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22 Beautiful Ombre Styles for Darker Hair

22 Beautiful Ombre Styles for Darker Hair

Ombre is one of my favorite hair color technique because my new growth can grow out without being obvious. The fun part about Ombre hair is that it looks great on any hair type, length and color. Ombre hair is when your hair is gradually blended from a black hue to another color hue. This post collection is for anyone with naturally darker hair.

Ombre hair is another popular hair trend right now and it seems to be sticking around. It looks great on every style but black ombre is even more striking, beautiful contrast. Ombre hair color looks bets on long hair but short hair look edgy and stylish as well. Although ombre works good on blonde, its more dramatic and beautiful on dark hair. Black hair has so much variety of color to choose from when it comes to ombre style such as blonde or pastel colors. Ombre last longer on dark hair and that is why its my go 2 choice not having to worry about my roots. My black hair love ombre style and I get to really try out shades I love but too scared to go full in.

So if you are ready to take your dark roots to another level with some head turning impression. This hair dye job can last for months!! amazing right!?

Dark Ombre with Caramel Shades

This shade is beautiful and healthy looking and also has a natural look to it.

source : @saloncouture_ny

Black and Dark Blue Ombre

Midnight is one of the hottest color to choose from.

source: @cassandra_foeh@stylerr

Black to Ombre Brown with Sun-Kissed Tips

Mimic this color by going gradually from black to brown.

Source: @colorbymichael

Subtle Dark Chocolate Brown Ombre

Nothing to Crete drama just enough to be notice.

Image from @kittydoeshair

Chestnut Blonde

You want something dramatic and elegant.

Image via @camouflageandbalayag@stylerr

Black raven and Snow White ends

black and white hair

Purple and Black Ombre

Gorgeous color combo from these too, its not too dark or bright.

Source: @peypaintshair

Going Gray Ends

If yo dont want to commit to full grey then this is a beautiful soft color idea.

source @hairbyrav

Stunning Red

Beautiful hair color, rise of the phoenix.


 Chill Copper Ombre for Dark Hair

Great option for girls who seek a subtle copperombre.

Image via @shauna_bettiemonroe

Black Into Honey Blonde Ombre

This ombre hairstyle works best for those with longer hair.

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Image source: @blissfulbrii_

Dark Brown To Blonde Ombre

Perfect for woman with cold-toned and high contrast look.

source : @mustafaserdarbekereci_

Cherry Blonde

Image @romeufelipe

Short Pixe Ombre hair

Dark to golden blonde


Blue-Tipped Black Ombre

If you want something more unique maybe try blue ombre hair.

Mint Green Ombre On Dark Hair


Black to Golden curls


Emerald Green on Black Hair

This color was one of Kylie Jenner go 2 color back in the days.

Image from @studio417salon

Rose Gold Ombre On Dark Hair

This color is soft and flattering on any skin tone.

Smokey Blue Grey

Beautiful Short Curly bob cut

Ombre hair
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