Best Lion Tattoo Forearm Designs For Women


Lion tattoos for women may not have been as popular back in the day but it’s pretty popular now. This lion forearm tattoo has many meanings and the designs are outstanding.

The meaning of lion tattoos varies and we hope to answer that at the end. We can’t help but love how creative these designs are. You can save any picture you like to bring to your tattoo artist to copy.

1. Lion tattoo on forearm

First up this design seems to feature a feminine and a masculine style. The balance of the strong fierce lion and the flowers on his head make him seem sensitive as well.

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lion tattoo design

2. Fuzzy mane

This design features a rugged-looking lion with a lot of hair. The design is not the most flashy but there is detailed in every line.

forearm lion tattoo design

3. Lotus Flowers

This is another interesting art piece that is worth considering. If you are looking for a flower tattoo with an animal.

lotus lion flowers tattoo

4. Full Forearm

We at found this to be one of our personal favorites. The design features a full lion’s head with all sorts of flowers surrounding him.

forearm lion tattoo design

5. Couple Goals

If you are thinking of a couple of tattoos, this is not an option. If you want something that will symbolize you and your partner’s relationship.

lion and lioness couple tattoo

6. A lot of mane

This next idea features a lot of hair and that is one of the most stand-out features of a male lion.

7. Matching Lion Tattoo

When it comes to getting a tattoo, there are many thoughts that may go into it. This is a matching male and female lion on opposite arms they complete each other.

8. A winged Lion

I think the wing detail in this next style is the best part. The lion features a side look and the wings are like something from a children’s storybook.

A winged lion

Image credit @emilia_paw_arts

9. Cute and Simple Lion Tattoo Forearm

We love minimalism and this is one of those designs.

lion tattoo forearm

10. Three Lioness

This is so powerful, with the mama lion over her cubs and the rise of the sun, and they are all in flower.

family of lion tattoo

11. Forearm lion eyes tattoo

This design has stunning pink, purple, and green colors alongside the classic black ink.

lion tattoo forearm

12. Stunning Lion tattoo design for women

Forearm lion eyes tattoo that is very detailed and eye-catching.

flower tattoo with lion

13. Rose and Blue Eyes Integrated

We love how the full face of the lion is so detailed with the roses all around him. Half sleeve lion forearm tattoo with large images.

large blue eye lion tattoo with rose

14. Half-sleeve Lion Forearm Tattoo

This design has a lot of interesting things to look at, words, butterflies, sunflowers, other flowers, and a lion eyes cover.

half sleeve lion forearm tattoo

Image credit @modoink_calvin

15. For the Minimalist

The design doesn’t have a lot of details, just fine line drawing.

minimalist line tattoo

Image credit @stefania.camelia


lion for married couple

Lion Forearm Tattoo Meaning?

You may find yourself asking, what does a lion tattoo represent?

The lion is usually a symbol of strong leadership, bravery, fearlessness, and courage. This has come from different cultures and may mean different things depending on your views. These are some of the most common meanings;

Leadership: Lions are known for being the leader of the animal kingdom.

Bravery: A lion can symbolize a person’s own courage and what they represent to others and sometimes that is also hope.

Strength: A lion is also known for physical strength and power. A lion tattoo can be a reminder to yourself to stay strong in the face of adversity.

Protector: A lion is known for protecting their bride and this can represent your love and determination to protect your loved ones especially mothers with children. Also, it can also be a reminder to be protective of yourself.

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