13 What To Wear With Red Pants Chic Style Ideas


Looking for new interesting ways how to style red pants. I love that you can be bold and so we gathered tips on what to wear with red pants. These ideas can be worn for any event or venue.

If you have never considered red pants in your wardrobe hope we can convince you with this post. Whether you hate or love them or felt they are not for you we have to admit that they stand out.

Red is a color of love and maybe would go great as a Valentine’s Day outfit. In this list, you will find outfits to inspire you and make you feel more confident no matter how you are spending your day.

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I know red is a bright color and not the easiest to pull off. This is why these red pants outfit ideas will help you to choose the right accessories to go along with it. Red demand attention so prepares to get all eyes on you if you do decide to wear them.

Lucky for you there are many shades of red and you can go for a deeper color if you don’t want too much attention on you. Deep burgundy pr cherry is a more subtle red you can choose.

Here are some of the best ways to wear red pants outfit. There are different ways to style this color for any event.

What To Wear With Red Pants 2023

1. Red Coat & Red Pants Suit

Sometimes you want to look like the boss and this look is preparing you for that.

Image via alexandra_monaa

2. Chic Plaid

This is a clever way to wear a type of red pants with a classic pattern. This is good if you are not ready to commit to full red pants. This simple jersey shirt will go with your pants for a casual look.

Image via @layana_haselsteiner

3. Straight Red Pants

This is another way to wear red skinny pants and look chic. Sweater turtlenecks are good for almost any occasion and the beige sweater tones down the red a bit, don’t you think?

Image via @pynkston

4. Chiffon Blouse with Red Cropped Pants

This is a chic way to take your chiffon blouse for a spin with a pair of red pants. The cropped pants allow your heels to speak for themselves. The pale pink blouse goes well with this color of pants and the necklace is a statement piece.


5. Old School

This is a cool way to bring back some of the old styles with modern vibes. Flare pants have been making a comeback and red is a true statement.

red flare pants, blazer and white ankle boots

Get this on Princess Polly

6. Pink top and Red Pants Outfit Ideas

Here a soft romantic pink color paired with red pants and white ankle boots. The look is cute and could be your Valentine’s Day outfit.

7. Red Pants and Denim Shirt

This cool look is good for a casual-chic style. This is how to style red pants with a denim shirt and mustard yellow pumps.

8. How to Style High Waist Red Pants

If you want to go bold and stand out this next look may be for you. High-waisted red pants with a white shirt, this a professional look. The wide-leg pants and the high waist goes well with all body type which makes a good red pants outfit idea.

wide leg red pants with white shirt

Image via witrix_closet

9. Trendy Red Pants Outfit For Summer

Casual summer outfit idea in red denim pants and a black top. The simple black jacket and tee are relaxed and stud shoes elevate it.

10. Red Pants For Women With White Shoes

White sneakers and shoes also go well with red pants. If you want a business casual look, this red blazer, black inner blouse, red cropped pants, and white shoes.

Image via Shutterstock

11. Dark Red Pants And Blue Shirt

This red pants outfit creates a chic silhouette look without trying hard. Wear your light blue button-down shirt tucked in for a smooth classy look. This burgundy shade of red is a good idea if you don’t want fiery red.

chic Dark Red Pants And Blue Shirt

12. Red Pants with a White button-down blouse

how to style red pants

13. White Cropped Top and

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