Barbie Makeup Inspired Looks You Want To Try


Barbie has always been an icon and over social media you will see a lot of women and girls recreating Barbie Makeup looks. We played with Barbies when we were younger and now as adults, we still channel ourselves.

Inspired by the iconic doll, we dont have to only enjoy Barbie costume but we can channel her makeup ideas for everyday looks. These ideas will bring your childhood back and embrace your inner diva and unique style.

With Barbie colors, they can go from bold, to delicate soft pink giving you room to experiment with that radiated grace. Whether you want to recreate Barbie’s timeless look or add some contemporary twist to the classic, well this post is for you.

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1. Glam Barbie

She already looks like a Barbie and with these rhinestones, it really made an impact. This look is mostly about shimmer and sparkle.

Barbie Makeup Inspired Looks

Image via alicedickson

2. Barbie with Gem

Play around with these rhinestones and blue and pink eyeshadow. She used soft pink blush and purple lipstick.

barbie makeup inspiration

3. Neon Pink and Cow Boy Hat Barbie

Some barbie’s like to be a cowgirl and this is a pretty version of it.

Modern barbie makeup

Image via emmafarrellmakeup

4. Light Pink Blush Barbie Makeup

This next makeup inspiration features a light blush, bright eye-pink shadow, lips, and bushy eyebrows. We love this because it seems dolled up but not topo much and can be the everyday look.

Light Pink Blush Barbie Makeup

Image via larissagodoymk

5. Valentine Barbie Look

pretty pink makeup

Image via theroom.beautyshop

6. Bold Barbie

bold barbie makeup

Image via shanicedarien

7. Pink Barbie

8. Charming Sultry Barbie

9. Neon Pink Barbie

cute barbie makeup

Image via nadiamercado.mua

10. Dreamy Barbie

black barbie makeup

Image via toofaced

11. Soft Tone

12. The Every Girl Barbie

soft everyday pink makeup

13. Classic Barbie Charm

pink blush and eyeshadow

Image via makeupbyshadi

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barbie makeup

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