22+ Pumpkin Makeup Ideas for Halloween

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Pumpkin is a classic part of Halloween culture so why not wear pumpkin makeup this year? There are many different variations of Halloween pumpkin makeup ideas you can recreate that are cool and scary as well.

Pumpkin Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Here are some of the best pumpkin Halloween makeup ideas from the web such as Instagram and interest. I think we have an idea for every personality that will go well with your costume.

Pumpkins can create scary Halloween decorations indoors as well as outdoors. We want to share ideas that will keep you Inspired, the hardest part is to make a decision.

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Top Pumpkin Makeup Ideas

Half and Half Pumpkin Makeup Ideas

This look is created with half and half pumpkin makeup split down the middle. The design is creative and the pumpkin side looks creepy so appropriate for the holiday. The design may not be easy to do but it’s worth it if you like it as much as I do.

Image via @tedyana_

Here is another half-face Pumpkin makeup idea with cracks on the other side. I love the creativity of both sides, save the image for future inspiration.

Image via kajsamaria

Clown Halloween Pumpkin Makeup Ideas

Clown Halloween makeup has been so popular in recent years. Who would have thought about mixing clown with a pumpkin theme? This look is interesting and it is kind of cute as well.

Credit via crazylensesnow

Pumpkin Patch Makeup

During the fall season, you may visit a lot of pumpkin patches as a matter of fact we have a pumpkin patch outfit you could check out.

Full Face Pumpkin Makeup With Gold Glitter

This next look may seem complicated at first glance but it is not at all that bad. I love the way the glitter appears on the mouth. Choose a full range for your base and black powder/pencil to create the lines. Add your glitter as you see fit because they don’t have to be placed perfectly.

Image via Twitter

Pumpkin Skull Mask

Maybe want to be extra here is a pumpkin skull makeup idea. The flowers help to make the makeup even more stunning. The look features a patch of pumpkin around one eye and the mouth.

Image Twitter/kat_being_artsy

Creepy Half Face HalloweenPumpkin Makeup Ideas

This look is creepy which is perfectly unperfect. The detail on this Halloween pumpkin makeup idea is amazing.

Pumpkin Makeup Ideas with Hairstyle

Choosing makeup that goes well with your hair is a plus. These two are best when they’re in perfect harmony. You know the look is also a bit festive for those who love to mix things up.

Source: @makeupby_tashxx

Pumpkin Spice Makeup

Scary Halloween Pumpkin Makeup

This makeup look is scary and creative, one eye has an orange shadow and long lashes. The other eye has a dark make that resembles an eye patch around it.

Amazing Pumpkin With Top

This makeup look has a top that merges from the head down to the face.

Image source: sammyjosbeautycase

Glitter Face Halloween Pumpkin Makeup Ideas

If you’re bold enough and going full into your theme, how about a glitter pumpkin face that blends down to your chest? The hairstyle and accessories give a witchy vibe, and the gold contact lens is amazing.

cute halloween Pumpkin Makeup Ideas

Image from Source

Easy Pumpkin Makeup

Jack-O-Lantern is super cute, I love the look so much. This is a simple pumpkin makeup idea for even girls who have never done fantasy makeup before. The glitter on the nose is super cute as well.

easy Halloween pumpkin makeup

Image @kelsianderson_makeup

Magical Pumpkin Makeup

This next look is magical for real, the look features a black and orange pumpkin color shade. Both eyes feature different colors, and tree branches, and down the chest have a stunning green galaxy look.

halloween Pumpkin Makeup Ideas

Halloween Pumpkin Makeup Ideas

This next look is a beautiful pumpkin illusion for you if you want this. She has one eye dark patch and the other is glam. The look is spooky and eye-watching for a night of scary looks.

halloween Pumpkin Makeup Ideas

Image @sarahanne616

Scary Pumpkin Makeup Ideas

Halloween pumpkin makeup ideas can be super scary such as this next one. If you want a makeup idea to be your true scary self this is one to copy.

Image from hellomachida

Cute and Creepy Halloween Pumpkin Makeup Ideas

The makeup look is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. Her blue eyes make this makeup creepy but cute.

Inspired Glitter Pumpkin Face Makeup

Inspired beauty loves sharing different variations of makeup and this is one such look. Glitters are strategically placed in different areas on the face to create this fantastic look. The super-black lips are terrifying too.

Image via @kassieeferrel

Demon Pumpkin Makeup Look

If you are skilled and looking to get terrifying makeup this one is perfect for you. The look is made up of orange and black pumpkins with red eyes and horns that complete the look.

Source: @lissypink10

Easy Halloween Pumpkins

The makeup doesn’t cover her whole face but it creates a mask pumpkin which is a clever idea for this pandemic

Easy Halloween Pumpkins

Cute pumpkin Halloween makeup

This cute pumpkin Halloween makeup idea is stunning really. The large multi-color glitters under each eye are stunning.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you, whether you are going for easy cute pumpkin makeup or scary pumpkin makeup ideas. You will find something you love in this post. Just embrace yourself and you can get a matching couple Halloween costume look as well.

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