35 Trendy Pink and Purple Hair Color Ideas


35 Trendy Pink and Purple Hair Color Ideas – Blending and creating different hair color blend into trending ombre or pastel hair color as a beautiful look that we all want.

Pink hair color is gorgeous but pastel light colors mixed with an ombre style will give you an amazing look and a colorfully designed hairstyle.

Everyone loves to create and experiment with colors, pastel pink and purple are two hair colors that have a uniqueness to the blend, and will give you a hair color look that’s just super unique.

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These are a few great ways to mix and blend pink and purple hair color together for the best result.

All these hair color ideas have one thing in common, they are all gorgeous with pastel light purple and pink hair dye.

Pink and Purple Hair

New Year, New Hairstyle, and going with pastel light colors are bright beautiful ombre hair dyes that will keep you standing out this year.

Pink and purple hair will be a nice change especially if you have been wearing the same black, blonde are brunette hair color for a long time.

Ombre hair has always been a favorite for spring, summer, and fall. You can make the most of these hairstyle color ideas and try something brand new that looks amazing.

Full pink ate full purple will always be a desired look for hair color but it’s the same with burgundy, red, blue, and every other single color dye.

Get the most out of all these blends when you mix them together to create a hair color that’s just for you.

Here is a look at some amazing ways you can mix and blend pink and purple to get a hair color that is just right for you.

Remember the color you get depends on the amount of hair dye you use and the hairstyle depends on where you put the dye.

Pink and Purple Hair multi image

There are a lot of fantastic color scheme ideas that you can combine and get a unique pastel look but this works so why fix it?

Pastel Pink and Purple Hair Split

There is plenty of reasons why you would want to go split, but this hair dye color look is the best example of why pastel pink and purple split hair dye color is so gorgeous.

I have seen a lot of these split pastel two-color hairstyles done but this one was done really well and the split is almost perfect, right in the middle.

I like trying and testing different hair dyes you know I will be trying out a few of these. Yes, this one also that’s why it’s at the top.

Long split pastel color hair light pink and purple hairstyle dye Idea

Pastel Pink and Purple Hair Split

Half and Half Light Pastel Hair Color Pink and Purple

The great thing about light color is how unique they look and how gorgeous it makes your skin looks.

I have never seen a pastel color that doesn’t give your skin a beautiful glow.

Not every pastel color is as beautiful as this one, and even though this look isn’t very easy to accomplish, the end result looks amazing.

Half and Half Light Pastel Hair Color Pink and Purple

I really like the colors, double light, and pastel, I guarantee that you won’t find a lot of people who have done this.

This is a hard blend to achieve but the end result will look amazing, just take your time and you will get the look that you want.

Bright Burgundy Pastel Hair Color

Bright pastel colors will always be a run to hair dye because of how wonderful these hair dye colors can look.

This is a fully bright burgundy hair color with black at the top, bright and beautiful with pink in the blend.

Bright Burgundy Pastel Hair Color


Purple Pink Ombre Hair

Have you ever seen purple flowing into pink and ending with the most perfect light shade of pink that just looks so beautiful?

A little dark mixed with pastel will brighten up any room or in this case hair but I just really like the look and flow of these two gorgeous dyes.

There are a lot of different ways to blend colors, but what makes this color scheme looks so good is the way the dyes flow into each other at the top, it’s just very beautiful.

Pink and Purple Hair Ombre

It really is something else but beautiful and unique.

Blue Pink and Purple hair

Bright and gorgeous is what makes these hairstyles pop and look so beautiful, I just love the way how the blue blends with the pink and purple colors.

Mixing two hair dyes to get the perfect color can result in an amazing look or color blend, but if you add another color to the mix, you start to see magic.

Blue, purple and pink will also look pastel either light or bright but you will still get some of the best and prettiest color schemes that you will ever see.

Doing these color combos will take style and motivation, luckily for you, I have all the motivation you will ever need.

Blue, Pink, and Purple Hair Mixed

check out the colors in this image

Blue Pink and Purple hair combination

If you’re going to try out this style please let a professional do it. It’s tough to mix and combine two colors to get a cute pastel look.

Think about how hard it will be to mix three colors. Now I am not saying you shouldn’t try it for yourself if you’re confident that you can do it.

