21 Stunning Pink French Tip Nails

Looking for new ways to elevate your manicure? Time to give pink French tip nails a try. These are a fun idea and another version of the classic white French tip.

The usual white tips are cute but pink is a lot sweet and cute. So with these pink shades, you can really find multiple patterns and styles to elevate your manicure.

So we want to help you spice up your mani with some pink French-tip nail designs. In this article, you can expect many different colors, pink, soft, hot pink, and many other hues.

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Best Pink French Tip Nail Ideas

Flower Pink Tip on Almond

Pink French Tip Nails

Image via nailssbykate

These nails are decorated with pretty flowers in full bloom for the fun season ahead—these lovely pink French tip nails with soft matte polish.

Pretty V-tip Nails Pink French Tip Nails

V Pink French Tip Nails

Up next this modern V-french tip classy nails in different pink shades. These nails are elegant and edgy at the same time.

Lovely Medium Length Nails

Pink French Tip Nails

We love how pretty these nails dazzled us with the glossy colors. The design is not overly designed but it still keeps everything fun and pretty.

Short French Tip Acrylic

Women with Short French Tip Acrylic manicure

These feature soft nude nails with delicate pink tips. The design is simple but gives a lovely fun touch with tiny pink tips.

Square Top Pink Nail Ideas

pretty pink nail art tips

Simple nail art design with a unique U-shape manicure similar to V-shape. The nails are long but at a practical length for everyone to try.

Multi-color Pink Arrow Head

women with arrow head nails, pink french tip nails, cute french tip design

Image via getnaileddbybri

These next nail art designs are attractive and easy to wear. Each color complements the other very well against the neutral backdrop.

Light Baby Pink with Heart

light pink french tip

Image via Instagram/alinahoyonailartist

Maybe you are thinking of something romantic in the future, here are some heart nails for a special date. The matte nails are elegant and the light pink color is great, the small hearts with gold lines go together well.

Coffin shape Pink French Tip Nail Art Design

long frenc tip nails, cute pink french tip nails

Image via Instagram/_mejzi

This next coffin nail art design is so pretty, each shade of pink compliment the nude nails really well. These classy multi-color pink French tip nails work well with any professional woman.

Swirly Tip Nails

Swirl Pink French Tip Nails

Swirl nails are not only trendy but here you can have a classy design mix with one of the most popular styles right now. The hot pink swirl on the soft pink base

Simple Pink Design

Maybe you are just looking for something cute with a lovely shade of pink. You can recreate these without being professional just be clean and tidy.

Pink Glitter Nails Square and Stiletto

Hot Pink Ombré

Image courtesy via luminousnails

Adding some glitz and glitter to your nails to jazz it up a little. Personally, this manicure has a fierce design with two different shapes of nails.

Golden Fire Pink Ombre

pretty acrylic pink French Tip Nails

We love these next nails they are super fire! Pink French tips on acrylic nails are so stunning but these are not the typical white tips or lines the embossed gold foil is lovely too.

We are obsessed with these and they speak for themselves.

Cute Short Acrylic Pink Tip French Nail Art

Cute Short Acrylic Pink French Tips

These are charming and cute for teenage girls or anyone with a soft Barbie style. The smiley clouds, heart, and black heart are so cute.

Stars and Hearts

stars, heart and drip pink french tip nails

Image via Instagram/jessi_nails1903

The color combinations are pretty, hot pink, baby pink, pale pink, and white with clear background. The stars are so pretty and easy to do when you already have a little skill.

Double Hearts Pink Nails

pink tip nails

Image via Instagram/thehotblend

Get a trendy nail design without doing too much, the heart elevates the mani. All you need is your favorite shades of pink, baby pink tip, and darker pink to create a line.

Ombre with Glitter Accent Nail

Ombre French Tip Nails

Ombre pink nail art designs are already stunning on their own but with the glittery accent nails and the classy French tip design.

Ombre French Tip Nails

Ombre French Tip Nails

Image Instagram

Another version of the ombre design is soft pink classy tip nails. The designs are pretty and modern with a classy manicure.

Lone Heart with Soft Pink Tips

light pink french tip

This lovely manicure has light almond-pink French tips and a small heart. The design on almond shape nails with gold foil.

Pink and White Swirl Tips

pink and white french tip

Image via Instagram/shuey_cortez

Elevate your classic French manicure with these bold pink and white looks. The soft pink is attractive with a lovely matte finish design.

Glitter pink and White French Tip

pink and white french tip

Image via Instagram/unasperfectaspereira

This next nail design has a blend of the classic French tip meets new and refreshing. The design is so sweet you can wear this to your prom if you like.

Pretty Micro French manicure

micro French manicure

I love these hot pink micro French manicures they are one of the newest trends in nails. The pink compliment the neutral nails well, they have a nice gel glossy finish.

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