credit @folacosplays

Another great example if you already own a black outfit is Wednesday Addams may work for you at the last minute. You could get your hands on dark lipliner like Nars Train Bleu for your goth makeup aesthetic.

Gory Clown

gory clown

Image credit @violett_makeupartist

This is a scary look but clowns are a popular idea. To complete your scary Halloween costume consider this Halloween makeup idea.

Skull Pinterest Inspired

Pinterest inspired look

Image credit Pinterest

There are plenty of skull makeup designs but this one is cool and simple, focusing around the nose and mouth.

Blue neon Skull Makeup

blue neon skull makeup idea

This next skull makeup is so cool and gives you another option. The blue stands out and where its place is perfect. Around the eyes has a mix of different shades of blue and the black and blue paint works well together.

Cat Makeup Idea

easy cat makeup

If you wanted an easy Halloween makeup idea, it doesn’t get simpler than this. This required black liquid makeup to create kitty whiskers and paint the nose and top lip in black and other gold.

Glam Cat Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

glam cat makeup

Image credit @shenazkhanmua

This next option is just fabulous and if you have steady hands you can recreate this. Althought it may seem more complicated.

Fired Batwing

batwing makeup idea

Image credit @nikkietutorials 

Choosing these spooky batwing liners is a way to keep it subtle but still embrace the season. The orange color is a good seasonal color as well.

Galaxy Look

Pretty Halloween Makeup

Up next this makeup you will just get lost in once you stare too long. This pretty Halloween makeup will leave a lasting impression.

Halloween Makeup Mermaid

mermaid halloween makeup look

For our next pick that is more on the fantasy side this mermaid Halloween makeup look is everything. The galactic mermaid with glitters that enhance the look.

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