Cute Press On Nails for Easy DIY Manicure


When it comes to nail art we can’t all be as creative and skill to design our actual nails. You know what we all can do is buy cute press on nails that are beautiful and look stunning. Some of these long press on nails, Halloween press on nails, and acrylic press on nails are just a few.

Some of my personals favorites are white nails with diamonds, coffin shape acrylic nails, and some with glitter. If you never tried press on nails yet, you will love these ideas. I am a big fan of gel and acrylic nails at the salon but now I am happy I can do these at home.

The reason why Press on Nails?

There are a few reasons to get press on nails. My main reason to get these are how lovely and professional the designs are without me doing much. You can get salon quality nails delivered to you.

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There is plenty of variety of designs to choose from. You can choose to use acrylic or nail polish for color. The nails are not easy to fall off once done correctly. You can follow
CheiLatte method to help your nails last past three weeks.

1. Matte Press on Nails

This color is elegant which is perfect if you are looking for a minimalist look.

fake nails acrylic

2. Pink Ombre Press On Nails

Ombre nails are pretty and trending right now.

fake nails acrylic

3. Crystal Blue with White Clouds

I love how pretty pastel cloud nails can be.

cloud fake nails acrylic

4. Fake nails acrylic

Short nails with this color scheme is beautiful and I love it.

fake nails acrylic

5. Nails with Flowers

Some woman love flower design nails but when we cant make them ourselves we can always buy these press on nails.

6. Minimal press on nails

If you want a press on nail design that is charming look no further.

7. Coffin Press on Nails

This nail is simple but still able to make an impact, I love it!

8. Cloudy Sky Press on Nails

These we really popular some time ago and I think they will stay for some time. However for woman who looking for trendy nail art this is a good option.

Cloudy Sky Press on Nails

9. Glitter Wedding Nails

This has some reviews that it made the perfect wedding nail art. Short almond shape with pearly white design and glitter. Everyone loves the look and would work for almost any occasion.

10. V French Tip Nails

Here is a nude base color with black v tip.

11. Maple Press On Nails

This nail is done in fall theme, no more struggles to achieve the perfect look next fall season. The nail designs are done on long fake coffin nails, two with clear base and decorate with maple leaves decals. The other three nails are done in matte brown finish.

12. Stunning Marble Nails

Marble nails are known for their sophistication look and these nails did not disappoint. I love that the nails are not too long and not too short just enough to make an impact and stands out.

Press on Nails Marble

13. Brown Acrylic Press On Nail Set

The brown nails are pretty and looks good on almost any skin tone. Three nails are painted in brown and the other two a mix of marble and white.

Acrylic Press-Ons Nails

14. Unicorn Designs

Unicorn nails are fun and brings back childhood feeling. This type of nail is for the young and the young at heart. The design is done on pointy mix between almond and stiletto shape nail. The shape symbolize the unicorn horn and the glitters.

15. Pink Glitter Fake Nails

Pink nail art are always welcome the mix with little glitter and butterfly. The length of the nails are practical and the accent fingers adds the charming look.

Pink Glitter Fake Nails

16 . Press on nails v tips and gems

Choosing nail art for your wedding is worth considering. It is a good pick for brides, bride maids, or guests. Modern V tip design with Rhinestones alongside the line of the nails.

Press on nails v tips and gems

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