24 Christmas Hairstyles braids For Ladies

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Christmas hairstyles in braids are a great option for holiday parties. Christmas parties are one of those holidays that these versatile styles will complement well. Choosing Christmas hairstyle braids can give you different types of looks.

They can look fun and elegant but will also take the hair out of your face. Braided Christmas party hairstyles for the whole family to try.

Braid hairstyles have been more popular in our time, and flexibility is one of the major reasons. And in addition to this, they look amazing. The amount of braids style is numberless there is something for any occasion.

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Ponytail Christmas Party Hairstyles

A ponytail hairstyle is always a nice idea and the most go2 style for beginners. Different ways to spice up your ponytail.

1 . Fluff Ponytail

Christmas Party Hairstyles

This loose side braids down into an elegant undone ponytail. If you want a hairstyle that can be both elegant and casual this braided hairstyle is for you.

2 . Mohawk Braided hairstyle for party

Braided Ponytail Ideas for This Winter

For a modern girl, this high mohawk style is good. The hair at the side is pulled back and a loose twist braid is formed in the center. All the hair is pulled together to create a different version of the basic ponytail.

3. Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail

Image credit @heatfreehair

If you are looking for a chic hairstyle to wear this season? then this is one of the best ones. A sleek low ponytail with your natural curly hair pulled from your face. This hairstyle will look stunning and allow your face to shine through this festive season.

4. Two-Tone

This next hairstyle has dark roots with a blonde color. This makes the braided hairstyle stand out, even more, this Christmas party hairstyle is beautiful.

5. Elegant Hairstyle for a Christmas party

Braided Ponytail party Ideas

Start at the front with a wrap twist going into a braided ponytail. This is done on long hair and may not look as well on shorter hair lengths.

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Updo Braid Hairstyle Ideas for Perfect Look

If you are more of a fan of updo these will work great for you, big voluminous braid twisted around your head.

6. Chic Braided Style

Christmas Updo Braid Hairstyle

If you are going to a formal party this braided hairstyle will sure make a statement. A lot of wedding usually happens at Christmas, this is a nice wedding hairstyle for such an event.

7. Double The Fun

Updo Braid Hairstyle

This gorgeous braid hairstyle is for women to attend Christmas parties. The holiday can be hectic but at least your hair can look effortlessly beautiful. The hair accessory is a nice hidden touch as well.

8. Cute Festive Hairstyles

Updo Braid Hairstyle

This braid updo has a nice touch of dark roots that lead into a lovely golden blonde tress. The braid starts at the front of the head, leaving out a long bang which makes it even more romantic.

9. Long Bangs

long bang and low bun hair

When it comes to hairstyles here is an example of how versatile braids can be. This style is sophisticated and is perfect for an elegant party. Braided Christmas party hairstyles with pearls and white roses.

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Fishtail Hairstyle Idea For The Season

Fishtails may take a little practice they are not the easiest to do but they are quite worth the practice. They lay elegantly and they look amazing on all hair textured.

10. Easy Hairstyles and Braid

Fishtail braids are a kind of braid that was originated in the French style but popular all over the globe. This style is beautiful and would look good on any hair texture.

11 . Lady Like Fishtail braids

elegant braids for women

Pull the hair back into a ponytail and if this is your first time put the hair into sections to keep them from mixing. Placement is the key when it comes to fishtail braids.

12 . Half-up fishtail holiday party hairstyles

holiday hairstyles

This is a simple hairstyle you can even do yourself, it’s cute and very last minute. You can do this hairstyle for your kids as well as any adult.

13 . Braided Christmas Party Hairstyles

Braids hairstyle for holidays

The fishtail braid is another gorgeous way to do your braids this holiday. This style you should try this.

SourceSource , Source , Source

Braids Just For Fun Hairstyles

Here are some other ways to rock braid hairstyles this holiday season.

14. Rose Pink and Black Roots

Braided Christmas Party Hairstyles

Adding some color to your hair will make the style stand out even more.

15. Multiple wrapped Braids

Braided Christmas Party Hairstyles

15 . Space Bun

Fun Braid Hairstyles

16 .

Fun Hairstyles
Fun Hairstyles

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These braided hairstyles are just for a fun day, a fun casual party.

Sweet Hairstyles with Braids

17 .

Sweet Hairstyles with Braids

18 .


19 .


20 .

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Pigtails Braids

21 .

22. Stunning Casual Holiday Hairstyles

Image source/ instagram.com/aurorabraids

23 . Charming large side braided Christmas hairstyle

This haisrtyle features dark roots with dusty blonde hair.

24 . Hairstyles with Holiday lights

Image from: @braids_by_breelise

Braids are trendy right now, with lots of unique ways to style your braids. Some you may need someone to do for you.

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Braided Christmas Party Hairstyles

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