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Pink and Purple Hair Ideas to try out

Pink and Purple Hair Ideas to try out

Are you looking for a great hair color idea that will give you a unique but cute look, well why not try pink and purple. I can guarantee that you will look the look.

I have made a list of some really cute pastel hair colors that very unique, cute, and will leave an impression. So check them out, I am sure you will like them.

I love trying out new hair colors, don’t you well if you do I have some really amazing posts that you will like.

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Finding a good hair color combination, can put your mind through a ringer but i live for these things an i love helping you out. so gives these hair colors a try and tell me what you think.

Pink and Purple Hair

Pink and Purple Hair multi image

There is a lot of amazing color scheme ideas that you can combine and get a unique pastel look but this works so why fix it.

1# Pastel Pink and Purple hair

Because I like trying and testing different hair dyes you know I will be trying out a few of these. Yes, this one also that’s why it’s at the top.

pastel pink and purple hair color ideas

I just love how amazing the pastel colors look.

2# Light Pastel colors

Not every pastel colors are as beautiful as this one, but it’s not very easy to accomplish this look so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it right the first try.

Really light pink pastel look very beautiful hair colors

#3 Bright Burgundy Hair Color

Another good hair color idea is this bright burgundy look, shiny bright, and bold. Even though this hair color has multiple colors it really gives a look that I love.

Bright Burgundy Hair Color


4# Multi Colors pink pastel hair

There is a lot of different ways to blend colors, but what makes this color scheme looks so good is the Purple at the top and the pink flowing down.

Multi Colors pink pastel hair

It really is something else but beautiful and unique.

Blue Pink and Purple hair

Two colors are great and all that but what if you could put another color in the mix. Now i know there is a lot of colors in the rainbow but lets just work with pastel purple pink and blue.

5# Blue, pink, and purple pastel color

Doing this color combo will take style and motivation, luckily for you, I have all the motivation you will ever need.

Just check out the colors in this image

Blue Pink and Purple hair combination

If you’re going to try out this style please let a professional do it. It’s really hard to mix and combine two colors to get a cute pastel look.

Think about how hard it will be to mix three colors. Now I am not saying you shouldn’t try it for yourself if your confidant that you can do it.

6# Pink, Purple and Blue hair ideas

I can say with confidence that bright vibrant colors or the best, just look at the colors that make up this hairstyle.

Blue, pink, and purple pastel hair color

You can see just how the blue flows in to the purple and we get this really perfect blend, It looks taste and delicious.

See Also

As Bright and Vibrant as these colors or they look soft and smooth, but that’s why I like them so much.

Bright and Vibrant multi color hairstyles ideas

This hairstyle has all the colors of the rainbow but that’s why its perfect

Multi color Ombre hair

pink and purple ombre hair

Getting that Ombre look easy and they really outdid themselves with this hair coloring. I just love the look.

beautiful Ombre hairstyle look

Ombre Pink and Purple hair

I know I should do a hair coloring tutorial, but ill just leave the hair dye right here and you can give it a shot.

Ombre Pink and Purple hair

pink and purple hair dye ideas. Even though this dye looks amazing if you have never dyed your hair before, get some help before doing it on your own.

Beautiful hair color with pastel blue hair dye

What did I say about the perfect combination, the colors gives her a cute doll look, I just love it.

Pastel hair color ideas

pink and purple hair dye mixed

The Beauty is within the mix, now if you were to do this hair color idea DIY style, There are a lot of colors you could mix it with to get something completely unique.

but this color scheme right here is perfect just the way it is.

pink and purple hair dye mixed

mix pink and purple hair dye


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