Pink, Purple, and Blue hair ideas

We all have different tastes and we all will gravitate to something different, but with all the colors of the rainbow, this is what a married hairstyle would look like.

I can say with confidence that bright vibrant colors or the best, just look at the colors that make up this hairstyle. Rock this purple-pink ombre hair any day.

Blue, pink, and purple pastel hair color

You can see just how the blue flow into the purple and we get this really perfect blend, It looks tasty and delicious.

Cotton Candy Pink and Purple Hair

What is more pastel than cotton candy, well now you know, Cotton candy comes in many flavors and colors but non is as beautiful as these gorgeous hairstyles.

The blue at the top was already beautiful and blended with the light pink flowing into the light purple, it’s just beautiful and creative.

Cotton Candy Pink and Purple Hair

With hairstyles and hair colors like these, you can see why I think this pink and purple hair or some of the best ideas to try out.

Blue and Purple Cotton Candy Hair Color

Light pastel blue is another gorgeous cotton candy color, but the great thing about these two dye blends is how they mix together and give some of the best variations.

These are some of the most unique dye blends I have ever seen, but they are all so beautiful.

Blue and Purple Cotton Candy Hair Color

Half Side Pink and Purple Cotton Candy Hair

Half-side hairstyles have become very popular, but this cotton candy Barbie hairstyle also has beautiful light pastel pink and purple hair colors to match the look.

The hair colors are very unique but the twin ponytails really give the style a perfect look.

Half Side Pink and Purple Cotton Candy Hair

It was a great idea to pair the pastel hair colors with the twin tails hairstyle, but these colors would even look good if this was a bun hairstyle.

The vibrant colors make a statement and the overall look of the hair colors with the hairstyle is a nice unique look.

Long Flowing Purple and Pink Bright Pastel Hair colors

Has Bright and vibrant as these colors or they look soft and smooth, but that’s why I like them so much.

This is a beautiful purple hair ideas that covers two different shades of purple hair color.

Bright and Vibrant multi color hairstyles ideas

Ombre Pink Blend into Purple Mixed with Blue Hair Color

Blue as a color has a lot of ways that it can blend and improve any color look, and that’s what happening here.

You have a beautiful shade of blue flowing into a very light purple color and then transforming into pink.

This is another way you can do cotton candy hair, you just have to choose the style you want.

Ombre Pink Blend into Purple Mixed with Blue Hair Color

Rainbow Hair Color Bright Pastel

Some hairstyles like this are best done by a professional because it will take time and know-how to get this rainbow hair color done right.

This hairstyle has all the colors of the rainbow but that’s why it’s perfect

Rainbow Hair Color Bright Pastel

Black, Red, Pink, and Purple Ombre Hair

You can get ombre hair color done on any hair color, black, blonde, redhead, and even brunette hair.

This is a perfect example of what your ombre hair color can look like with the blend at the top.

This hairstyle looks like something out of a fantasy movie but it is easily achievable and will look cute on most hairstyles.

Black, Red, Pink, and Purple Ombre Hair

Bright Pastel Pink and Purple Blended Hair Color Ideas

This might be one of the most beautiful hair dye color combinations I have ever seen, It just looks like something I would totally do.

I know I should do a hair coloring tutorial, but ill just leave the hair dye right here and you can give it a shot.

Shop Pink Hair Dye | Purple Hair Dye

Pastel Pink and Purple Blended Hair Color Ideas

Don’t be afraid to try these hair colors and styles, after all, it’s only hair dye and you will get something completely amazing.

I have tried a few of these dies and I have been surprised and amazed by the different looks I keep getting.

Unicorn Hair Color Pastel Pink and Purple

Unicorns are amazing creatures lol if they were real but this hair color is and you can achieve this exact style if you put in the work and a little creativity.

I have got a lot of favorites and this is also one of my top 5 five.

The purple and pink colors really have a nice blend to them, but this style also has a little blonde in it.

Shop Hair Dye

Unicorn Hair Color Pastel Pink and Purple

Half and Half Red and Pink Hair Color

Ombre red with pink is also a great choice, and even though half-side hair looks amazing, you should try to mix it up and blend the two-color together and see the outcome.

This is a gorgeous look and it is topped off with next-to-perfect face makeup, I am really loving the pink eye shadow and lipstick, it’s a great choice for the look.

