30 Stunning Christmas Glitter Nails To Try 2023

What more can you want in your manicure for Christmas than beautiful sparkle nails? We have some of the best Christmas Glitter Nails designed to inspire your holiday mani. The holiday season is different for everyone and some people want to celebrate it with a little sparkle.

Christmas nails design

Christmas Glitter Nails to help you shine bright

Christmas comes once a year and is one of the best holidays so why not embrace it, these nails will help you look outstanding. Winter nails are great but sparkling Christmas nails are all about Christmas.

The holiday is the perfect time to change your nails even if for just a week. Even as an adult you can express your love for Christmas with your nails.

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After decorating your house it’s time to give yourself some love. We have put together 30+ designs with traditional color and sparkle embellishment. All these Christmas nail ideas have their own unique design for a big day.

Pretty Holiday manicure

You may be busy with the holiday preparation so doing a simple mani makes sense. Get yourself a glittery top coat to recreate these at home. They are done on almond-shaped nails which makes them elegant without much effort.

holiday nail designs

Image Instagram/id_nails_space

Stars and Sparkle Orange Christmas Nails

The orange nail idea is a nice transition color for Xmas. So if you are not ready to let go of fall colors this design is a great choice for you.

sparkle Christmas nails

Red, Green, and White Holidays Nails Design

Shine bright with a green red and white color theme. Wear these nails with your red or green party dress. When going to a party you want to look your absolute best here are some Chic Christmas party dress to rock.

xmas sparkle Christmas nails

Photo via Instagram/Matuszewski.a

Short Christmas nails design

Christmas mani should match your personality and style. These nails will look great beyond even Christmas. The Golde accent nail stands out alongside the green nails. Green Holiday nail ideas such as these look stunning on your natural nails and can be replicated with gel polish.

green holidays nails design

Try a Plaid Christmas nail design

We know plaid is the most Christmas pattern around the world. If your outfit is not plaid maybe you could try them on your nails. If you’re a country girl with style, you may appreciate this nail art.

holiday nail designs


Penguin and Santa nails

Looking to wear your favorite almond shape nails with some Christmas design? I think this design would look great on any shape of the nail. The traditional Christmas color and flair create a joyous holiday on your nails.

holiday santa nails

Photo: Instgram.com/bearfoxclinic

Grinch Xmas Nails

The Grinch stole Christmas and our hearts with this design. When it comes to choosing the right Christmas nail design it’s good to go with ideas that make us feel the spirit.

The Grinch is an old Christmas story that brings back some memories of our younger days. The colors are vibrant, beautiful, and spake just like good sparkle nails.

Grinch Christmas nails design

Photo from: Instagram.com/nailsbydinasantos

Snow Christmas Winter Holiday Nail Design

Shine so bright in these snowy nails. If you are from a country that doesn’t have snow well at least you can enjoy it on your nails. One hand has a frosty snow design other in dark red Christmas nail design with snowflakes and gems.

christmas nails design

Long Coffin Christmas nails Designs

we all love these nails if you are not one to wear very long nails maybe you could try these. Christmas is only once a year so you don’t have to keep your long mani forever but for this special occasion, it is fine.

red christmas nails design

Photos by: Instagram.com/riyathai87

Amazing sparkle nail idea for Christmas

This design is everything gorgeous nails and the length is so right for this design. The design would be flattering on any woman showing their Christmas spirit.

With seven unique nail designs such as a Christmas tree with a star, green sparkle nails, red Christmas nails with a white line design, a candy cane design, a white base with like snowdrops, and one finger like a Christmas gift with a red bow wrap.

christmas nails design

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White and Red Christmas Nails Design

Up next these other design features, are red nails with a white top, shimmer, and rhinestones. Worth copying? Yass!! This particular design would not look as good on shorter nails.

red christmas nails design


Short Christmas Sparkle nail

Looking to recreate this look yourself, it’s quite easy with a stencil. Below I added where you can shop these stencil designs. These festive gel like Christmas nail designs are perfect.

Short Christmas nails

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Easy Short Almond Nail Christmas Designs

Matching design for your Christmas decorations. This design is easy and if you are not fussy will suit you quite well. Get your favorite Shimmer polish and create 2-3 coats until you have the desired look. These nails are good for summer and trendy but they carry over well into winter.

almond nail christmas designs

Elegant Christmas glitter nail

If you want something that is suitable for all occasions then this design is a safe and stunning idea. For many women we want to enjoy sparkle nails but without it being over the top.

