15 Pretty Blue Ombre Nails

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Do you like black and grey ombre nails and you want an alternative of new inspiration? Here we have the perfect selection of blue ombre nails to get. There are plenty of blue shades so you will find something to match your style and wardrobe.

You can choose light blue nails or dark royal blue ombre nails as well. So picture mixing them with other colors to create a lovely ombre effect.

Dark Blue Nails

One of the reasons we love blue is that it complements many other colors. The color is easy to wear and it’s quite charming. Ombre dark blue nails are a good option during winter.

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royal blue ombre nails

2. Sugary Blue Nails With White

I love the cotton candy nails alongside the ombre blue manicure art designs. Royal blue ombre nails are elegant and look well with another color.

Blue Ombre Nails

Image source pegi_nails

3. Soft Butterly Light Blue Ombre Nails

These next nail designs are delicate and interesting. Each nail has its own unique design and the light blue ombre nails are standing out.

light blue ombre nails

Image source Tumblr

4. Cotton candy Flower Pink and Blue Ombre Nails

These don’t just sound cute and sweet but also look amazing. The best part is if you are not into getting a manicure then you can shop them off Etsy.

pink and blue ombre nails

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5. Blue ombre skyscape mani

This deep blue color is something to look on for all day the color will just make you feel happy. The design features solid blue nails on the ends and the two fingers in the middle have an ombre design with butterflies, clouds, and clear tips.

Blue Ombre Nails

6. Pretty Dark Blue

This next manicure features short square nails with two different shades of blue and some glitter. The sparkly enhances the design and the dark blue looks rich alongside the lighter shade of blue.

dark blue ombre nail art

7. Light Blue Ombre Stiletto Nails

This next design features something romantic, the flowers and the pastel blue ombre nail tips. If you want a wedding nail idea then these are perfect for such occasions as guests or brides.

light blue ombre nails

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8. Blue Icy Ombre Nails

These elegant soft blue ombre nails with silver stripes and soft pink. The design is subtle and interesting all at the same time.

elegant blue ombre nails

Image via Instagram/merlin_nails

9. Fashionable Blue Ombre Nails

This next design features a bright vibrant color combination. You can wear these to prom or even rock concerts they are versatile and fashionable. These nails show how to wear pink and blue beautifully on coffin shape manicures.

Blue Ombre Nails

10. Royal Blue Ombre Nails and Rhinestones

Not everyone wants whinstones but here is a modest way to enjoy them. The royal blue nail tips with a nude combo.

Royal Blue Ombre Nails with Glitters

Image source @merlin_nails

11. Eye Catching coffin ombre Blue Nails

This design features, solid blue, one fully glitter, butterfly pattern and the other is ombre with glitter and nude tip.

pretty blue ombre nails

12. Stunning Black and Blue Ombre Nails

Here is another blue and black color combination that is also gorgeous. These lovely nails with gorgeous sparkling blue ombre designs.

black and blue ombre

Image Source: @philglamournails

13. Pretty Matte Finish

Here is a nail art design with lots of glitter and bling. If you were looking for ways to wear matte nails then here is another cute fun look. Icy blue ombre nails that is glam.

matte ombre blue nails

Source: @kleidys_nails

Blue and Nail Art Designs

This nail is different from the others on this list because it is simple but not boring. The multiple shades of blue and the black pattern gives you something memorable.

blue ombre nails

Image Via Instagram @nailzbymarley

15. Vertical Pattern

This next design has a vertical ombre which is unique and totally different from the others on this list. Most ombre art is done horizontally but this one is done vertically. You can choose your two favorite colors to make this look complete.

vertical blue ombre nails

Which of these blue ombre nails catches your eye?

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