20 Milky Pastel Nails

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We love color nail art and milky pastel nails are perfect if you want color but nothing too bold. These type of nails has a milky white base that allows you to enjoy the airy pigment. Pastels are great for someone who is looking to get attention but remain subtle. When choosing a pastel nail polish I recommend soft tones such as pink hue, more softer colors.

Pastel colors are great for spring but they are perfect to wear all the time. As suggested by celebrity manicurist Brittney Boyce, they can be worn all year round.

Tie and Dye Pastel

Tie and dye pastel nails

Photo: lolo.nailedit

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Pastel can be many different styles and this is one where a few colors mix together to create this lovely design.

Pretty Pink

soft pink color nail art with single flower and gold vertical line manicure

Photo : @nailsbypaulin

This is my personal favorite, done by Paulina Juśkiewicz, I love all her works. If you want to try square nail this is your sign to give it a go.

Soft Pink Butterfly

pink butterfly pastel nail

Photo @fasia.nails

We love soft pink nails and these with the ombre color butterfly are so charming.

Soft Purple

purple nails with flowers

The pale purple with the clear nails and small pretty flowers for a little seasonal treat.

Rainbow Pastel on Almond

Rainbow Pastel on Almond Nails

Rainbow nails don’t have to be bold and bright they can be soft and pastel such as this one. I love this nail art design and I hope you love it and give it a try as well.

Pastel, Green, and Floral

yello, green and flower nails on clear base

Photo @natalie_thedollshouse 💛

How you can incorporate flower patterns on your design with soft tones of green and yellow.

With That teeny little bee

That teeny little bee

Photo @onenailtorulethemall

Be confident and cover your nails with flowers, with a single bee and two clear French tip nail art.

Framed pink flowers

Framed pink flowers

Photo @onenailtorulethemall

If you want a pastel and floral combo to stand out, this interesting nail design will do that. I think if you are going to a wedding you should also consider this nail art design.

Glossy Pearl Pastel

Glossy Pearl Pastel

I love the minimalist design of this design and if you have read my other article you know I love minimalist design.

Multi Color Pastel

multi color pastel color muted nails

We have articles on pastel summer nails you can check out for more exciting designs like this one. This nail design features baby blue, light green, creamy pink, light white yellow, and pink.

Pastel Sunset

pastel nails with sun and cloud

Photo @nonnailartist

If you want a design on your natural short nails we got you covered with this one. The mix of sunshine and clouds gives a nice summer vibe.

Classy Lilac and Floral

Classy Lilac and Floral pastel nails

Photo @monika__nails

Here is another design we love with lilac the go-to color for people who don’t like pink. You will get the same Barbie feeling without going all pink.

Delicate Pink

pretty pastel floral pink tips

The pink and mint green combo can be so stunning. I love the two nails with floral tips among the solid color nail design.

Soft and Pretty

suare shape pink nails

Photo @magdula.es

The definition of milky pastel that you can appreciate. The nails feature really soft subtle pink with a white center.

Stunning French Pastel

cute french tip nails with heart, yellow, pink, blue and purple color

Photo @gisellanails

You can enjoy heart nails outside on Valentine’s Day here is an example.

A Little Autumn

fall nails in pastel finish and fox

Photo @gisellanails

Did you think you couldn’t wear pastel color nails in the fall? Well here is your proof that they look just great with a matte pastel finish.

Pretty Pink Bows

nail with bow design

Photo @nailsbyalsn

Classy design with the bow trend and the tip with yellow and nude color. You can wear this with any color and piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

Cloud + Butterflies

purple nail with cloud and butterfly pattern

Photo @nailsbyalsn

The lilac tips with small butterflies, hearts, and cloud make this design so special.

Unicorn Swirl Tips

unicorn color pastel tip nails

Photo @monika__nails

An oval shape nail shape can be one of the most classy designs. This look is so stunning and the swirl top with a line of glitter gold lining separates the color and the clear part.

Dried Flower

green matte color nails

Photo @napaznokciach

Ok last on this list is this stunning pastel mint green nail with dried emerald green nails.

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