24 Gorgeous White Nail Designs

White nail designs usually have something special about them. White manicures are elegant and sophisticated and adding gems to them is a fun accessory. Polish in white is one of the chicest colors that gives you room for a lot of design potential. White nails from soft Ombre, modern French nails, polka dots, and a lot more.

Paint your nails with a white base and let them dry, then add your designs. Dressing up our nails is one of the most fun things to do even in your work from home outfits. Your nails can change how you feel, and look and overall make a statement.

White Nail Art Designs

A fun thing about white nails is that they are always in so you can never go wrong choosing one. A simple white manicure can look chic and effortless. You should play around with these ideas and create patterns to elevate them if they feel dull.

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Other than black nails white is another versatile color, if not the most. White nail polish goes well with every other color.

1 . White Nail designs

This gold-lined nail takes this white polish design to another level. Using metallic gold you can form random patterns. Cute white nails made on coffin shape that is so interesting to the eyes.

White Nail designs

2. Black and White nails ideas

The black and white nails never go out of style and this one has a twist. With a soft French ombre design and solid white accent nail. The stylish coffin-shaped nail will elevate your outfit as well.

Elegant white nails designs

3. Gem White Coffin Nails

White coffin nails like these are a great way to elongate your fingers. The sleek white finish is elegant and the gemstones add a fashionable sense that brightens the look. You can try a lot of different styles on these.

White Nail designs

4. Ombre White Nails design

White ombre nails are most popular for weddings and proms. These nails below are exceptionally beautiful. Addicting rhinestones to your nails will do magic.

White Nail designs

5.  Tortoiseshell & Milky Nail Art

With the mix of the shell, the manicure becomes suddenly more trendy. I love the simplicity of it but how striking it is also. These cute white nails are so lovely and trend-worthy.

 Tortoise shell & white nails

Image from charsgelnails_

6. Beautiful Long Nails

Lovely white nails on this beautiful nail shape, all five nails have a unique design. This makes the design even more special and trendy. These will look good for your formal event and they are not overly done which is great.

White Nail designs

7. Milky White Designs on Almond shape nail

If you are not into long stiletto nail designs maybe you want the more practical alternative. This next set features two clear base nails with a white flower pattern and three nails with solid white bases. I love how pretty they look and you can appreciate the minimalist look.

White Nail designs

8. French Tips

White nails with added spark such as gold and rhinestones. You dont have to go over the top with your design for them to stand out. Some of the most beautiful designs are done with simplicity. These cute French tip nails are the perfect balance between sophistication and modernity.

White Nail designs

9. Short Stiletto

Gold shimmer and white nails look quite elegant for those special events. Although this design seems elegant it’s also current and appropriate for anyone. The designs are special and pretty which is memorable.

White Nail designs

10. Accent Nail Design

White nails with a pretty design on the accent nail finger. This design seems to be done on natural nails so if you are ever looking for DIY inspiration. Follow simple tips on how to make your nail polish last longer.

White Nail designs

11. A simple White Nail Design

If you are still looking for a spring nail design or something simple for summer. This clean design is worth copying, All nails are painted in solid white, and one accent nail with silver rhinestone cover.

white nails designs

12. Simple cute white nails

A soft and gentle look is something I think you want when you think of white nails. Spice up your white nails with interesting designs.

cute white nails

13. White Wedding nails

White wedding nail designs are popular for weddings as they go well with traditional color wedding dresses. This next design features a different design on each nail.

wedding White Nail designs

14. Beautiful glossy white nail

For a stunning finish, you could try using a glossy topcoat. The milk-white nails with two nails feature unique designs. One nail has a nice place at the bottom of the nail and the other accent nail has a silver shimmer.

White nails

15. Milky White & Gold Nails

This long coffin is white, with clear and gold horizontal lines. The design is simple but effective and fashionable. The clear nails take the look and your outfit to another level.

Milky White & Gold Nails

16. Short White Nails with Design

These milky whites are a great choice no matter the occasion but will look even more wonderful in fall. Simple white nails with design can be just as stunning to look at.

white nails with design

17. Long Coffin Nail Art

Acrylic coffin nails are all the rage right now. These are matte finishes with accent nails that look amazing.

Coffin white nails with design

18. Nail Designs with Thick Rhinestones

The modern touch of the rhinestones looks good for a trendy manicure.

white nails with design

19. White Pink Drip Nails

Drip nails are an Instagram and TikTok trend lately. Adding some pink to the nails makes them even more adorable. This is not hard to do yourself and there are plenty of tutorials for you to follow step by step to achieve this look.

pink and white nails

20. Sugary Textured Nails

White nail designs become more special with a little pink. The pink nails have a sugary texture with minimal placed rhinestones. The white nails are clean and clear for a balanced look.

white nails designs

21. Matte Accent Floral Nail

The next design would look good for a mature woman who enjoys sophistication. If you are getting back into doing your nails this is a good place to start. The design is pretty but it is not overly done.

White Nail designs

22. Transparent French Tips and White Outline

If you are still looking for a way to modernize your nail, here is a cool modern twist to the white French manicure. The look features elegant milky white nails, with a clear tip and white outlines. The perfect choice for weddings and other everyday occasions.

white nail ideas

Nails by nails_artist_sandra

23. Glittery White Flecks

For a subtle yet stunning manicure, try adding white flecks of glitter to your nails. This is a great idea for both long and short nails. You can start with a base coat of solid white polish, then use either loose glitter or a special nail art glitter pen to apply the flecks for an eye-catching sparkle that won’t overpower your look.

Glittery White Flecks nails

Image via Instagram/qualitynailsspa

24. Elegant French Tips With Detailed Lines

Transform your basic French manicure by adding an element of charm. To begin, apply a solid white polish on your nails and let them dry completely. Next, use a thin brush to draw lines in the shape of flowers, leaves, or another detailed design on each nail. Finally, top off the look with a glossy clear coat for some extra shine!

Elegant French Tips With Detailed Lines.

25. Nails For Winter

If you want an elegant white winter nail design this one is worth checking out. We love the ombre base, soft brown leading into white tips. The snowflake helps to add the winter feeling as well.

white winter nails

Image via flickr.com

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