26 Gorgeous White Christmas Nails For The Holiday Season

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Want some white Christmas nails that are eye-catching? Christmas is right around the corner and I know fresh mani is on your mind so let us help you with that. Christmas glitter nails look wonderful in white against the snow.

We love colors that are versatile, white nails can be worn all year round. So enjoy these 26 stunning white Christmas nail designs!

26 Cute White Christmas Nails

1. Minimalist Tree Accent Nails 

image of white chsritmas mani with tree and glitters

This is first on our list and it is an easy one you can do at your home. The details on this nail, silver glitter tips, a white line Christmas tree with silver star, and chic nude nails.

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2. Mistletoe French tip nails

Mistletoe almond shape nails

Image credit @sansungnails

With these almond French tip nails, I love how cute these are and this is one of my favorites. I love the small details on the mistletoe with the sweater French manicure.

3. Present Nail Art

present nails Christmas nail designs white

Image credit @nailsbybrooke___

If you are looking for a Christmas manicure, this design is simple and chic. If you don’t feel like going to the salon, get a white base polish for all nails, one has small dots and the other has a red present bow for a festive cheer.

4. Gold Nail and White Snowflake

short december nails

Image @nailsbybrooke___

Another stunning December nail idea with a charming design. December nail colors, partial length for women or girls who want a more natural mani.

5. Cream with White Snowflake

UImage credit @lillypalm__

We love the classy and elegant appearance of this next nail art. The design is a good option for a winter wedding as well.

6. Soft Ombre French Tips

ombre white christmas nails

The ombre French tips are so pretty and we really love them. The snowflakes help to keep the design festive and interesting.

7. Silver stars on White Nails

white snowflake christmas nails

White base, silver snowflakes, and fully silver accent design. If you love long press-on nails these are worth checking out.

8. Sweater Pattern Nails With Snowflakes

pink accent nails with snowflake, white sweater design

Pink and white winter nail ideas with snowflake and sweater patterns. The square shape is a good alternative to coffin nails.

9. Square Shape Nails With Snowflake and Sweater Pattern

square snowflake white nails

Image credit @nailsx.adri

We love all the elements of this design, with a neutral color base. The design features small rhinestones and other festive elements for the Christmas holidays.

10. Coffin White Festive Nails

white candy cane nail designs

Image credit @kingdomnailsbydma

Up next is an elegant white Christmas nail idea that is chic and perfect for the wintertime. You can imagine how these manicures will demand attention.

11. White Xmax Nails

white christmas nail art

Image credit @xoxo_beautybyang

These sugary nail art are both creative and stiletto nail shapes are quite popular with most Instagram girls. One of the interesting nails has a candy swirl on it, another pink tip, and another sugary textured.

12. White French Tips with Gold Line

Image credit Instagram@xoxo_beautybyang

Coffin-shaped nails with white tips and gold is a lovely Christmas color combination. You literally can’t go wrong with this nail art design.

13. Short White and Nude Chic

Image credit @kimberlys_beautyroom

We always appreciate short gel nail manicures with unique designs on every nail. A nude base with pretty white polish looks great together.

Shorts oval nails with white is a normal way to enjoy your natural nails, you can use nail stickers if you are not the best at creating snowflakes.

14. White and Grey Combo

White and gery Christmas Nail Designs

Image credit @kimberlys_beautyroom

This stunning manicure has a festive feel but maintains its taste and classy look. On the grey nails, we have a silver Christmas tree, and a star snowflake, and the sweater’s white patterns are great too.

15. With Festive Lights

christmas lights nail art design

If you are looking for a manicure that screams festive these do. Christmas lights nails are perfect for you to show off your love for the holiday season. The silver ombre nails are a cute touch too.

The lights have Christmas nail colors so we can’t help but love them.

16. Chic Simple Design

nude white snowflake nails

Image credit @ellielouisenails

If you want minimal nail art design that stands out this is for you. Small details such as rose gold glitter, nude base both large and small snowflakes.

this nail design will lift your Christmas spirit and can make a good New Year manicure as well.

17. Simple Christmas Nails

simple christmas nails

Up next plain white nails with a little silver glitter on two of the fingers and snowflakes help from making the design too boring. You could do this nail art yourself which is a plus, especially for last-minute manicures.

18. little sparkle

little sparkle nails for christmas

Image credit @ellielouisenails

This is another top fit of ours, with a sheer nude base and small details. The matte finish nail design ideas are so lovely on this short mani.

19. Reindeer Nails

Reindeer Nails

Image source Tumblr.com

Christmas reindeer nail designs that are equally cute and appropriate for the holiday. The colors complement each other well and soft pink with small red detail reindeer.

20. Snowy White and Silver

white snowy nails for december

Image credit @ricekittynails

These are so unique and unique glitter nails. Each nail has its own unique glitter style, white and silver mixed together. Do you see how pretty these are? and you can do them at home as well.

21. Elegant White Nails

Elegant white nails for Christmas

Image credit @nailzzbyangiee

There is something about glitter and white nails during Christmas time. These designs are done on square-shaped nails but would look equally good on coffin shape.

22. Chic Beautiful Nails

white glitter nails

Image credit @m.dragon.nails

White glitter nails such as this one are everything you need for a formal event during Christmas. The design puts a playful spin on this timeless design.

We love how the glitter shimmers against the white and nude nail polish.

23. White Coffin Christmas Sweaters Nails

christmas sweaters pattern, pink glitter coffin nails

Image credit @_beautybychristy

Pink chunky snowflakes are beautiful and the extra long snow french tips are outstanding. The white tips have small heart texturing which makes this a little romantic as well.

24. White Tips and Black Snowflakes

White Tips Festive Nails

Image credit @marinelp91

This traditional nail design looks great with dark snowflakes. The combination of French tips makes it timeless, all have a topcoat of soft glittery touch.

The black snowflakes help to create a stunning contrast that is bold and stylish.

25. Mistletoe Art With Gold Foil

Mistletoe Art, Gold Foil

These short square nails with greenery make it perfect for Christmas.  We love green Christmas nails so mixing it with white is another fun way. The mistletoe nail art gives the perfect manicure balance for the holiday season.

26. Sweet Candy Canes

Candy canes

A Christmas without yummy candy canes? The festive Santa color has red and white stripes. Use a smaller nail brush to create the red and white stripes in the middle of each nail.

The design gives a bold and sassy feel to them but remains full and classy because of the traditional Christmas colors.

white christmas nails

Why White Christmas Nails

Having a white Christmas is something most of us dream of with snow and decorations. So with all that why not add some of that to our manicure? So in this post, we gathered some of the most stunning white Christmas nails that we all love.

The festive season brings a lot of jolliness and we want to express this on our manicure as well. We include many different designs for short nails, long nails, intricate patterns, and some with simple designs.

What color should I get my nails done for Christmas?

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and we know there are plenty of lovely color options but it comes down to your personal style:

Santa Red: This is a classic Christmas color, it is bright and bold.

Green: Emerald: green and forest green nails are wonderful. Forest green is another classic color that is cozy and elegant.

Winter White: For a simple and clean Christmas manicure white is the perfect, clean girl aesthetic.

All Blue: Blue nails are just wonderful for winter, dark blue winter nails, light baby blue nails, and navy blue are both elegant and whimsical.

Gold: Gold is the perfect color for the holiday season, it’s luxurious and fierce.

With Christmas, there are a few elements that stand out to create the perfect background and finish. Nail art such as snowflakes, candy canes, metallic, and glitter is a modern style of holiday nails.

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