25 Snowflake Nails To Try This Winter

While we are still in Autumn, winter is right around the corner. To celebrate the season change what better way than to get a new manicure, and try out these snowflake nails to cure the winter blues?

Even if you are not the biggest fan of the cold, these winter nails are a nice way to embrace the season. And unlike green Christmas nails, these will go beyond the color and the holiday. Snowflake nails are as straightforward as they sound, but there are many different versions of these. You can enjoy these nail art designs before springtime comes around. Get ready to save all your favorites for your next salon visit.

25 Snowflake Nail Design

1. White snowflake nails

First up is this pretty snowy dream nail art in white color. This design is a press so you can DIY this winter.

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Snowflake Nails

2. Glitter Snowflake Nails

Here is a pretty way to jazz up plain white nail designs, by giving each a personality. Two nails are polished with a glossy white finish, the index finger has a shimmery white, and the next accent nail has a snowflake and a small star.

Snowflake Nails

3. V French tip coffin nails

Another popular version of the classic French nail designs for us ladies to get this winter. This nail art design is suitable for work

V French tip coffin nails

4. Nude Snowflake Nails

How pretty are these nude snowflake nail art? If you are having a special event, these are a good choice for wedding nails. All designs feature a nude color base and are then decorated with white polish. The finish is matte and it is pretty and elegant.

pretty Snowflake Nails

5. Black and White Coffin Nail Art

Black and white nail art designs are one of the classic colors. The coffin black base nail art design with white snowflakes nail designs. This is a gorgeous black and white nail design for you to embrace the darker winter days.

black and white nails

6. Short Gel Snowflake Nail Art

Short nails are practical and a good alternative for women who don’t like long nails. This nail art features a beige sweater nail art, deep red nail art, and two light grey nails with white snowflakes.

7. Snowflake Nails arts

I love these and the accent nail is pretty with the Christmas ornaments. The length is practical, not too long and not too short just enough to make the design stand out.

8. Long Pink Nail Art

Who doesn’t love soft pink nails, these dope coffin nail shapes? The nails feature a different design on all ten fingers. If you want a unique design as a modern woman this is recommended.

9. Christmas snowflake nails

Christmas snowflake nails with a stunning look to draw attention to your fingers. Here again, all the nails have a different design which makes them all unique. I especially love the ho-ho design, gives me the holiday vibe.

red and white snowflake nails

10. Red and Gold Nail Designs

Red and golden are two rich-looking colors and this shiny finish is amazing. This chic glitter nail design is pretty and good for the holiday season.

11. Deep Red Snowflake Nails

Burgandy is a lovely color and this nail has simplicity with a touch of glamour. These are charming and I really love the nail with the rhinestones running across it.

12. Brown Nails

Getting acrylic brown nails is a fun color to transition from fall to the winter season. Each design looks amazing and is good for embracing the cold season. The matte finish is good and the glitter nail is a holiday must-haves.

13. Multi-color matte

Creating a stunning design in neutral colors such as these. The accent nail has snowflake colors. Simple silver snowflakes like this are for women who want a balance of minimalism and boldness.

silver snowflakes

14. Peachy Color like this

This color design will be most popular among younger girls such as teens and college students. This is super cute and all your friends will be jealous of how adorable they are.

15. Glitter and Sweater Nail Designs

On this list here is another one to make it hard for you to choose. Save this because I am sure you will love it as much as I do. This may look easy but it’s not a design you should attempt on your own.

16. Blue snowflake nails

Is there any better way to usher in the season than with nails that embrace it? The design is done on acrylic almond-shaped nails that give the elegant touch it comes with.

17. Light Blue Sweater Pattern Nails

Who can say no to the frigid light blue snowflake nails? Each nail has its own unique design but all look uniform and pretty.

light blue silver and square nails

18. Neutral Snowflake Nails

This is a pretty Christmas theme nail art, the reindeer is cool on the beige base. If you want something to stand out and embrace both the holiday and winter seasons this is a nice one to save.

pretty matte nails with reindeer head

19. Royal blue and silver winter nails

The lovely royal blue is a winter traditional color and the touch of white design is stunning. The accent nail art makes the design even more bright and more beautiful.

blue and silver winter coffin nails

20. French White Snowflake Nails

Give your French tip nails a twist that makes them pretty and so modern. For the classic woman, you should give this a try. They are so cute and done in nude and white nail tips and snowflakes.

snowflake French tip nails


21. Cute Christmas Snowflake Nail Arts

Black and white snowflake design with reindeer head, the design is so elegant on coffin shape nails. These black acrylic nail art are great especially if you don’t like bright color manicure.

black and white winter nails

22. Snowflake Nails Designs in Neutral Tone

Here our next design features some of the charms of Winter. Some items such as the snowman, gingerbread man, reindeer, and of course snowflakes. The decals really help to make this nail art special.

long pretty coffin ombre nails with winter items

Image via @riyathai87

23. White Snowflake Nails For Winter Wedding

A lot of us dream of a fairytale winter wedding, and these nails can help complement your wardrobe. They are elegant and embrace the winter mood.

snow nails in marble design

24. Charming Gold Pretty Nails

Gorgeous gold nails are perfect for the festive season. This has a base of clear polish gold glitter and white snowflakes.

stunning gold nails on women manicure

25. Blue Snowflake Nails

The light blue and white nails complement each other well and they go well if you live in snow areas. These nails are long and they all have interesting designs, best time to snag a blue nail polish.

blue winter nails

26. Black Snowflakes

If you want to change things up a bit you can create a black snowflake and dots using a dotting tool at home.

long white and black nial art designs on coffin shape nails

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snowflake nails

Which of these snowflake nail ideas interest you the most this year?

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