How To Style an Oversized Sweater Outfit 15 Tips

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In this post, we are going to look at one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing. Cute ways how to style an oversized sweater and look stylish without looking heavier. So if you are looking for ways how to wear an oversized sweater without looking fat keep reading.

how to style an oversized sweater

For all those who dream of comfort, this is a must-have.

How to Style an Oversized Sweater 2022

how to style an oversized sweater

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This trend has evolved over the years and some time ago it was not for large clothes. Now ladies have found a way to mix oversize clothes and make them fashionable.

Nothing beat wearing a cute chunky sweater on those cold winter days. It keeps you warm and helps you create awesome comfortable outfits.

These are in trend right now so I want to help you put yours together. The winter season is perfect for these outfits.

How to Style Oversized Sweaters

how to style an oversized sweater

There are many ways to style your oversized sweaters. Ways like as with belts thick or thin, skinny jeans, leggings, short shorts, and aesthetic sweater outfits.

I have also put some recommendations and basic tips to wear your chunky sweater, how to accessorize, and footwear to pull the look together.

One of the most important things to consider when creating a chunky sweater outfit. Style and comfort come hand in hand. You’ll definitely want to look great and feel cozy in your oversized chunky knit sweater.

Choose your Oversized Sweater

One of the first things is to choose your oversized sweater. You want to choose the sweater that will go well with the rest of your outfit. So what do you have in mind?

Are you thinking of long sleeves, a sweater dress, or mid-thigh, or a wide cut sweater that ends around the waist? Things really come down to how you plan on styling it.

Then what color scheme are you looking for? Which color goes well with your skin what are you trying to achieve? Dark and light colors are the most versatile options.

Patterns with stripes are one of my favorite.

Next what type of sweater you are looking for, such as chunky, thick, or lightweight ones. If you want to wear layers then choosing something light is the best option.

Create the Comfortable Sweater Outfit

Now at this point, you want to create your outfit. In the experimental stages, don’t be afraid to try your oversized sweater with skirts, leggings, and dresses. Wearing a chunky sweater with pencil skirts or flowing skirts to create dimension and contrast.

Spring and summer skirts can transform into fall/winter attire mixing things up.

A rule to follow is putting on one thing at a time when you are wearing baggy clothing. In some instances, baggy pants will look good for a casual day or for those who love dancing.

I recommend wearing tight jeans, leggings, or pants. Choosing a form-fitting bottom will create a nice contrast. Also, you should consider wearing long sweaters as a dress. If you are short a chunky cardigan can make a dress easy if you are taller be sure to check the length.

How To Style an Oversized Sweater with Accessories

Depending on your style there are a few accessories that you can’t go wrong with. If you want to make a sweater dress, you will want a belt to make that style complete. Because if you want to show off your figure, you will need a waist-belt for this.

Other accessories for the wrist such as bangles, bracelets and a watch look great with a chunky sweater. Other jewelry such as earrings is a fun way to add some sparkle to the look. You can check out these sets on Amazon.

The necklace adds a classy touch to your comfy look. So play around more with your jewelry and you can transform your whole look to another level. Here again, is a great time to experiment.

Now For Footwear

how to style an oversized sweater

When choosing footwear there are plenty of options. Pairing oversized sweaters is quite easy as they look cool with almost anything. A chunky sweater goes well with boots but can also look great with sneakers.

You can try wearing over the knee boots, platform boots, or even heels. That is how to style an oversized sweater with boots.

How to wear an oversized sweater without looking fat?

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Choosing the right pants or skirt to go with your outfit. You can choose a belt to tie around your waist for a slimmer appearance. Dressing and looking non-sloppy is what everyone wants no matter your size.

15 Oversized Sweater Outfit Ideas

Below we have some of my personal favorite oversized sweater outfit ideas gathered. I found these styles to be inspirational and want to share them with you all. Some from my favorite and maybe your favorite fashion influencers. These styles will help you pick out your next oversized sweater outfit.

1 . Turtle Knits and Boots

This look is pretty and chic and the bag is a classic accessory for women.


Image from @kateehutchins

2 . How to Style an Oversized Sweater All Black Brown Bag

Here is another version of how you can style yourself in a black outfit and a neutral bag. During the colder months, it is the perfect time to wear your leather pants too.

Image kateehutchins

3 . Cold wheatear Ready with Beanie and sunglasses

Get this sweater here | Handbag, here

4 . Too Cool for school look

Cool chunky sweater outfit and tailored pants for a modern blend.

5 . Cozy Skirt and sweater outfit

Sweater skirt outfits are so adorable and this one is cute. This is a cute way to wear a skirt during the winter season.

Sweater skirt outfits

Image from @vitaliia

6 . Oversized Cardigan Dress Idea

Cardigan is stable for the fall and winter seasons.

From @tayhage

7 . Grey Sweater Outfit

Image from miamiamine

8 . How to Style an Oversized Sweater Cream Color

how to style an oversized sweater

9 . Pink Oversized Sweater Cardigan

how to style an oversized sweater

10. How to Wear an Oversized Sweater with skirt

How to Wear an Oversized Sweater

11 . All Brown skirt and sweater outfit

Sweater skirt outfits

Sweater vest dress, Sweater, and Leather Pants

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how to style an oversized sweater

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