23 Short Almond Nail Designs 2023

Classy short almond nail designs are never out of style. They have a natural look and they are more practical than long acrylic nails for a more everyday look. When a design gets old we are always thinking of the next look. Choosing the right length and shape you need to figure that out first.

If you think of something short you can’t go wrong with almond nails. Althought every nail design seems to get a little more edge with length. However, if you are a person that prefers to keep your nails short here are some cute short almond nails.

To help you get inspired there I have gathered 20 of my favorite nail designs for classy short almond nails. Althought some of these nails may seem longer than what you may be looking for keep in mind a lot of almond nails can be much longer.

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Some of these nails will be ideas and others are shoppable. If you see something you like it may be available on Etsy to buy.

Best Short almond nail designs

Nude nails, pretty heart design with round white tips. If you are looking for an elegant almond-shaped nail design this is for you. This nail is shoppable so you can save time and get these press-on nails.

Short almond nails

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Pastel Swirls Almond Nails Short

I love how pretty these colorful nail tips are. If you are good at creating steady lines this won’t be so hard to do yourself.

Short almond nail designs

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Classy Acrylic With Black Matte finish and Flowers

The best part about these floral designs is that they don’t need much to capture attention. The colors go well with any outfit in your wardrobe as well. The black accent nail enhances the design as well.

almond nails short

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Pretty Smily Design

Some nail art will warm your heart and this next design is just that. Pink short almond nails that are playful and charming.

pink Short smiley deisgn

Inspo by @aguilarnails

Sunset Rainbow

Ombre nail designs are a trendy art technique. These pretty nails will never go out of style. Some almond nails short can be done with simple techniques like this one and stand out.

Short almond nail designs

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Natural Short Almond nails

When choosing a classy-looking design these are top tier. The neutral look is great but even better with a touch of color.

Short almond nail designs

Image via nailsxgoldenhour

Pink Short Almond Nails

This color will not go out of style, as a matter of fact, check out these 52 pretty pink nail designs. The colors are soft and delicate and the one solid color is great for professional females.

Short almond nail designs

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Swirl Short Almond Nails

Swirly nails are some of social media’s biggest nail trends at the moment. The designs feature a light pink, bright pink, white, and black color mix. Classy short almond acrylic nails with the pink dash are a save.

Short almond nail designs

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Classy Colorful Pastel Tip Nails

These short pastel almond nails give us a chill spring vibe. The base has a mix of glossy and matte coats and small details do count in art.

pretty pastel tips

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Light Pastel in Matte Finish

If you are considering spring nail design, look no further. The minimalist design with a small rhinestone on each finger is so cute.

soft tone matte nails

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Spooky black and white almond nails

Kawaii black and white nails you should save. You can even enjoy these for Halloween. They are cute so not too spooky also check out these other black and white nail designs.

black and white

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Summer Orange Short Almond Nails

Choosing an orange color for summer is a lovely choice. The design is simple but the effect is memorable. Short nails with a simple design and powerful color combination.

orange nails

Image via chellys_nails

Cartoon Almond gel nails

The design can bring back your feelings from childhood. Cartoon nail art is pretty and this one is a nice choice.

Short almond nail designs

Simple Charm

This next look reminds me of bird eggs. If you want gorgeous short almond nail designs these are a nice save for your collection.

Short almond nail designs


Mix and Match Tips

You want to enjoy nude nails but are tempted by some colors. These next nail art balance youth and maturity.

cute Short almond nail designs

Light Green Short Swirl nails

I love a good mint green nail design, they are perfect for any season really. This charming design will look good on all skin tones.

mint green almond nails

Image via nailsxgoldenhour

Simple Dots

If you are looking for an easy style use dots to draw attention. Use a clear base and then gather three nail polish and a doting pen to copy this look.

Short almond nail designs

Image via amyytran

Sage Green Lines’s design

If you love line and French manicures, here is a creative way to combine both. This sage color is a great choice for winter. Check out some of these cute winter nail designs.

green nails

Cute splash of pink

The best part about these pink and white nails is that they don’t require you to be a professional. The simple three-color combination is stunning or you can save it for your next nail appointment.

classy Short almond nail designs

Image via amyytran

Blue Blossom

Choosing a floral nail design that stands out. If you are into flower pattern nail art this next one is worth checking out. A blue base with pretty daisy flowers is perfect for springtime.

classy Short almond nail designs

Stunning Short Almond Nails

Classy almond nail designs like this are perfect for traditional office professionals. Brown and white nails seem to work well.

classy Short almond nail designs

Image @jineinguyen

Casper The Friendly Ghost

Casper the friendly ghost brings back a childhood memory. Ghost nails are trendy right now, good time to get on it.

Ghost nails

Checkers Short Almond Nails

This next design is one of my favorites, the designs are playful and each is unique. The colors keep the design mature but the art is playful so that is a nice balance in my opinion.

classy Short almond nail designs

Cute Short Almond Acrylic Nails

I have always been a fan of blue acrylic nails, especially for a summer manicure. The clear nails look gorgeous with the blue almond-shaped tips.

classy Short almond nail designs

Which of these short almond nail designs interests you? I know when you don’t have a lot of lengths to work with the designs are very important.

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