33 Short Acrylic Nails That Are Super Pretty

Short acrylic nails can be elegant and beautiful. What makes women have an interest in short nails but want glamorous manicures with functionality? Acrylic is well known for being long and beautiful. But this is not always the case at least it is not anymore. Pretty short nail ideas are just so fun and practical for everyday wear.

Acrylic designs are made by combining a liquid acrylic product with a powdered acrylic product to enhance nails. Women have been adding things to their nails for a long time now, we have come quite far. We have other methods to make our nails stronger and stand out more. We have also removed the notion that beautiful statement nails could only belong.

Modern women looking for new short acrylic manicure ideas will be pleased with our list. The possibilities are endless and designs keep coming each day. Maybe you are into cute short nail art or your rather long coffin acrylic nails. You will never know what your style is until you try both.

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Here is some inspiration for you to get the look you want. We know it can sometimes seem hard to find amazing short nails in this sea of long nails. We have collected some of the best designs that fit that requirement on the internet today.

Can you put Acrylic on short nails?

It is a question you may ask yourself if you have naturally short nails. Yes, you can use acrylic on short nails, infect there are so many beautiful nail designs for short acrylic nails. What you should keep in mind is if your nails are damaged or thin then you need to hold off on getting an acrylic manicure until they are healed. Be sure to check with your manicurist to get these designs because some might give you longer nails that you are imagining as short has a different meaning for some people.

Champagne Gold Short Nail Ideas

Glitter ombre nail idea you can get on online.

short nail ideas

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Brown Short Nail Ideas

These are shoppable and you can enjoy the earth tones.

Light Pink Square Nail Ideas

The artist did a great job on this, simple and dreamy all in one. This design is elegant and shows how much short nails can keep up with long acrylic nails. If you are looking for something beautiful and simplicity reigns supreme here.

pink square shape nails

Credit: @id_nails_space

Short Clear color with Glitter

This first nail is perfect for prom or date night. Has an elegant appeal to it that will make you feel even more confident. The color is soft and has a natural-looking base tone. The glitter gives it a little personality and I would wear this to the most major celebrations.

glitter tip nails

Light Blue Short Acrylic Nail Designs

This modern nail design is just what you need if you are a trendsetter. Love how the small finger has a unique design from the others.

Short Acrylic Nail Designs

Short Designs

Pink nails with sparkle gold accent on the ring finger. This nail art I can see this looking good with black or other dark color jeans.

Short Acrylic Nails

Leopard Design Short Acrylic Nails

This design is actually chic even with leopard and all. Leopard print is popular again so it is a good time to try these out. The other nails with light colors and pearls make it more elegant.

leopard print Short Acrylic Nails

Pink Ombre with Pink Glitter

Pink nail ombre design, this short nail looks good, and adding some glitter takes it to another level. Although the design is pretty basic and not as short as others on the list it is still pretty. Pink and white ombre design with glitter on two fingers.

Pink Short Acrylic Nails

Short French Wedding Nails

If you like french nails this is a beautiful reinvent of the classic french manicure. Light pink nails and white tip but with gems to freshen up the classic look.


Black Matte short Nail idea

This black matte nail is chic and elegant. Here this nail had a full black feature with a matte base and black gel accent. Black nails will remain a popular choice for any occasion.

black short acrylic nails idea

Simple Nude and pretty short nails

If you are looking for a short acrylic nail design that is also stylish? Then check this one out it’s simple enough to do at home by yourself and adding rose gold glitter to make it more fashionable. A light color like this will suit any occasion and outfit.

Short Acrylic Nails

Almond Shape With Marble

Next is this pretty nail design to share with you. It has a light color and ombre of soft pink to white tip design with two fingers having gold streaks. The gold streaks give a marble look that is awesome and goes well with anything.

Almond Acrylic Nail Designs

Purple and Glitter Short Acrylic Nails

Purple has become one of the most popular colors in fashion and nails. These short nails is worth a try. Dark purple accent nails have light pink and glitter ombre. Copy this look for a glam outcome and would look great if all fingers were purple as well.

Short Acrylic Nails
Short Acrylic Nail Designs

Simple Ombre With Glitter Accent

This next design is ombre color in squoval shape nails. Four fingers painted with nude ombre and one accent finger with glitter. Who doesn’t need a little sparkle every now and then? This design combine elegance and fun, truly demonstrating that sparkle doesn’t need to be on all fingers to stand out.

pink Short Acrylic Nails

Unique Mani designs

These next short acrylic nail ideas are pretty chic. Short coffin nails with an interesting design that will make an impact.

cute short mani

Snow Flakes and stars Holiday Vibe

Try this nail for Christmas, bright and vibrant colors. Shop nail polish set for your new journey. A beautiful winter nail design that is practical but cute.

