50+ Trending Short Hairstyles With Bangs

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Looking for cute short hairstyles with bangs is stunning and practical. If you are looking for cute short hairstyles with bangs then you will love this post. Here are 50+ short haircuts with bangs to get you inspired today.

When you choose to cut your hair, it is simply amazing for some. When you choose to cut both your hair and bangs then it’s now a major commitment. If you want to see how some women make these changes check these out here.

Short Hairstyles For Black Women

We love this cropped pixie haircut it is super flattering. This is a classic cut that frames the face with soft effortless ends. This is the perfect option to show off your facial features.

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short hairstyles with bangs

Cute Blunt Bangs and Colorful Hair

I am obsessed with how gorgeous this looks. If you are looking for a modern way to style your hair play with these colors and face-framing short haircuts with bangs.


Short Razor Sharp Cut Bangs

This is a classy look that is suitable for formal events for girls with short hair. If you are ever thinking of getting a cut this is great. This bob haircut for women with thin hair, will look stunning on your big day.

Short Straight Hair with Bangs

Curly Bob Haircut

This short shaggy hairstyle with a bang is beautiful. This is a sweet hairstyle for girls who want a romantic look. The texture gives a good vibe and may have you feeling like a French girl.

Short haircut on curly hair with bang

Pixie with a Long Side Fringe

A Sleek pixie cut never gets old, it is cut in layers. Using hair to cover up one eye is mysterious and fun. This hairstyle is an ageless hairstyle for young girls and also a short hairstyle for mature women.

Short haircut for mature woman

Soft Bob with a Feathery Fringe

This next haircut is a classic that is suitable for any girl or woman with thin hair. It instantly gives an edgy vibe because of how it’s a bit messy.

Hairstyles With Bangs

Jagged and Angled short hairstyles with bangs

When you think of a bob you may think sharp cut but a modern bob is not one length. You can make it shorter in the back and longer in the front, with long bangs. This hairstyle has blonde highlights that make this style even more gorgeous.

short hairstyles with bangs

Grey color Curtain Bag

A multi-layered short bob can have a remarkable outcome when it is done right. If you are thinking of a grey hair transition style this may be worth trying out.

Asian Hairstyles With Bangs

Pixie Bob with Layers and Bangs

Most hairstyles with bangs look good on all hair textures and all face types. Bangs are great ways to create and alter different styles. Bangs look gorgeous for all ages. 

Hairstyles With Bangs

Curly Bob With Bangs

The curly bob makes the hair look fuller and more flattering. This hairstyle would look good on any hair color. Beachy waves look so good on slightly messy hair.

Hairstyles With Bangs, brunette hair

Super Short Razored Bob with Bang

This next short haircut with bangs gives off a grungy look. The style of flip curls was popular in the 2000s. If you want to relive those days well here is a style to start you off. Also to do this style it doesn’t require much just a hairdryer and a brush to flip your ends a bit.

Hairstyles With Bangs

Blonde Sliced Pixie-Bob

Giving your hair a side part will make the most of your layered bob style. The style framed the face and the side bob swept across the face nicely.

Hairstyles With Bangs

Very Short Haircuts with Bangs

This haircut is really short however it is not boring one bit. The dusty blonde look is very attractive and frames the face in a soft way. If you are thinking of a pixie cut this is a style to add to your to-do list.

Hairstyles With Bangs, pixie cut

Cute Curtain Bang short hairstyles

This has to be one of the cutest short haircuts with bangs. If you have prominent features show them off. These bangs are a game-changer in framing your beautiful face with feather-light hair.

short hairstyles with bangs

Purple Pixie Haircut

Hairstyle with bangs can be sweet and also fierce and fashionable. The pastel color helps to make this cropped cut stand out even more.

hairstyles with bangs pixie cut

Stacked Bob with Lifted Crown

This stacked bob haircut is short in the back and long in the front and sides. The style of this hair is flattering as it frames the face.

short hairstyles with bangs


Graduated Hair Bangs

This style features short bangs with a modern cut, this band adds dimension and movement. This looks great if you have oval face shapes, it softens your face. This style will not only frame the face but its a trendy cut.

