10 Curly Bob Hairstyles That Rock This Year

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Curly bob hairstyles are adorable feminine and easy to do. Curly hair looks beautiful long or short and it can grow big and pretty.

Natural looking bob

Naturally defined curls, an A-line bob is beautiful.

IMAGE: @jewelzprinceton

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Inverted Curly bob

This type of hairstyle can really pop with highlights.

Inverted Curly bob

Highlights on short curly bob with bang

Get defined bob hair with proper moisturizer and hair gel. Short bob hairstyles can be even more stunning with a touch of color.

Curly bob for mature woman

Getting rid of extra hair in the back to create a more light look. Also, curls are the best at looking thicker and more denominational. A line bob is still popular and flattering for any woman.

INSTAGRAM: @callahairstudio

Red Layered Curly Bob

This cut is beautiful and the hair volume is amazing. A few inches cut away to create a layered haircut with curly bang.


Chin Length Curly Bob

This round shape curly bob is a nice example of razor-cut curls. Your hair can be completely natural and enjoy this look.

IMAGE: @alexandraefst

Curly Bob For Round Face

The right cut to enhance your natural features is always welcome. This is a beautiful bob that works with a round face and its easy to do.

SOURCE: @__hannahv

Long Natural Curly Bob

Chin Length bob with highlights that blend amazing. Add some moose to your curls to give them that effortless look throughout the day.

SOURCE: @__hannahv

Stacked Curls

This is another timeless hairstyle and for more stacked bob inspiration.

SOURCE: @patricia.gonion.hairar@stylerr

Curly Bob

The razor cut gives the hair a lighter look so the curls can really pop and bounce.

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