45 Cute Winter Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Winter is coming and we want to get you an early start covering the winter trendy hairstyles. A cute winter hairstyle is a must no matter the season and this one is no exception. Enjoy the holiday with some pretty hairstyles for parties and holidays and also can wear them to work.

When it comes to hairstyles for winter a lot of people like long hair to help keep them warm. If you love long hair and braids this is your time to shine. I am confident you will fall in love with more than one of these cute winter hairstyles for women.

hairstyles for Winter

Inspired Beauty is here to help you to slay your winter outfit with these ideas.

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Winter Hairstyle For Long Hair

Braided Ponytails

Combing two common hairstyles, braid and ponytail to create something special. Choose your favorite type of braids and create a lovely ponytail hairstyle. These can be elegant or casual depending on your styling.

hairstyles for Winter

source : ameliecheval31

Hairstyles for Winter With

If you are looking for something relaxing and can freshen up for some days this may be it. Low maintenance hairstyle can save you time for work, school or whatever it is.

Hairstyles for Winter


If you are good at making braids then this next style going down into the ponytail is pretty.

Hairstyles for Winter

For more technicality but none the least, it looks amazing if you are able to pull it off the right way.

Hairstyles for Winter

This next look is a bit of a sporty hairstyle for long hair women.

Long Christmas hair

Pull Through Braid Hairstyles for Winter

Pull-through braids look incredible on long and medium hair. There are a few different ways to do pull-through braids that are not boring. These are some of the unique ways.

This is another way to style those thick braids and show off the beauty of your hair.

Wearing braids with such a technique can last up to one week depending on your hair texture and night routine.

Braided Hair

Here you can add extensions to your hair to make it more full like this. The long side bangs make the style even more classy.

long winter hair

High Bun Hairstyles For Winter

Although a high bun is not something you can just wear under your winter cap it’s nice to wear on warmer days. You can enjoy your high bun even in the winter climate. Choose the right occasion such as an indoor party to enjoy this chic hairstyle.

Via emmachenartistry

Here is a lovely high bun style neathly done.

bun hairstyle for winter

 luanasilva via Instagram

This lovely braid bun hairstyle with long bands at both side.

Winter hairstyles with huge bun and pretty scarft.

Pretty Elegant Holiday Hairstyles for Long Hair

Want a more elegant hairdo for parties? Here are amazing options to enjoy this winter season.

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Topsy Tail Braids Cute Winter Hairstyles

Want to stand out with a voluminous hairstyle. Look at these Topsy tail braids, how adorable and attractive they are. These are among the most popular winter hairstyle.

Hairstyles for Winter pastel
Braid hairstyles for Winter
Topsy braid hairstyles for winter

Winter Hairstyles For Long Hair

Winter is the season for long locks, show off your beautiful hair with these ideas. Add your favorite accessories and enjoy the holiday parties. These are exactly what you need to look nice at your next gathering.

Elegant winter hairstyle
Winter hairstyles

source ulyanaaster


Half Up Half Down Winter Hair Styles

Try a half-up and down hairstyle this winter. The beautiful soft casual look with a touch of sophistication. Simple soft styling hairstyles everyone can do are among the easiest hairstyle.


Source hairandmakeupbysteph

Double Braids Winter hairstyles

Loving your braids so much that you need to show them off in pairs. You can see these braids will look great in whichever outfit you wear. Braids are just one of the most awesome hairstyles.


double braids
cute winter hairstyle braids

Fishtail Braids

Winter is perfect to try fishtail braid, you can try it with a friend or sister. You can choose to style it tight, loose double or single braids. Looking for cute winter hairstyle then you will love these. Casual and chic for woman and girls.


hairbyjaxx via Instagram

Stacked Braid Winter Hairstyles

Stacked braids are unique and eye-catching. One braid is done tightly and stacked on another loosely. It’s a perfect uneven hairstyle which is great for cold days.

winter hairstyles
winter hairstyles
winter hairstyles


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