38 Fantasy Makeup Ideas And They are Perfect for Halloween

Fantasy Makeup

Fantasy makeup is one of my personal favorite type of makeup. Fantasy makeup is not something you can wear everyday that is why its so special. If you just love the magic side and want to express them here are some ideas. These makeup ideas can inspire your next masterpiece.

These Fantasy Makeup ideas are perfect for Halloween makeup.

“Flower Child” Fantasy Makeup

Beautiful flower makeup let your inner gardener out. You can be the protector of nature. Want to look sweet and all angelic knowing you may just be poison instead. These are a great idea if this year you want to dress and be one with nature.

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Fantasy Makeup

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fantasy makeup


Fantasy Makeup ideas
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Fantasy Makeup Ideas with Gems

Adding a little gem to the face will really enhance your whole fantasy look. The contrast of these makeup is really lovely and you can shop for these on amazon really cheap. Here for latest price

Creative Makeup
Creative rainbow makeup


Fantasy makeup with Gems

You shine brighter with all these bling.

Amazing Fantasy Makeup Ideas


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Fantasy Makeup
Fantasy Makeup

Makeup with clouds

Fantasy Makeup

Bring back childhood memories and everyone is going with this trend now.

Fantasy Makeup Galaxy and Stars

For the Eyes Palette used” Take Me Back To Brazil

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source https://www.instagram.com/larlarlee/

Brats Fantasy Makeup

Fantasy Makeup
fantasy makeup ideas

The Grinch that Snaches your Wig

Grinch makeup because you cant wait for Christmas to steal it.


Scary Clown Make up

Bring out your inner pennywise

Pennywise Halloween makeup look
Fantasy Makeup


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Fantasy Makeup

Avatar Makeup Ideas


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Fantasy Makeup ideas to look Incredible

This is the time to just relax and play with your favorite fantasy character.

Fantasy Makeup ideas



fantasy makeup
Fantasy Makeup


Fantasy Makeup

Unicorn makeup Idea

This Last makeup idea reminds me of a dark unicorn and thats why it is such a perfect Halloween makeup idea. It is not really scary and its not really pretty which is great.

Fantasy Makeup

Now you have some of the freshest fantasy makeup ideas to rock.