Beige Nails For Christmas

Shimmer me up

This Orange and silver shimmer nail is cool. Grab your orange nail polish left over from fall and add some silver to it. Sparkles can really make some things better and silver works well with any color.

Sparkle Nails

Photo from: instagram.com/denyelle_simone

Gorgeous Nails For Christmas

Still being real to your design and Christmas traditional colors. This simple square shape nail design, with silver, Christmas ornament, snowflakes french tip on the mid finger.

Sparkle Nails

Dark Black Sparkle Nails Tip

When it comes to Christmas black is still a classic that goes well with any season. This cute short Christmas nail design is quite chic. Design blend with bare nails, and black snowflakes with a black and silver tip.

cute short nails

Blue and Silver Holiday Sparkle Nails

Sparkle nail design, with almost every nail having its own personality. All five nails have a unique design, almond shape nail. The design has full sparkle silver, white nail, blue sparkle, and blue design with a snowflake.

Almond shappe Blue Sparkle Nails

Square Shape Christmas nail for Holiday mood

I love this Christmas manicure it has many joyous elements, silver sparkle, white snowflakes, and Christmas stockings. The festive vibes on this manicure speak for themselves.

Xmas nails

Photos by: instagram.com/elegance_lab

Red and Gold Nail Art

Gold looks good on red and this is a perfect example. If you want to celebrate the holiday with some glitter.

gold and red nails

Photo: instagram.com/sweetuli91

Holiday Nails Designs With Accented Finger

Pink almond-shaped nail design with a touch of silver and reindeer nail art decal. The reindeer touch really makes this nail stand out.

Red nails with Sparkle Accented Finger

Bold color red nails with gold silver accent on coffin shape nail art. I am impressed by how a well places accent color can elevate your whole manicure from basic or boring.

Red sparkle nails designs

Photo by: instagram.com/vybeautynails

Sophisticated design

This next nail art features gold snowflake nails and a Christmas tree that stands out the most. The manicure is modest and timeless you can choose this they are the perfect choice for any occasion.

christmas nails design

Photo Instagram.com/tominova.nails

Reindeer and Star Sparkle Christmas Nails

Christmas reindeer nail ideas are cute and we can’t help but love this next design for you. Each finger has its own unique festive manicure to give you that holiday cheer.

Reindeer and Star Sparkle Christmas Nails

Cute Design for the holiday

Here is another way to add some shimmer and glitter to your xmas manicure. Glitter Christmas nails are so pretty and gold glitter is a must-try for these holiday activities.

Christmas holiday nails

Photo: Instagram/esteticamente_di_vale_quadrini

Gold sparkle Christmas nails

You can have a Christmas without some snowflakes so here is another tasteful design. In case your country lack try these maroon red and white snowflake manicure on your list.

The gold glitter accent nail next to another solid gold nail works well.

Gold christmas nails design

Frosty Red and White Nails

Santa Claus some red frost and snowflake are all the elements for a jolly holiday. This is a classy design and a fun Christmas nail that everyone will love.

Sparkle Nails

Pink Holiday Nail Art Designs

This pink x mas nail with glitter has so many different designs and it’s done on the most trendy shape nail coffin. You will need acrylic powder to recreate these There are so many interesting ideas and the snowman and snowflake and gold work well together.

holiday nail designs

Beautiful Nail Art Design

This next holiday idea features plaid Christmas nail designs, a Christmas tree, grey shimmer, and a grey snowflake with snow drip. Christmas glitter nails with matte glitter for the right amount of shimmer.

Sparkle christmas plaid nails

Charming Glittery Christmas Nails

Our next choice for the winter season are these incredible stunning nail art idea. If you want a nonboring red manicure as well then you are going to love these they are not easy to create keep that in mind.

glittery christmas nails

31. Rose Gold Christmas Nails

This rose gold Christmas nail art is adorable, we love that it is not the classic Holiday color. Doesnt have gold snowflakes but it does have a gold glitter nose reander and beautiful shimmer of gold on the other nails.

Rose Gold Christmas Nails

Image credit @ana.balann


Black Glitter Christmas Naols

Image Instagram@pauletta.nails

Which of these holiday nail designs are you going to add to your Xmas manicure appointment? We hope you love this winter manicure list as much as we do.

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