Chocolate Lilac Hair Color To Show Your Colorist 2022


The pastel hair color trend is here to stay and chocolate lilac hair color is high on that list. You can see lots of Instagram influence and celebrities changing up their hair colors. This trend is good for all skin color, below is some of the most popular shades. 


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1 . Subtle Purple chocolate mauve hair

Want a new shade but are a little subtle about it, this blend is really nice for that. This can be done on the underneath of your hair, this would be really special with your hair is in an updo. This is good for work also, if your work has a dress code policy this should be ok. 

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chocolate mauve hair

The blend of lilac and dark brown chocolate looks like natural hair color. These are not the common colors you would think would be good together but they actually work!. This is just a bright difference to help you get that touch, your stylist can help you achieve this lilac and chocolate blend color. 

chocolate lilac hair dye

Shoulder Length Hair in a Chocolate Lilac Color

The next lilac hair color is on shoulder length hair and mainly on the ends. The hairstyle looks attractive with large curls. You can recreate these curls with curling wands.

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chocolate lilac hair dye

Curls and Lilac hair color

Here is another way to color your hair with different shades and tones. The curls add dimensions. The mix of chocolate, lighter pink, and dark roots blend great together.

chocolate lilac hair dye

Violet Pastel Lilac Hair

This is one of the most popular choices for girls who looking to change things up. The color is flattering to all skin tones as well.


Pretty multi-tone hair

Who knew lilac hair color and chocolate hair color highlight create such a beautiful contrast.


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Dusky Chocolate and Lilac Hair Looks

What do you think about the dusky chocolate and lilac color? Personally, I love this mix. This blend is great for curly hair because of the twirl it makes, reflecting different shades. It will look good on straight hair but I found it to be more stunning on curly hair. 


Chocolate mauve hair

Chocolate mauve hair is one of the trending hair colors for fall. If you’re a brunette this is a nice color idea to give a try. The look is perfect on any length and texture of hair.

chocolate mauve hair

Dusky Purples Copper Bronde

This blend is pretty sweet, bright fresh, and totally trending. Isn’t this blend perfect? Be sure to consider changing up your hair routine to keep this color looking at its best. You need to get a color shampoo to keep your color from fading too quickly. 

chocolate mauve hair

Chocolate Chunks Lilac Hair Color 

If you want to turn heads and let everyone melt from how tasty your hair looks this mix is for you. This chocolate and lilac hair blend is like a tasty dessert. This would look great on blunt cut hair, it’s bold it is beautiful, and the right amount of fun.

Chocolate Mauve color, use this picture as an inspiration. You can ask your stylist to focus the darker shades on the lower layers, and the lighter shades on the top. 

chocolate mauve hair

Image Source: Courtesy of Hannah Edelman

Violet Frost Hair Looks for Pastel Lovers

Wavy Mid length Hair

Lilac medium length hair, is an amazing hair color ideas for brunettes. Shoulder-length hair such as this one with a tease of the wave is pretty and makes the hair appear more full.


Chocolate mauve hair

This is every pastel lover’s dream, the mix of light purple and dark combination.

chocolate mauve hair

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