22 Gorgeous Dark Winter Nail Designs 2024

Looking for dark winter nails? then we have some of the best ideas to inspire you. We have some stunning designs, elegant, classy, and short dark winter nails that are for everyday use. Dark winter nail colors are quite a popular choice for winter manicures.

The right color combination will look good with the combination of the mix. There are different varieties of styles and patterns to choose from, from fun, and simple to chic, some will even be Christmas-inspired.

Winter color nails depend on you and what you are looking for. Short winter nails are practical for everyday wear and most moms love these.

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Dark Winter Nails

Pretty Dark Winter Nails

These first dark winter nail colors are so elegant and pretty. This design features solid matte grey nail art and accessories with silver rings on every finger.

Image via fiina_naillounge

Black Snow Flake Press on Nails

Here is a stunning design that can save you time and the price is affordable. With different color combinations to choose from.

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Red Dark Winter Nails

Choosing a lovely wine red for your Christmas party outfits. The color is elegant and the patterns are delicate with small interesting details.

Long dark winter nails

Image via Instagram/riyathai87

Black Glittery Matching Nail

If you are looking for a matching set this cute design can do you as well. For this home manicure, all you need is black base polish and then a glittery top coating. I think this simple design will look perfect on warm or cold glitter days.

stylish dark glitter winter nails

Dark Brown Nails

Althought this is brown nail is for fall it can also transition you to winter. This is a fun way to have a new twist on french tips. These colors go well against dark skin.

Image via Instagram/fiina_naillounge

Ombre Dark Winter Nails

This next design has a stunning dark ombre with sugary coats and studs. If the design is too simple for you then you can add more rhinestones for a pretty finish.

ombre winter nail color

Image from beautybysitagrg

Short Dark Burgandy Winter Nail Colors

I love the burgundy mix of purple colors and the clean look. This is so pretty and the short nail choice is a good choice for everyday wear. The look is charming and elegant all wrapped in one.

dark nail ideas for winter

Image and nail art via @nailsbypaulin 

Dark Smoky Gray

Chrome nails are a good option for parties as they stand out quite a lot. This next nail features solid chrome nails and two with pointy stud rhinestones.

dark chrome winter nails

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Deep Purple Winter Nail Colors

Purple nails can match any skin tone and practically most color clothes. These stiletto shape nails are long and pointy with a simple design made of silver glitter.

dark winter nails

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Classy Purple Nails

If you want a design for a professional office looks these are a good choice. The look is easy to recreate so you don’t have to worry about going to the salon.

simple dark nails for winter

Dark Green Winter Nail Designs

Classy dark green nails are a lovely color choice for the cold season. If you are looking for a minimalist design these are an idea to consider.

Image and nail art via @allnailss._

Blue Marble

Marble nails are elegant and classy and these blue ones resemble blueberries. I think these would look good on longer nails as well. The color is a winter color favorite and also reminds me of frozen black ice.

Short Dark Winter Nails

Short nail design such as this one is sweet and beginners friendly. These nail designs are stunning and for a girl who wants an effortless look.

short dark winter nails

Shimmer and Matte Nails

The design ticks every box you would need for a cold season. Rose gold glitter ombre nails, fully glitter nails, and others with matte grey polish and gold rings in the middle.

Image via beautybysitagrg

Pretty Glitter and Grey Nails

Similar to the one before but this glossy finish is everything. The color combination will go well with your next Christmas or New Year’s Eve party.

Image via Pinterest

Dark Teal Short Dark Winter Nails

Teal green nail designs are fun and these are a good option if you want something simple. This color looks amazing next to white, gold, or formal dress.

short dark winter nails

Image and nail art via Instagram/nailchark 

Beautiful Almond Nails

Multiple designs make each nail art interesting and unique. This next style features, ombre silver and grey nails, solid blue nails, solid grey, and other solid silver glitter finishes.

pretty dark winter nails

Navy Blue Dark Winter Nail Colors

All the designs are stunning and interesting and will warm your heart during the cold time. The nail also has a romantic vibe to it.

short dark winter nails

Muti Shades of Blue + White

I love dark winter nail colors and these are stunning. The silver lines enhance this look a lot more.

dark winter nail colors

Pretty Muti textured Nails

When it comes to nail art there are some that catch the eyes of everyone. All these color combinations work well together. Navy blue is one of those colors that you can pair with almost any other color and it just worked.

Image via Pinterest.com

Dark Forest Nail Art Idea For Winter

This next look has so many characters and we can all appreciate it. One hand has a design with a lovely small forest and mountains painted on it. The other hand features a solid dark blue-black polish.

dark winter nail designs

Image via @safinailstudio

Elegant Dark Nails For Winter

You can recreate this simple fun look, almond shape, and classy.

pretty winter nail arts

Image and nail art via @charsgelnails_

Pretty Accent Marble Nail

Neutral nails with a lovely blue and white accent nail elevate the look. These will look nice with a Christmas sweater of any color choice.

marble dark winter nails

Black Snow Flakes

These snowflake nails contrast well for the season. The snowflake represents the snow obviously and if you love this time why not embrace them and wear them on your nails?

black snow flake nails

Which of these winter nails are you going to give a try? Whatever you choose don’t forget to make something you will love.

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