21 Sweater Nails Perfect for The Season

Looking for nails that are perfect for celebrating the season? These sweater nails are cute and perfect for the colder months. Winter sweater nails are a nice treat to copy for the holiday. Sweater nail design is here to cure the winter blues.

If you are not aware of these types of nails well I am happy to share some great sweater nail art with you. Let us bring more light to this manicure trend that resurfaces in these colder months. These chic nail designs will carry you through winter and holiday functions.

Sweater nails take on a unique pattern of designs that resembles knitted embossed sweaters or cozy cable knit. The design is achieved by using a lot of gel, using a detailed brush, and finishing off with dip powder (OPI Clear Set Powder Perfection) or acrylic powder. The beauty of these nails will give you a 3D Matte look.

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The trend is popular for a few years now, and every fall and winter it comes back around. If you love wearing sweaters why not try them out on your fingers too?

Sweater nails require a little more practice than other designs but the patterns don’t have to be perfect lines. You are required to have at least steady hands and a detailing brush to create the texture.

These are not beginner-friendly and they require a lot of time. I have put together sweater press on nails from a few online retailers such as Etsy and some ideas from Instagram nail artists. You will find perfect sweater nails for fall and throughout the winter season.

The Best Sweater Nail Designs

Gingerbread sweater nails that are both festive and cute. These nails are done in the elegant shape of almonds.

Sweater Nails

Lovely short nail design

If you are looking for a design that is soft, and delicate this next pink nail art is for you. I love the length of these as well it’s an asset. Pastel nails are some of my personal favorite choice of nails and colors.

Sweater Nails

Fall color Sweater Nails

Beautiful long square-shaped nail art in lovely autumn colors. This is a beautiful autumn nail art design to copy.

Bright and festive look

Getting the perfect sweater nails for the winter season such as these. For some, this is not the most DIY, you can sport these for the holiday season.

Image via Instagram/arely_yy

Winter Sweater Nail Design

Here these grey color nails are amazing, every finger has its own unique design. These nails feature patterns such as stars, polar bears, and one in full gold glitter.

sweater nails

Image source Pinterest.com

Very long sweater nails

If you are feeling the need to be super glam this season these extra-long nails will stand out. Although the length is not for everyone they are pretty season appropriate.

Sweater Nails

Baby Pink Sweater Nail Design

Light pink nail art features snowflakes, glitter, and a sweater design. Winter sweater nails that are perfect for all age groups.

Sweater Nails

Image via @superszponki

Knit Sweater Nail Design

The next design features an actual sweater design. winter hats and plaid designs are a fun look for the cold season.

knit sweater nail design

White sweater nail design

This next winter snowflake nail art with sparkles, natural color, and accent sweater nail art. This is stunning and if you are thinking about going to formal events these are worth getting.

Blue and black Nail Art

Who says black nails cant be worn for winter? If you are thinking of embracing the season without going to the traditional colors. The accent nail is black and others in really dark blue and a little shimmer.

Black Sweater Nails

Multi tip Nails

Muti color nails and tone for the fall season. I love that these feel warm even in the cold weather.

Sweater Nails

Soft brown Sweater Nails

The nest nail art features different shades of brown nails to admire. Brown seater nails are lovely and the glossy next to the matte design is so cute.

Sweater Nails

Blue Sweater Nail Art

These blue matte nails are so pretty and amazing, I love how the gold rhinestones are placed on them. I love how pretty the white snowflake goes well with this design. The design is the perfect balance between minimalist and bold.

sweater nail design

Image source

Lovely Colors

Omg, the nest designs are so pretty, the colors are dark chocolate brown, beige, and pink glitter with a slight ombre look. I love the minimalist of each design and you can shop for them or do them yourself. The design is not over complicated so why not give them a try if you have time?

sweater nail design

Pretty Pastel

The next designs are pretty and super durable. They are quite lovely and the length is also acceptable.

sweater nail design

Light blue Sweater Nails

Here we have another blue nail art with minimal designs. The glossy nails and the matte combination look really amazing.

blue sweater nail design

Soft Grey nails + White Accent

Grey colors in such beautiful light colors are perfect for cold weather. Each nail has a unique design on each hand. I love how all designs are beautiful, elegant, and chic. The white accent nail stands out and makes the whole look even more fashionable.

sweater nail design

Soft Pink and White

Lovely nail design with rosy pink tips and neutral color. These designs are pretty and I especially love the sugary pink nail.

pink sweater nails

Image via nailsniceofficial

Short Blue Sweater Nails

If you want something short, we got you these light and dark blue nail ideas. These sweater nails are perfect for you if you have to do activities that may break longer nails.

blue sweater nails

Image via nailsbymorgan_yyc

Black, Grey, and White French Tips

French tip nails are a classic choice for many women. These coffin shape nails transition from black, and grey to white. The rhinestone helps the look from appearing too dated.

sweater nails

Festive Vibes

The winter season is only half without the Christmas spirit. This design will melt your heart and make your holiday feel even more special.

Image via @home_of_deva

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