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short acrylic nail ideas

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Easy Short Acrylic Nail Designs

This multicolor nail design is trendy right now and easy to do. Gather some of your favorite nail polish and just place a different color on every finger. For a more advanced look, you can even make them ombre.

Pink almost Red Hue

Different shades of pink on both hands add imagination. On one hand, all fingers are painted with light baby pink other hand is painted with a pop of bright hot pink. I love the light and bright colors they are so fun. This is perfect for ladies who have a fun personality but can’t decide now which shade of pink to go with. With talented nail artists like this, you don’t need to choose.

Pink Short Acrylic Nail Designs

White Wedding Nail Inspo

Love the classic white nails for weddings? then these nails are for you. These short nails are easy to do yourself it’s a simple white base with light sparkle on one finger. Getting your own nails done can be so relaxing.

Short Acrylic Nail Designs

White Easy Short Designs

A light color like this will suit any outfit and occasion. This is a really pretty manicure and you can see why I love it. I love getting my nails done in colors like this because of the versatility and it will look gorgeous all the time. You can shop similar nail polish here on Amazon to recreate the look.

light blue short acrylic nails

Light Chocolate Short Nail Designs

So many people are missing out on chocolate brown nail art. This is a highly underrated color option for a manicure. This design is for women who want a clean design with little distraction.

Light Chocolate Short Nail Designs

Cotton Candy nails

Sugary look and sweet, this nail design will look great on anyone during the spring and summer seasons. This design is actually one of my favorites because of how cute it makes me feel. The look is similar to the dip powder design.

pink nails

Pretty Short Nails Pastel mismatch

The rainbow nail trend is not going away, for now, so for now it’s safe to enjoy the style. If you are thinking of trying out something modern and bold this next design is for you. You can choose any light shades you like this design will look even better in spring.

Pretty Short Nails

Image from, here

Short Pink Acrylic Nails Almond

Regardless of the season, these very short acrylic nail ideas will look good on you. Every season we need something fresh and this is a soft baby pink look. This design shows it doesn’t need to have a lot of things going on to look good.

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short acrylic nail ideas

Black short acrylic nail ideas

A lot of people underestimate how elegant short nails can really look. So for a dramatic look go with black nails we all need that little dramatic look sometimes. The solid matte shade is gorgeous for any occasion.

Short Acrylic Nail Designs

Multi Purple square Short Nail

Purple nails in multiple shades can look exotic. Purple is one of the most stylish colors of our time. This is a shade in many different purple shades with light glitter. You can choose to not use glitter for a more luxe look.

short acrylic nail ideas

Baby touch pink Pretty Short Nails

If you want a pink color nail with a touch of pink this next look is for you. This design is a bit junior so if you are in college or high school this is for you.

Short Acrylic Nail Designs

Metallic Gray Acrylic Nails

Gray nails are not the most popular choice of color. If you have never tried it, you are missing out on how elegant it can look. This next design features light grey on all nails except for two fingers with a dark galaxy look.

If you are looking for something different from your regular manicure give this simple but dramatic look a try. Pretty short nails are elegant, especially for women looking for simplicity.

short acrylic nail ideas

Girly Pink and White Manicure

Pink always has a special place in my heart maybe because it gives a childhood vibe. Pink is a popular color for most girls growing up, we even decorate our rooms using this lovely feminine color.

We are never too old to adore the color pink. These feature soft colors with a white palm tree hand-drawn on two fingers. If you are looking for beach nail ideas these little pink ones are a good try.

short acrylic nail ideas


Pretty Short Acrylic Nail Ideas Bright Orange

Want something bright and pretty to rock this is a fabulous summer nail color. This design is a fun color that will look great in any season.

short acrylic nail ideas

Credit here

French Tip Short nail ideas

Short nails can be just as classy as longer versions of the french tip nails.

short acrylic nail ideas

Short square acrylic nails

The classic is never dull and it’s also a trendy french manicure. You can wear these to any formal event, they perfect prom nail idea.

trendy short acrylic nails

Image via Instagram/nailedby.jo

Cute Valentine Version

Heart nails are a good option for Valentine’s Day. Not everyone is about red, pink, and white sometimes you just want a dark look. This look is balanced mature and subtle but still embracing the day.

Short acrylic nail ideas

Glitter and Blue Nail Designs

Trendy short acrylic nails such as these will fit anyone who wants a soft color. These color combinations are just so pretty pearly white and silver ombre and soft blue solid nail design.

glitter blue short acrylic nails designs

Very Short Acrylic Mermaid Nail Design

During summer these are quite popular and so pretty for any feminine girl. So you can still enjoy very short acrylic nails and still be girly.

pretty short acrylic nail designs

Which of these short acrylic nail ideas are you saving for your next manicure?

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