This razor-cut bang is best for women with straight or wavy texture hair. If you are also looking for a low maintenance short style option this is a good choice too.

Razor graduated Bob With Bang

Short Wavy Hair with Sispy Bangs

Curly bob with beachy waves and long bangs. This style is done on medium-length hair, which offers plenty of opportunity for experimenting with style. For round-faces ladies this wavy style will be most flattering.

hairstyles with bangs medium length

Shaggy Twisted Layers

Soft cut layer medium length hairstyle for girls who don’t want a very short cut. The bang is long and thick and should work for most face shapes. Shag chin-length bob is a great option for all ladies.

hairstyles with bangs medium length

Textured Coily Hair

This is a fun way you can style your curly hair. If you have super tight curls, you will appreciate this style. It’s a fuller bob which gives bounce and a wow factor. Women who have naturally curly hair types don’t have to change their natural texture to have bangs.

curly hairstyles with bangs medium length

Shoulder Length Side-Swept Bangs

This next hair is flattering, sleek, and looks great. This style is swept to the side, and the loose curls are flattering. Taylor Swift often wore this look in a lot of her music videos.

 side-swept bangs on medium length

Through Bangs

This style is an elegant way to style your shoulder-length hair. The see-through bang is light and helps the whole hair to have movement. This is soft and suits a round and square face it helps to make the face appear more slim.

Through Bangs on woman

Image credit @yukistylist

Lovey Crop Short Hairstyle

Choppy bangson short lovely dark hair will stand out. This gorgeous hairstyle has a light side part as well that sweeps the bang a little to the side. This has always been a popular look on celebrities as well such as famous Halle Berry.

Lovey Crop Short Hairstyle

Sweet Short Hairstyle with Bangs

Creating a beautiful updo is still possible with short hair as you can see below. Placing the hair around your face the right way makes a big impression. This is another example of how you can wear your wispy bangs with a low ponytail.

Sweet Short Hairstyle with Bangs

White Thin Hair With Bang

For women over 50 with fine hair, a textured bob with a modern cut and fullness will frame the face nicely. If your hair is thinning, ask your stylist for a blunt layered cut.

woman with white thin hair with short curved bang over 50

Image credit @unruly_hair_studio

Shag Hair For Fine Hair

Shag haircuts are popular right now, they have made a strong comeback from the 1990s. This is great for women with thin or flat hair. The curls will give your hair a life of its own, bouncy and cute.

Shag Hair For Fine Hair

Lovely Full Bang With Boyish Cut

With a lot of modern lifestyles, Gen Z is playing with gender neutrally. We love how the hair is a low-shaved hairstyle with a lot of hair on the top. T style, I recommend you use a heat brush or hair blower to make the hair appear thicker.

boyish cut

Razor Shag Cut

Classic razor cut with shag cut with very short bang

Image credit @skipdoeshair

Straight Hair Long Bang

These chin-length bob is so cute and you will see them most among older women but they look adorable in all age groups.

Straight Hair Long Bang

Sleek Shoulder-Lenght Bang

This style features subtle highlights and curls are turned inward. If you are a brunette this looks great with light brown highlight at the ends. Also if you have thick hair this is a stunning classic hair idea to copy.

Selena Gomez Haircut

Side-Parted Voluminous Pixie Bob

Here is another way to style your bang, a long pixie bob with a voluminous bang. The style is cute but also a great haircut for mature women. The overall look is great and you can choose to add some highlights as well to create dimension.

Side-Parted Voluminous Pixie Bob

Edgy short Bang Fringe Cut

If you want to show off your bone structure this is a fierce option. This style features short and thick bangs. Getting cute like this is a no-brainer if you already have short hair.

You need to talk to your beauty expert and how to keep this style. This look is adorable and a bit shaggy.

