42 Mermaid Hair Color Ideas

mermaid hair

Mermaid’s hair is some of the most adorable pastel hair ideas online. The colors are bright and warm but sweet and girly. 

Here we have rainbow hair colors done on all lengths and textures of hair. This is one of the best collections of hair color ideas to inspire your next hair color.

Lilac Frost Pastel Hair

Dark roots and light lilac hair are done in braids. Simple and easy hairstyle anyone can try. I can see this looking good with a casual outfit on Saturdays.

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lilac frost hair

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Pink and Blue

Flat braids done on mid-length hairstyle, this is another way to style your rainbow hair. What anime bubble gum pink hair with bright blue roots is so cute.

pink and blue mermaid hair

Braids and Rainbow Hair Color

These two elements that I love and most of you guys do as well. Braids and rainbow so here is another soft beautiful short hairstyle. Short hairstyle that is calling you for spring and summer.

rainbow braid hair

Images Via: Mar-Andre

Unicorn Hair Mermaid Hair

You always knew you were not from this world. You are a mystical being and this hairstyle is here proof it.

mermaid hair

Light Blonde Hair + Mermaid Waves

What we at inspired-beauty.com love most about this hairstyle is well everything. The hairstyle is cute and fun, braids done right, delicate mermaid color ends, and blonde roots.

This is done really well and you can wear this at any time it’s so chic and modern.

light blonde hair

Rainbow hair

Adding color of your choice in the back leaving your natural hair color at the front. When you run your hands through this will feel and look so good.

Green Dirty mermaid hair color

Choosing the one color you want to sport. Pastel pink and in this case pastel green look amazing and a bit witchy, If you want to try out which colors without committing you should check out: Best Temporary Hair Chalks

dirty mermaid hair color

Adding a flower crown to your hair can make you look even more majestic.

Light green hair and makeup create an authentic fairy look.

Single braid hair with lights

Short Pastel green hairstyle with blue bang

Rainbow Hair on Long Hair

Up next is this colorful hairstyle and color ideas. Love how each color just blends into the other.

mermaid hair

Light Dirty Mermaid hair color

Rose Pink Hair Pastel Hair Color

Maybe light pink is more your style. This soft pink hair done on bob hair is eye catching. Keep your hair trim to keep up this style and may need more maintenance but nothing more than you would do with other beach hair.

These will look good on caramel to very pale skin color.

strawberry pink hair

Play with different styles, messing bun on your soft pink hair.

pink rose hair

Dark roots, this technique is easier to maintain. Wont need as much touch up when growing out also easier to transition to natural hair color.

pink rose hair

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Pink braids

Mermaid hair color on long pastel hair with braids. Want a pink hair color and hairstyle to go with it that you can do yourself? This pink DIY will look great on anyone and if you are going to college you may appreciate this.

Save time with a super easy hairstyle for school.

lilac hair color

Blue Green Pastel

Blue mermaid hair for chic personality. Pastel hair colors are not just for free spirit but can also be chic. Try this out with your most chic outfit and you will thank me later.

Pink Ombre hair

Try this color technique, pink roots and soft blue ends.

Pink ombre hair with blue idea

Beautiful Rainbow hair Pastel

Adding a crown braid to your pastel hairstyle can be so pretty. The pastel green highlights bring something more to this color dont you think?

mermaid hair color

Multi-colored hair

Super Rainbow Pastel surprise

This rainbow hair color style is done nicely, it’s a peekaboo in the back. If you want a pastel color that is subtle this is a nice way of doing it. The style comes alive in the back your office won’t even have to see it.

mermaid hair color surprise

Creating twist braids with rainbow colors in the middle of the hair. This is another cheerful way of doing this style.

Mermaid Hair

If you like more vibrant colors then this one may be just perfect for you. Purple and blue dominant colors at the root. The ends have nice bright yellow and green colors and stars accessories on each braid.

The wave hairstyle is ready for the beach. You can get these waves by making your hair into two loose buns. When you let them out you can have beautiful waves.

Mermaid Hair
Mermaid Hair
Mermaid Hair with pink

Dark Pastel

If you love dark hair but want to add a little color. This unconventional mermaid hair color idea would really stand out. Plus this hairstyle and color would be nice idea for Halloween hairstyles.

Dark Pastel hair

Hidden Rainbow

Elegant natural color on top and party in the back. The surprise elements make this even more stunning.

Pastel blue and rainbow underneath. Another hairstyle for the rebellious personality.

Hope you Enjoy this list All pictures were found on Pinterest.com and Instagram.com

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