25 High Ponytail Hairstyles For Women

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Everyone has those trendy hairstyles that they just love, after all, the high ponytail is the easiest hairstyle to do. This is a list of some of the best, simple ponytail hair that you can do.

The ponytail is the number one hairstyle that every girl goes to when she wants a simple but easy hairstyle that won’t take much time. But a High Ponytail doesn’t of to be simple and you can try it in a variety of styles that will make your hair look out of this world.

Hairstyle Inspiration

A ponytail is the best hairstyle for long hair and that’s why everyone has their own favorite hairstyle that they always use go for ponytails with a little twist to them, so you will love all these hairstyles with bangs and other cute styles you can try.

This is a really cute messy ponytail, you know it’s messy from the loose hold Sometimes you really don’t want your hair to be too tight.

Messy high ponytail

With a Side Bangs

Side bangs are cute and out of the way, and they go great with most looks this messy ponytail hairstyle is a good example of what a side bang should look like with a messy style.

Side bangs with ponytail

Baddie Ponytail with Two Strands in front

With all these gorgeous hairstyles it’s really hard to pick the ones we want to use but these are all great styles. Look at this cute side ponytail with two strands in the front, the style isn’t new but it’s cute and the sleek style really sells the look.

ponytail with two strands in front

People often wonder if you can do different hairstyles and yes we can all these ponytails have a difference to, you just need to pick the difference you like and add it to your look.


Celebrities do the best hairstyles so when you see a celebrity like Kylie Jenner wearing a hairstyle like a ponytail you know you’re doing something right.

Celebrities with ponytails

Style it with Braids

Some of the best braid hairstyles are long, but putting braids in a high ponytail will give you the freedom to handle and control your hair. Ponytail is for every hair and it even helps to extend your hair and gives more functionality, this is a good example of that.

A braided ponytail has a great look to it and the braids help to protect the hair, so this is a style that I recommend. So, if you’re going for braids try it with cute accessories such s hair cuffs.

High Ponytail Braid Hairstyles

This is a great high ponytail hairstyle for black women, box braids can help protect natural hair and give it a break from over-manipulation as well.

Style it with Weave

Weaves have always been a go-to extension of your hair but this is the right way to put your hair in a high ponytail hairstyle.

high ponytail with weave

If you’re looking for cute blonde extensions to add to your hair these are a few great ones that I do recommend.

Sleek With a Jump Twist

I love the sleek look that you get from ponytails, and I know we have messy ponytails but this is the opposite style.This is a really gorgeous long extension on her ponytail.

Sleek high ponytail hairstyles

How beautiful, this is another example of a gorgeous sleek ponytail hairstyle for black women with black hair.

Sleek Ponytail

Sleek and cute is the way to go, I mean there are plenty of ways to do a great ponytail but this hairstyle is gorgeous and one of the best features is the sleek look that it has.

High ponytail Hairstyles for Black hair

Chic For Formal Events

Ponytails with white and black hair color – everyone has their own favorite hair color, for I’ll wear any hair color/ hair dye that gives my skin tone that gorgeous look. T

white and black messy ponytail hairstyle

Voluminous with Long Side Bangs

This is another beautiful messy ponytail with very cute side-bang hair. Bangs will make your hairstyle broken, but this isn’t one of these times. The cute look of the bang really gives the messy hairstyle a nice look.

Voluminous hair

Trendy elevated hairstyles

Shinny’s cute and sleek hairstyle idea, is one of the top favorites, it’s a cute look with two strands at the front as bangs but the sleek hair ends with a beautiful ponytail that is right at the top of the hair. I always love the look of this style, very amazing.

Sleek ponytail hairstyles

Long Voluminous Hair

You really don’t want to have to do your hair in all these fancy hairstyles every day, so doing a ponytail hairstyle like this will give you a chance to just relax and still have a cute hairstyle that you can feel comfortable with.

Long Voluminous Hair

Glamorous Style

Twists and curls give a unique look to your hair but putting that twists into a ponytail will set your curls in a new style that you will love. I have done a lot of ponytails because it’s simple and cute but I always love the way my ponytail looks when it has a few cute curls in it.

Glamorous sky-high ponytail hairstyles

Curly High Ponytail with Weave

If you are trying to add these cute curls to your hair and it’s not turning out the way you want it to, then you can always try out a few curly weaves. Everyone needs a great extension or two that will give your hair volume.

curly high ponytail with weave

The Modern Girl Aesthetic

high ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Tall Ponytail Hairstyles

Sometimes it’s best to put your long hair in a high ponytail because long hair is very hard to handle. Another great reason to wear a high ponytail is because of work, sometimes you need a simple easy hairstyle that you can do yourself and ponytails are perfect.

high ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Some of the best ponytails are the ones that you put together with just your natural hair, simple, easy, and cute.

Curtain bangs with a ponytail

high ponytail with puff
Cute high ponytail hairstyles

We know curtain and wispy bangs hair are all over social right now. You can incorporate them into your ponytail for a flattering face-framing hairstyle.

Chic and Easy to Do

high ponytail with puff

Pull the hair up and secure it with a small elastic, letting long bangs fall around to create an effortless look.

Medium and Short Look

Short hair can have a high ponytail as well, so don’t be afraid to try something new and explore your short hair. Now her hair isn’t all that short but this is the chance to add extensions to help give your hair the volume that it needs to get that beautiful high ponytail.

A short ponytail is also something and if done right will be very cute, believe me, I know.

short curly high ponytail

Curly and wavy hair isn’t as easy as sleek hair to do ponytails, still, the ponytail is for everyone, so give the look a try.

curly high ponytail hairstyles

High Ponytail with Braid

Braids have always had a uniquely gorgeous look to them and in this case, it’s no different, the beautiful messy ponytail, with its amazing brown-gold hair color, goes great with the braids to give a beautiful hairstyle.

high ponytail with braid

Side Bangs with Ponytail

You might not have noticed that some of the best and cutest high ponytail hairstyles are the ones with a bang are two. This beautiful high ponytail hairstyle has two gorgeous side bangs that are not only perfect for black hair but would give any hair color a new look. Bangs are not new but not a lot of people like having hair on their face, still, this is a cute look with the double bang and side ponytail hairstyle.

Side Bangs with Ponytail

Easy For The Busy Woman

Get the best of both worlds and try out these, these ponytail hairstyles are cute and they all have something unique about them so don’t be shy and try them all out.

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