Edgy short Bang Fringe Cut

Image source Imgur

Blunt Bang with Very Short Fringe

Here is very dark hair with a very short fringe. To pull this look off you may need a smaller face that allows your features to stand out. If you have a square or long face shape you may want to avoid going too short with this bang.

Also, keep in mind that curly hair shrinks a lot when cutting your hair.

Blunt Bang with Very Short Fringe

Mushroom Brown Layered Hair

This is how you can enjoy your unruly curls, just allow them to do what they do. With a cut such as this one, you can enjoy this cute style. With a modern style, you can enjoy this.

short hair with bangs

Modern Shaggy Mullet with a Rounded bang

Have you ever considered a mullet? well here is your time to try out a modern, stylish by going for a trendy shaggy mullet. These styles have returned after decades they were quite popular in the 70s and now they are back with a twist.

Shaggy Mullet with rounded bang

Image credit @thebangsbabe

French Bob

We love how romantic this style looks, with soft bangs on both sides that allow your face to show. The cut has blunt styling but the waves help to make it appear soft and romantic.

french bob

Image credit @thebangsbabe

Edgy Bob for Women over 60

This next cut is perfect for women over 60 who want something edgy. If you have a youthful mind you may want to try this micro bob on silver hair. This is not the everyday bob it has amazing angles but will need some maintenance.

Bob for women over 60 with edgy fringe

Classy Taylor Swift Hairdo

taylor swift

Layered short hairstyles with bangs

Layered hair can help thin hair look fuller and also this rose color pink is so sweet. If you were thinking of trying a pastel hair color on pale skin this is a good option.

Layered short hairstyles with bangs

Thick Loose Curls

This hairstyle is sweet and it would go well with a girl who is looking for a clean aesthetic style.

Thick Loose Curls

Cute Pixie With Blonde Top and Bang

Blonde bob with dark sides, the bang goes around on the face. If you are tired of one style this is a fresh look. This blonde pixie we hope you will give this a try. This may be somewhat difficult to manage at home, but nothing looks cooler.

Cute Pixie With Blonde Top and Bang

Over 50 Short Hair with Bangs

Older women are more likely to go for short hairstyles to avoid the everyday styling stress. This look also features curtain bangs with a bold pastel green.

Bright Red Bang

Skunk stripe hair is a trend worth checking out and this is how you can incorporate your short hair with bang and color. The style features short red bangs and the rest of the hair is jet black.

black hair with bright red two tone hair color

Pretty Chin Lenght Hair

This haircut is low maintenance and it’s great for women of any era. We are never getting old of side-swept bangs.

Cute Chin Lenght Hair with side-swept bangs

Two-Tone Hair With Bang

This two-tone hair is not only eye-catching but a classy bob with an updo. The hair is equally colored on both sides in orange and blonde the colors work well together.

women attractive two tone short hair with bang

Image credit @alinecek

Natural Curls hairstyles with bangs

Here are other ways to have curly bangs and blunt-cut combinations. The hairstyle is flattering and we love how amazing it looks.

curly short bob with curly bang

Black Pixie Hairstyle With Choppy Bang

We love this next short hair style it is flattering on women with a straight face.

Black Pixie Hairstyle With Choppy Bang

Long Bangs Short Hair

This next look has incredible cuteness that we can’t deny mixing with edginess. We love this jet-black sleek hair just below the ears.

Long Bangs Short Hair

Mother Cut

Choosing cute short hairstyles with bangs can seem complicated but here is a style you can’t go wrong with. This frames all faces well and is quite flattering, you can choose to add some color to make it even more interesting.

mother haircut

Stylish cut with bangs

When you are getting this short haircut consider your style and if you want shorter or longer bangs. Chin length bob are not only modern but give an effortless everyday look.

short hair with short bangs haircut

Image credit @jameyonmelrose

Bixie Cut With Bangs

Bixie Cut

Image credit @rachelwstylist

Big Curly Afro With Bangs

pastel pink curly afro women

Pixie Layered

Trending Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Image credit @rcgimenes

I hope you like these short hairstyles with bangs to give you a fresh look.

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