50+ Festive Acrylic Christmas Nails 2023

Pretty acrylic Christmas nails, and gel nail art. Everyone loves little jingles in their life and these are just perfect for the holiday season. These nail designs feature Christmas symbols such as Christmas trees, reindeer, stars, snowflakes, and traditional red and white colors.

Here I have collected some pretty Christmas nails inspiration to help you find your desired look.

If you are looking for cute Christmas nail designs then you want to read this.

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Acrylic Christmas Nails + Gel Designs

Beautiful Christmas nail Ideas

Getting the right length nails to make you feel the Christmas spirit as well. The first green Christmas nails art design we have is this multi-color and pattern design. This has all the holiday elements you can think of to get you in that joyful mood.

Christmas nails acrylic

Blue Coffin Festive Nail Art

I love how this next nail design is done on long nails to express the whole design. I think it is both the winter blues and the joy of Christmas. All the nails are done in a blue matte base, all have a unique design on them.

blue Christmas nails

Red and White Christmas nails art design

Embrace the joy of Christmas with these pointy candy-looking nails. I love that these make me think about pleasant childhood memories like candy canes but also falling snowflakes.

acrylic Christmas nails

The Ginger Man Press On Christmas Nails

These are great for those looking for a little fun design. Candy cane, gingerbread, and snowflake designs on these press on nails.

There are four unique designs to explore this holiday season. These nails will save you time because you can skip the salon with these ready-made designs.

The Ginger Man Press On Nails Christmas

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Long Cute Canycane and Reindeer Design

Reindeer nail design, candy cane, snowflake, red glittery French tip on nude nail. Christmas nail design option to love and try out.

cute Christmas nail designs

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Cheerful Medium Stiletto

Christmas nail designs

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Christmas Holiday Red Green Glitter

Beautiful Christmas nail Designs in bright vibrant colors.

Christmas Holiday Red Green Glitter

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Xmas Snowman Nail Designs

Snow mand and hot chocolate just make us all fuzzy inside. These dark red and white nails bring back some of our younger childhood memories.

Xmas Snowman Nail Designs

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Glow in the Dark Festive Nails

Pretty festive nails that glow in the dark will sure stand out. I love that they look normal and then light up in dark places just like the holiday lights.

Christmas Nail Designs

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Long blue winter nails

More winter nails blue is like ice with snow on it. This is beautiful and elegant and you can easily match this with any winter theme outfit.

I love dark blue as it represents the winter nights and the snow ornament. I hope you like this design as much as I do.

Dark blue Winter nails

Snowflake And Knitwear Nails

Stunning white snowflake nails with sweater patterns are perfect for the season.

Red Christmas Nails

This design we can’t help but admire, it is pretty and it has all the bold colorful holiday colors.

This nail features, snowflakes on the red nails, reindeer on the light pink nails, and the red plaid pattern on the small nail. The design is really pretty and amazing if done right. I think it will look good on all nail shapes.

Red Christmas nails

Stars and Ornament

Having even just the Christmas elements play a role. Green color nails represent the Christmas tree, with twinkle stars, and the white nail has silver and green ornaments.

Green Christmas nail art is just as stunning as the other festive colors. Two nails with a green base, white stars, a white ornament, and a small nail are all glittered up.

Green Long Christmas nails


Nude and glitter gold Christmas nails

Gold nails are a must-try this festive season, great transition nails don’t have to completely say goodbye to autumn. The design features gold glitter nails, reindeer, and polka dots on the nude nails.

Nude and glitter gold Christmas nails

Nails by bethanyjoystudios

Silver Reindeer and Candy Cane Christmas Nails

The reindeer face is silver and has a red nose on the ring finger, the middle fingers have a small reindeer drawing, and the index finger is a small candy cane. These delightful festive nails would look amazing on any nail shape.

Silver Reindeer and Candy cane Christmas Nails

Via thenailrefinery

Neutral Cute Christmas Nails

If you are still in search of cute Christmas nails then look no further! The nail designs feature neutral and brown nails with reindeer and snowflakes. These nails look amazing and will go well in such a season.

Neutral Christmas Nails

Sparkle Christmas Acrylic Nails

Red being the main color brings holiday vibes to us. The red and the gold scream Christmas.

When it’s Christmas time there are plenty more light decorations so the sparkling gold represents that.

christmas nails acrylic

Image source : Alexx_Nails

Lovely Grey Christmas Nail Art Design

This manicure is a cool representation of a winter manicure. The nail art features Grey and White combined polar bears and snowflakes. It is really pretty and it represents the winter days well.

Christmas Nail Art Design

Image by _mejzi

White and Gold Christmas nails | acrylic

Christmas nail acrylics in white and gold look lovely and will make a good pick for parties. You can’t go wrong with white, it is the safe color for fall and winter. Image via Instagram

gold christmas nails


These are really nice and so jolly, three fingers are colored red, and dark green, and the other finger is painted in a Christmas sweater pattern.

Christmas Nails

Pink, beige, and stripe nails

These nails are super feminine and the shape adds to all of it. Almond shape nails are elegant the designs are soft and festive.

christmas nails | acrylic

Candy Spark Nails

If you have a sweet tooth you may have to stop yourself from taking a bite of these. Glitter nails will never be too much, especially in the festive season.

christmas nails | acrylic

How about snow bear Acrylic Christmas Nails

These nails remind me of snow mountains and the cute teddy bear is just charming. This is a nail art you may need to have professionally done so save this photo for later.

