20 Biggest Winter Hair Colors Trends To Try 2023-2024


These winter hair colors may be something you are still looking for. If you need help we have gathered some of the best hair colors for winter.

When we start preparing for that time of the year when the weather begins to get cooler. The season when ugly sweater starts coming out and festive decorations. We have the list of the most perfect hair color for Winter.

Winter is my favorite time of the year and to be honest it’s the most wonderful. People are more kind during this giving season. Well, winter is around the corner once again, maybe you have some things on your Christmas gift list and new hair color is a part of it. Fall hair color is over and now we may want to switch things up and welcome the winter with new hair color.

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One of the wonderful things about fall hair color is that you can enjoy many different shades, doesn’t matter your original hair color you can make this unique. Winter is a cozy and icy season, time to look more into your winter nails to match that hair.

Some of the popular shades are dark auburn, balayage, caramel, and blonde hair colors for winter. There are many looks to choose from to find your desire, you can achieve these this season.

This post will have a lot of options to choose from, yes it will be hard to choose just one. Here are 20+ hair inspirations for your next stylist.

20 Hair Colors for Winter 2023-2024

1. Pretty Blue Ombre with Accessories

Hair Color for Winter

Source: shearelegance_bynicole

This is a dream color for snow lovers and it looks good on all skin tone. The blue symbolizes the frigid temperature. This hair also reminds me of the ocean from the beach to the deep blue sea.

2. Dark Reverse Balayage

Hair Color for Winter

This chocolate hair color is stunning and is a perfect hair color for winter. This hair color is lovely natural-looking brown hair and it reminds me of drinking hot cocoa in winter.

3. Stunning Dark Blue Hair with Black Undertones

dark blue winter hair color

Source: woop_hair_it_is – instagram.com

If you are a natural brunette you will love this color mixture. The tone is a beautiful color idea for brunette ladies. I love this color and I can see it coming back over and over again, timeless hair color.

4. Ash Blonde Hair Colors With Low Lights

blonde hair colors for winter

This color is another good choice for all the blonde ladies. I love how the lowlights are done on this hair color. If you are thinking of getting some small color change here is a nice example of how you could pull that winter new look off.

5. Shiny Dark Black Hair

dark winter hair colors

Image hairbyhannahvictoria

You can enhance your already dark hair, bringing it from dull and limp to a luscious black raven that contrasts against the snow. The perfect hair color for the winter months doesn’t have to be much different from your natural hair color.

6. Spice Cider Hair

This tone is trending this year and makes a cute color for cold weather. This style looks really good on long to medium-length hairstyles. Another plus is this will look great in any season.

7. Copper Tone With Full Coverage

Hair Color for Winter

Copper red hair has been around for many years. I love the color and it’s a nice fall color that can transition well into the cozy winter season. This is a mix of strawberry blonde and bright copper.

8. Grey and Blue Ombre

Grey and Blue Ombre Winter Hair Color

Source: pulpriotcanada – instagram.com

Have you seen how popular grey/silver hairstyles have become over the last two years? This is good for the old and the young, missing the ombre makes it even more modern and trendy. I love how flattering ombre hair looks when done in the right color balance.

9. White Blonde or Platinum Hair

White Blonde or Platinum Hair

White blonde hair colors for winter are stunning and I love this particular one. The style is super cute on this bob-cut hair.

10. Edgy Burnt Orange Style

Woman xropped orange hairstyle

source: thecutlife

This next hair color is deeper burnt orange and it is great for those with darker complexion. If you fall in love with this color, you may want to preserve it by using an overtone orange for brown hair daily conditioner on Amazon.

11. Cozy Blonde With A Hint Of Cinnamon

blonde hair colors for winter

Source: instagram.com

Here is another stunning shade of blonde hair color for winter idea to try. If you were ever curious about going blonde or just lifting your own blonde hair this is a perfect choice.

12. Fun Dirty Blonde Hair Color for Brunettes

Blonde Hair Color for Winter


Even brunettes can be blonde and enter winter with new hair colors. We love that this next option will look great for the new year as well, evergreen. The root is dark and the hair gradually gets blonde down the ends.

Check out these balayages on black or dark brown hair.

13. Rich Brunette Hair Colors For Winter

darker hair colors for winter

Instagram: @dimitrishair

Up next darker hair colors for winter are huge this season. This rich luxe hair color is shiny and smooth and will get you noticed.

14. Warm Chocolate Brown

chocolate brown

Image via Ciara

The dark chocolate tone is good for winter as it softens any complexion. The color adds warmth showing off the skin’s natural glow even in such a freezing time. Darker hair colors for winter look so good against the snow so this is a plus.

15. Caramel Color

winter caramel hair

Credit: camila_cabello

The shades have light and dark colors that melt into each other well. This look is charming and will look good on all skin tones. Choosing warm browns brunette shade is a great option.

16. Creamy Blonde Hair Colors for Winter

Creamy blonde hair colors for winter

Image via @somehair_ali

If you are a blonde that is looking for a warmer tone add midnights or warmer highlights for an elevated look. This trend is the most fun to try during the fall and winter seasons.

17. Highlights and Lowlights Light Brown

Subtle Dimension winter hair

Image credit Bianca Hillier 

This next color for the hair is delicate and subtle. Winter is the perfect time to embrace trying a fresh hair color.

18. Ginger Spice Red

Ginger Spice


Red hair color is another trendy tone right now, everyone is loving ginger hair color. This color is in the buzz all season and we see it going well into 2024.

19. Cappuccino hair Color


Image credit @hairbyydani

20. Radiant Golden Beige

Golden Beige

Image credit @studiolioness

If you are looking for a color that looks natural and easy maintenance this is it. Get yourself a nice subtle color from the face toward the ends.

These are some of the best winter hair colors to refresh your style. This post will continue to be updated so you can save it and keep checking back.

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