15 Amazing Festive Grinch Nails For The Holiday

Are you looking for another way to showcase your nails this holiday? With these unconventional, you can really spin some heads with these Grinch nails. Holiday nails with the character Grinch stole Christmas.

Christmas nail art with a twist because this character is a bit naughty but a lot of fun. This is a movie that a lot of families get together to watch. We want to give you a way to wear this funny character in your nail art.

In this post, we have listed some shoppable press-on or stickers, from Etsy and some to give you inspiration.

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grinch green and white manicure

First up this cool design is also elegant and the glitter helps to add extra love.


x mas Grinch nails

Festive glitter nail idea with the Grinch character for a fun look. This Grinch nail design has a moderate length suitable for everyone.


grinch nail art

These next press-on nails are great if you want to DIY for last minute party or something. With the holiday season around the corner, this Grinch nail will save you time and money.


grinch nails

The white and red stripes bring us to those candy cane joys if you have a sweet tooth. These will just make your manicure stand out, with sweet candy and a naughty face Grinch.


grinch nail design

Image credit @setsbyvia

Each nail carries its own unique design that stands out for everyone. The manicures are done on square coffin nails with a lot of festivity.


long coffin nails

Image credit @_nailsbyethielin_

If you want extra long acrylic nails then how about these Christmas nail art designs? The nail design features long French tips, a green tip, red rhinestones, the Grinch, and Christmas lights.


glitter Grinch Christmas Nails

Image Credit @jess_nails_it

If you want a more natural-looking manicure you may appreciate this one. The glitter base is easy to replicate and then use a nail wrap for the Grinch.


grinch nail designs

Bla blah sassy nails for a confident woman, who is celebrating Christmas but with her own personal style. Grinch fingernails, one of his face and the other of his hands.


Grinch Inspo nails

Image credit @polishedandglamorous

Up next is a bold and beautiful choice of manicure with red and green rhinestones. The nail decals are so fun and they are not for the average diva.


xmas coffin nails with red tips nad grinch head

With all the classic festive colors, xmas mani all interesting designs on coffin-shaped nails. The design features snowflakes, french tips, and the Grinch in a Santa hat.


short xmas nails with glitter, grinch santa hat and lights

Short nails are practical and we try to include all women. We hope this nail can be your holiday inspiration.


stiletto nail art

If you want a simple manicure these work great don’t you think? Choosing stiletto shape nails is a good way to be on trend as well. Combining this shape with a popular Christmas character with a matte finish and stunning rhinestones.


Stiletto grinch festive nails

For pointy nails, these are worth giving a shot right for the holiday season. All the designs are well done and they embrace the holiday season. A Christmas tree with a bright yellow star on the top really helps to create the holiday spirit.


green and white grinch manicure

Image credit @home_of_deva

We love how all the colors are so bright on these next Grinch manicures. Lemon green, glitter top forest green, the others have white bases with snowflakes, pine trees and Grinch smiling.


coffin grinch nails

With all your Holiday favorites here we have these beautiful Christmas nail designs. With a matte finish and two in a glossy green and red shimmer finish.

Hard to choose between these amazing Grinch nail designs? Well, you can save as much as you want and take it to your nail tech. The Grinch Stole Christmas is a classic.

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