24 King and Queen Tattoos for Couples

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Looking for stunning king and queen tattoos to get with your special person? Well, you will love this post, these matching tattoo ideas are perfect for couples. What better way to show off your love to the world than with a meaningful tattoo.

The king and queen tattoos although carrying the same meaning there are many different ways to designs them.

1. Crown King and Queen Tattoos

This wrist tattoo is painted with a black and red ink tattoo. I love the color combination, and although the tattoos are not identical they relate well.

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King and Queen Tattoos

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Up next this tattoo is for people who want a big tattoo. The fun part of a big tattoo is the details you can design onto it. We normally love placing big tattoos on the back but the shoulder is not a bad idea.

King and Queen Tattoos

Source: @anisiasrisia

3. King and Queen Ring Finger Tattoos

The little things can make a big impact also, and these little tattoos are doing just that. I find these small tattoos on the fingers to be quite romantic. These are marriage level commitment, perfect little things.

King and Queen Finger Tattoos

4. Crown and K&Q Finger Tattoos

This next style is an interesting way to include the crowns with the full word, king and Queen. When you are getting these type of tattoos the right font play a big role.

King and Queen Finger Tattoos

5. Small Crown

The designs on this is gorgeous, the crown representing royalty. Crown tattoos is special, letting your partner knows how important they are to you. If you want to go that level, get something as cute and perfect as this crown tattoo.

Matching king and Queen tattoos

6. Small King and queen tattoos for couples

King and Queen tattoos can be really simple and the one below is pretty and clean. In the matching tattoo, the male has solid black and the female has a red color.

King and queen tattoos for couples

7. Heart King and Queen Tattoo

Bold and beautiful line tattoo, the hearts filled with red ink, sure stand out. Small tattoos with meaning are among my top choices for tattoos.

king and Queen tattoos

8. King and Queen Tattoos on the hand

When you are a married couple simple tattoo has the perfect size if you dont want a tattoo flashing all over. Additionally this hidden location is really fun to play around with,

queen tattoo

9. Her King, His Queen Crown Tattoos

The message on these tattoos are just as cute as the crowns are.

King and Queen Crown tattoos

10. Small heart K&Q Matching tattoos

I love this one, it’s cute and simple. I love the color is quite dark, solid black makes them stand out even more. The matching can be covered up easily.

king and Queen tattoo on ring finger

11. King and queen tattoos on finger

Finger tattoos are popular and these small red tattoo ideas are worth saving. If you are both modest and just want a little tattoo this is a nice one.

King and queen tattoos on finger

12. Stunning Couple with Matching Tattoos

Matching the couple’s king and queen tattoo, the King’s design is solid black while the Queen has an outline of black. The tattoos would look just as pretty if both were solid black or outlines.

cute small couple tattoo ideas

13. King and Queen Tattoos

This tattoo on the wrist is an area that most women love to place tattoos. With the tilting crowns, over the king and queen.

King and Queen Tattoos

14. On the arm tattoos

Both crowns has different design but they work perfectly together. The tattoos are clean and don’t have a lot of distraction around it.

King and Queen Tattoos

15. King and Queen Tattoos on The Hand Back

Straight king and Queen word tattoo on the back of the palm of your hands.

King and Queen Tattoos

16. King and queen tattoos for couples

Getting your tattoos in a different place is also perfect. You may not like the same spot but want the same tattoos so here is a nice idea.

ing and queen tattoos for couples

17. King and Queen Skull tattoos

These look awesome, but not as simple as some of the others on this list. If you are feeling creative why not go big and bold like this next look? The Q&K with the nice matching hearts is already cute but they feel to express their love even more by using the skulls. Do you get until death do us part feeling from the skulls?

skull king and queen tattoo

Source: @bodymoreinked

18. Colorful tattoos

This next tattoo is romantic and if there is ever a flower that represents love is the rose. These king and queen rose tattoos are gorgeous. Also, a plus if you are someone who loves multi-colors.

queen tattoo

19. King and queen tattoos on hand

Adding the color pink and royal purple is a nice touch to this design. The sky is the limit when you make your creative side do the talking. I like the purple and pink against the black, sometimes plain black tattoos can be a little boring,

King and queen tattoos on hand

20. Lion King and Queen with Crown

This next lion and the lioness tattoo is a work of art. These animals look so realistic, the artist really puts details into this design. Look at the hair and the eyes, well done.

lion tattoo idea

21. Minimalist white tattoo

I love these king and queen minimalist tattoo ideas. White ink tattoos are a nice alternative to the common black ink tattoos if you are feeling for something different. Another plus is that you can get them almost anywhere and not worry about them being too, in your face.

22. Dark King and Queen Tattoos

This next tattoo idea looks a bit dark also, the words behind it. “Long live the King”, and ” Long live the Queen.” If you have small arms this may not work and look the same for you. You can choose a larger place on the body to put this tattoo, such as thighs.

23. Chess Piece

These are awesome ideas to get with your partner. The queen looks beautiful and stunning and the king looks like a scary guy. The queen protects her king on a chessboard, so this is a bold statement.

24. Wesome Skull Tattoos

The next design is definitely bold and scary. Everything is scary even the crowns are dark, I quite like how awesome it is. The tattoo is totally badass for you and your partner to get.

King and Queen Tattoos

What does King and Queen tattoos mean?

King and Queen tattoos mean commitment, love, and loyalty together. This couple tattoo is one of the strongest, a married couple or a girlfriend and a boyfriend could get. This also represents support and comfort.

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