16 Sage Green Nails Worth Checking Out

Sage green nails are classic and gorgeous designs. These green nails are popular among many people who are looking for simplicity.

Green is like orange they are not the first choice for colors on our manicures. There are so many other colors that overshadow green such as neutral, pink, white, and black.

Here I want to introduce these beautiful sage green art designs to get you some fresh and cute inspiration. These are also becoming a crowd favorite, this is the time to get on this trend.

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The Sage green nails aesthetic will go well with many outfits in your wardrobe. This color is versatile and is perfect for any occasion. The designs are usually minimal and some of the chicest.

These green nails are also categorized as pastel color and they are a huge trend right now. This is why they are on every blogger and influencer’s fingers.

The versatility of sage green is endless, you can also mix and match it with other colors and patterns to create an elevated look. There are endless patterns and style that goes well with sage color nails.

Green nail polish is really something you could invest in right now for those at-home purposes. Sage green color will look good in simple or complex designs.

In this list, we have gathered a mix and shoppable green sage nail designs from Etsy and Amazon.

The Best Sage Green Nails Right Now

Long Sage Green Nail Aesthetic

sage green nail designs

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These sage green coffin nails will catch everyone’s attention. Expect to get a lot of compliments on these stunning designs.

Sage Green Leaves Design

sage green nail designs

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If you are looking for a nature-inspired sage green design this is worth getting. The nails are short and perfect for those who are looking for something more natural looking.

Sage Green Nail Polish

sage green nail polish

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This is how you can do your own nails at home to save you a salon visit.

Sage green nail designs

sage green nail designs

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This nail design features three main colors, the gold line swirls that make the design stunning.

Classy Design

sage green nail designs

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If you are thinking of getting a design that stands out. The gold that separates the colors adds something special to the look.

Sage Green French Tip Nails

sage green nail designs

Image credit amberjhnails

I love these cute green almond nails, totally chic.

Classy sage green french tip nails

sage green french tip nails

Sage green french tip nails

Green french tips with a clear base are subtle and the design looks good on both long and short nails. Short nails are popular among many age groups.

Pointy tips

sage green nail designs

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This particular design looks best on long nails as it gives more room to work with. You can choose to add another color to enhance the finished look.

Daisy Design

sage green nail designs

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Adding small daisy flowers to a sage green manicure will help you land that perfect picture. This design is the sweet spot between long and short lengths.

Abstract Sage Green Manicure

sage green nail designs

Source: @nailsby.hannahlouise

Abstract nails are a cool way to be in trend and give good vibes. Knowing these nails are short it is a good design.

Accent sage green nail aesthetic

sage green nails aesthetic

Source Tumblr

The accent nail is ombre glitter is quite pretty. You can never have too many glitters but this design is so stunning.

Sage green nail ideas

sage green nails aesthetic


This goes to show sage green nail ideas will look good on short nails. The accent manicure is cute with the little black speckles.

sage green nails aesthetic

Image source Instagram

sage green nails aesthetic

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sage green french tip nails

Shop these sage green french tip nails on Etsy

sage green nails aesthetic

Get these nails on Etsy

Which of these sage green nail aesthetics do you want to get? There are so many to choose from and whoever you choose will look good. The versatility of sage green nail designs is unlimited.

sage green nails

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