15 Gorgeous Two Tone Hair Color Ideas


Finding the right hairstyle can be challenging when entering a new season. Two tone hairstyles are stunning for the spring and summer seasons. These hair colors are vibrant and eye-catching and nothing screams fun more. The Gemini hair color ideas swosh is a popular fashion trend right now.

Many of us enjoy experimenting with hair colors and making them our own. If you can’t decide on which color to do your hair in why not choose both? This is another reason this trend is so popular right now. If you are a college student this is a great time to play around with these vibrant hair colors but it is for any age.

Best Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

1. Purple and gold Waves

First up is this bright purple and gold hair color. You can try a temp purple hair color to give it a test run. Get Purple hair color ideas

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Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

2. Soft brown and Bright Yellow

This look is soft and boldly wrapped together. The length of this two tone hairstyle is nice just above the nape.

two tone hair style

3. Beautiful Blonde and Brunette two tone

The dark hair with a blonde streak brightens the whole hair. If you are looking for a beautiful way to enjoy two-tone hair color or test out a blonde look. This style looks good on all hair lengths.

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

4. Half pink and dark purple

Up next a half and a half two tone hair color ideas that are so pretty and give me the festival feel. If you are looking for a creative way to style your box braids this is worth copying.

Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

5. Pink and Blonde Two Tone Hair Color

This is one of my favorite styles, she has soft long loose curls with soft blonde and light pink hair. This is great if you are new to the two-tone hair trend.

Image via kikakim

6. Chocolate and Purple Underneath

Want to enhance your hair with some purple touch? This is a trendy style right now, the peekaboo, and it’s perfect for two-tone hair color. This color combination creates the perfect fall/ winter hair look.

Chocolate and Purple Color Underneath

7. Pastel Blue and Black

Black roots with ocean blue hair is a pretty color combination, so its nice to incorporate it on your new hairstyle. There are many shades of blue you could choose but I love this one with this particular style.

8. Pink two tone hair underneath

Both pink and platinum blonde are amazing colors and having the peekaboo trend makes it even more alluring. There are many shades of pink you can choose from that would work well in this style. What do you think of this pretty pink and blonde look?

two tone hair underneath

9. Blue and Purple Gemini Hair

This purple and blue tone hair will sure give you some attention. The way these two colors create such vibrant personalities, spring and summer will be amazing.

gemini hair


10. Copper And Gold

The hair has copper at the bottom and gold ends that are super striking. I love this color combination it is very bold and out there.

gemini hair


11. Half and Half-tone hair

This half-and-half color combination is another stunning one to consider. This color would look good on either medium-length or long hair. Blue and black Gemini hair inspo.

two tone hair colour ideas

Image via @josh.does.hair

12. Pretty Bob with Two-Tone

This bob is a super cute bob with curtain pink bangs. This two-tone hair color idea is paired with a trendy bob cut.

two tone hair underneath


13. Pink Tips

If you want to play around with a pretty color just on the tip of the hair this is not a bad choice. This color mix works well together and if you have natural-duty blonde hair you may appreciate this. The hot pink is so spicy on the end of this Two-tone hair style.

two tone hair colour ideas

Image bstyled3

14. Mermaid Touch

Get yourself a lovely touch of blue and pink dye that can give a pretty pastel mermaid hair vibe. This hair color idea may not be welcomed at some offices but it does look pretty and makes a great spring color.

mermaid hair

15. Golden Blonde with  peekaboo pop of Auburn

Both these hair colors are beautiful on their own and the combination is so pretty also. It is a nice way to mask your color when you need to.

two tone hair colour ideas

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