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How to straighten black hair without heat

How to straighten black hair without heat

These are some simple method to use and stretch natural curly  hair


  1. Curl Former

How to straighten black hair without heat

This is just great if you are looking for something to stretch your natural texture out without heat , and it make some amazing curls . They will give you spiral curls and lucky for us they come in different sizes .  Depending on the type of curls you want or the length of you’re hair .

2. Roller set

Halloween Candy Survey (US)

This is one of the oldest method but it still works, you do this on wet hair. This give a more loose curl set compare to curlformers .

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As you can see from the picture above you will get beautiful curls if you dond mind sleeping on them .

3. Flexi rod

With Flexi rods you can achieve loose waves or spiral curls . There are different sizes to choose from depending on you’re hair length . The best part about Flexi rod you dont need to worry much about the hair being snag .

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