Acrylic Christmas Nails


Snowflakes on light pink 

Do you love snowflakes? This is for you if you do, great light colors but still, has the holiday feel. Pink and white nails are elegant and a classic color combination.

christmas nails acrylic

Image via Tumblr

Red and White Nails Coffin

Cool ways to enjoy red coffin nails this holiday season. Having the traditional red color and a unique design on every finger is interesting.

Red and White Nails Coffin

Sparkle Star

Pretty festive nail that is also great for weddings. What is more perfect than a winter wedding? Wedding nails such as this one are not only for the bride but can be for the guests as well.

christmas nails

Christmas is here

This pretty nail is too good to not try it out. Thinking of a gift-wrapped design this is perfect.

Nails Christmas

Image via Tumblr

Red and White Christmas Nails

Short simple Christmas nails for the ladies who want a more practical manicure. This manicure is DIY-friendly also.

All you need is a good quality color red and white polish to create the accent nails. Why does my nail polish peels off so easily is something you may ask if you have done your nails before.

red and white Christmas nails

Simple Christmas nails

Here are a square nail design, and red and white candy cane designs. Acrylic Christmas nails like these are attractive but not over the top and represent the holiday.

simple christmas nails

Christmas Acrylic nails

The designs are lovely and are done on pointy but practical nail art.

acrylic Christmas nails

Gold Star Matte Glitter Nail

Acrylic Christmas nails such as the next one are both stunning and festive. If you are looking for a unique way to add glitter to your nail this is a good option.

Christmas Nails

Festive Nail art

Rudolf the red nose reindeer is a popular Christmas story. I think as an adult this may bring back some of your best childhood memories. This will look great with a nice short bob hairstyle for Christmas style with your snow hat as well.

festive Christmas nail art

Stiletto Christmas Nails Ideas

These lovely Christmas nails acrylic ideas are pretty and the pattern is so lovely.

christmas nails acrylic

Christmas bow nail art

These next Christmas nails inspo is wrapped in a gift design. I love how interesting they look, you will need steady hands if you attempt to draw these bows yourself.

Christmas Nails

Acrylic Christmas nails

This is a really pretty nail and I can see teens going crazy over this one. I love that it is not the old festive colors but the whole look still works.

Pretty acrylic Christmas nails

Dark Snow on a White base

This acrylic Christmas Nail design is not like the other traditional colors such as red, green, and white. This is why this design will stand out as a statement piece among the crowd.

Black and white Acrylic Christmas nails

Less Traditional Colors

Although black nail design is less traditional this one is stunning and still gives me a joyful feeling.

christmas nails acrylic

Festive Blue Christmas Nails

This is not for beginners so may need a professional l for this one.

Christmas nails acrylic

Pink Polka Dot Festive Christmas Nails

This winter has your manicure, the nail features matte nude half pink with white polka dots and candy cane.

This is a design that will go well with almost any Christmas sweater in your closet. Polka dots can look dated but these are not pretty, modern, and feminine.

Christmas Nails

Lavender Christmas nails ideas

The deep dark color is a nice choice for winter days. Each nail has a unique design to grab the attention of your friends. All nails are polished lavender color base matte finish.

christmas nails acrylic

Holy Christmas nails inspo

christmas nails acrylic

Ombre Christmas Nails

Ombre nails have been a big trend for the last couple of years. This next nail art features a white top and creams nude ombre with gemstone. The Accent nail is a treat, soft and pretty for elegant holiday events.

Gorgeous Blue Christmas nails

The mix of patterns and color combinations looks amazing on this next design.

Christmas Nails

White Nails with Sugary patterns

Christmas nails ideas like this are all white and snowy. If you are looking for white Christmas nails to rock this winter. I love how amazing they look and will go with any other color in your closet. I love how versatile white is and how pretty these designs are.

christmas nails acrylic

White with sparkling silver

Christmas Nails

Cute Nails, Christmas tree, and lights

Pretty in pink nails even at Christmas.

christmas nails acrylic

Pretty Nail Art

Pink and gold stars complement each other so well. These look good on short or long nails and it’s not too much.

This is super adorable and your teenager or you will love this one.

christmas nails

Pretty Christmassy nail set

This festive Christmas nail features a different design on every finger. I love the matte finish and the cute little reindeer on the grey polish. All the colors look amazing and just refreshing to see these multi-colors working so well for the festive holiday.

Pretty short nail set in neutral colors

Image via bethanyjoystudios

Two-tone nail

Something sweet and simple to just lighten the Christmas mood. Hope you were inspired by these nails

light bluw and white nail art with snowman

Holiday Mashup Nails

This next nail has a lot of interesting Christmas elements. You will see Rodolph’s reindeer, candy cane, gingerbread man, Christmas tree, and star.

Holiday nail art

Image by naildby_jessicacotton

Blue Xmas Nails

Blue winter nail ideas that go beyond Christmas day. These are so pretty and they feature, snowdrops, candy cane stripes, and different shape snowflakes on a glossy blue base.

blue snowflake nail designs

Image via Instagram/Amanda.sudolll

Super Festive Santa and glitter

Beautiful acrylic Christmas nails with all the symbols of the season. This nail features, Santa, snowflakes, green drip tips, glittery green, and candy cane nail art.

Loey coffin shape nails with snow, green tips

Image via studioglambydiana

White and Red Christmas Nails

This next nail art features a lovely white solid nail with a sweater pattern, one with a white sweater tip, and a red and gold design. The design is pretty and will look good on anyone and paired with anything.

plaid red and white nails with sweater pattern

Image via Instagram/amanda.sudolll

Green and Gold

These Xmas nails can go beyond, you can also enjoy them as new year’s Eve nails.

Green christmas nails | acrylic

Image via koci_pazur

Some of these simple Christmas nails are adorable and you have others that really embrace the season.

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