Best Temporary Hair Chalks To Buy In 2020

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Temporary Hair Chalks

If you love to change hair color often this is a good way to do so without damaging your hair. This will beautify your hair without the extra damage. Another name for hair color chalk is hair crayons pretty nice huh. If you are looking for the best temporary hair chalks to buy right now , you may find something on this list. 

Want to try out some bold colors without the permanent damage? This can let you bring out your bold rainbow side. In this post I have compile 10 of the best hair chalks to bring out that extra effects. 

What Is Hair Chalk?

Hair chalk is a temporary hair color for without the added damage. Its perfect for certain festival and pastel hair color that is quite trendy these days. Hair chalk are easily wash out with shampoo. If you have color your hair before this will be a cake walk.

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How To Use Hair Chalks

You Will Need
  • A shampoo
  • A cup of water
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • A straightener (flat or curling iron)
  • Gloves


  1. Shampoo and dry your hair before brushing hair thoroughly
  2. Wear gloves
  3. Wet your hair a little for maximum deposition.
  4. Avoid having any hair product in the hair such as serum when coloring

How to Apply Temp Hair Chalk

Gather some hair and glide the chalk down from the root to ends. Remember the inner parts of the hair. Glide down to avoid too many friction, keep the hair from getting damage.

Brush the hair for more even distribution of the hair color. For the most perfect blend do this.

Finish with flat iron and hairspray to seal the color in when done.

Does hair chalk wash out?

Hair chalk usually wash out very quickly with your regular shampoo or dandruff shampoo. Blondes may have to do a couple more mix or mix shampoo with baking soda.

1 . 10 Chalks for girls age 4+

This temporary hair color chalk is a perfect birthday gift for small girls. The other fun part is how it can be used as face paint. A little girl will really like this as Christmas or birthday gift. According to some reviewers, this is perfect because it’s long-lasting and it doesn’t rub off on things.

best hair chalk

2 . Splat Temporary Hair Chalks

This is what you want rich color quality, highly pigmented. You can become your inner mermaid with this color chalk. These pastel colors works well for kids and adult alike. You can do highlight or ombre look.

You can get a color of your choice at Amazon

best hair chalk

3. Pen color chalk by Ledreamam

If you want bright quality color temporary hair chalks then check this next one up. This will give the utmost brightness and lots of shades to choose from. 12 colors to choose you can order yours from Amazon. The rating is really good.

4. ALEX Spa Deluxe Hair Chalk Salon

This is perfect for a party, if you need a quick coloring this is for you. 12 bright colors and glittery metallic to choose from. It will not damage your hair and its easy to apply. Alex Spa is suitable for age 8 and over. Some customer do however complain that it rubs off on some fabric. Buy here

hair color chalk

5. Buoceans London Blendable Hair Color

Want to try out a new hair color without the expense, give these temporary hair color a try. Comes in 6 bright colors, silver, yellow, rose red, purple, green, blue. You can get creative with these by mixing colors to achieve a mixed look. This is long lasting, wont damage the hair and highly pigmented. Some You can buy these here

hair color chalk

6. Epic Hair Chalk

This chalk include 12 temporary colors that is suitable for almost any hair color. This hair chalk has a crayon consistency that makes it less messy when applying to hair. Safe to use daily to create epic color effects. The epic hair chalk doesn’t rub off on clothes, easy to apply and blendable. You can buy this here

temporary hair chalk

7. Kyerivs Temporary Hair Chalks Comb

Temporary Hair Chalks

This hair chalk comb comes in 6 vibrant colors. The comb applicator makes it really easy to apply from root to tip. Non-toxic, easy to apply, non-damaging to the hair, however, this works better on light color hair. You can get this at Amazon.

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