Half and Half Red and Pink Hair Color

Red and Purple Ombre Hair

Sometimes taking a risk can turn into something amazing and new and that’s what you’re looking at with this beautiful red ombre hair color.

Purple is the dominant color but red is what makes the hair color pop, it really brings the hairstyle to life.

Red and Purple Ombre Hair

Purple Pastel Hair Color

Pastel purple makes for great stand-alone hair color, I am sure many people wouldn’t give this hair dye a try if it’s by itself but this photo alone should change your mind.

Purple ombre can look great if it’s stand-alone are with pink or any other color.

Purple Pastel Hair Color

Orange, Purple, Red, and Pink Pastel Ombre Hair

Twin buns with Bright pink, purple, and orange hair color tips, This is a three-in-one hair color hair dye masterpiece.

This is how you mixed and blend in the best colors to get something uniquely cute.

orange, purple, red and pink pastel ombre hair

Pastel Pink Hair

Going full pastel pink is a great choice because pink is a beautiful color and it goings great with any skin tone.

Pink hair also looks great with light color makeup so it’s easy to add a little extra to get the look you’re going for.

Also pink looks amazing with any hair length, so if you have short are long hair you can get a gorgeous hairstyle that looks very cute with your pastel pink hair dye.

Pastel pink hair

Ombre Red Hair Color for Curly Hair

Red Ombre with curly hair looks nice doesn’t it, I have been listing the most straight hair so far but hair with curls will also look amazing with ombre or pastel colors.

Check out how the ombre red sits in with her curly hair.

Ombre Red Hair Color for Curly Hair

Purple and Pink Hair Color with Cornrows

This is another beautiful purple and pink hair with a different style, cornrows at the front.

Dying or coloring your hair will always give it a look to it, but some hairstyles show off your face and with a pretty face these cornrows or what’s best to show off just how pretty she is.

Purple and Pink Hair Color with Cornrows

Short Inverted Bob Cut Hairstyle with Pastel Pink Hair Color

This is one of the ways you can wear an Inverted bob cut with pastel pink with short hair, and you see how beautiful light pastel colors can look with dark skin.

Imagine how lovely the purple would look since the pink already gave her such an amazing flavor to her hair.

Short Inverted Bob Cut Hairstyle with Pastel Pink Hair Color

Long Ombre Pink and Purple Hair

What did I say about the perfect combination, the colors give her a cute doll look, I just love it.

Pastel hair color ideas

Purple and Pink Curly Hair Pastel and Cute

Beauty is within the mix, now if you were to do this hair color idea dye style, There are a lot of colors you could mix it with to get something completely unique.

but this color scheme right here is perfect just the way it is.

pink and purple hair dye mixed

Mix Pink and Purple Hair Dye Unicorn Pastel Color

Unicorn pastel colors give you the Barbie desired hairstyle that every princess angel pastel fan would want.

These hairstyles are a good look for cosplay are parties that have a need for the Barbie theme unicorn hairstyle look.

Unicorn Hair color pastel


Pink and Purple Highlights

Gorgeous long purple hair with wavy pink and purple highlights and an ombre blend. This is how beautiful purple tone hair can look with naturally dark roots.

Purple strands mixed in a three-tone colored blend.

Natural hair color Dark roots with blonde hair and light pink pastel color straight long hair.

Dark hair at the top natural long hair with stunning pink at the hair end.

Pink Highlights on Blonde Hair

Natural hair, pastel light pink highlights, gorgeous blonde hair color, long with a wavy end.

Purple Highlights Two Tone with Pink

Bright purple hair strands with beautiful bright highlights pink long hair. This color will look amazing on any hair length and the highlights and colors will always turn out great.

Pink colors or hair dye will always give a stunning look.

Long blonde hair with beautiful pink-colored tip hair.

Pink and Purple Hair Ideas

Transform your hair into your dream hairstyle using these create hair dye ideas and get the hair color and hairstyle that you desire.

These are all beautiful hairstyles with amazing hair dye colors that will show off your gorgeous hair.

Pastel is light or bright with a lot to offer and these are ideas that you can use to take advantage of all the unique looks that pastel colors can bring to your hair.

Don’t miss out on these beautiful pink and purple pastel hair ideas, turn your hair into candy, sweets, and unicorns.

Find the color scheme that you want with these ideas and pick a hairstyle that matches up with the look you desire.

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