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How to get perfect beach waves : The Perfect beach waves diy

How to get perfect beach waves : The Perfect beach waves diy

beach waves diy

Beach waves are classic style for summer. Beach waves are flawless and fun all year round but especially in summer. One of the best part is how effortless it look but still stylish. If you want something perfect for summer but with the effortless feel that comes with it then keep reading.

How to get beach waves overnight

Wash your hair and detangle in the shower. I personally recommend detangle when the water is running down the hair or with conditioner. Brush your hair to keep it tangle free.

Add Moose to your hair ( This Moose adds volume and curl definition got2b fat-tastic ). Scrunch the product throughout the hair, put your hair into two buns or braids. This method is best when you can do it overnight or if you want to go under a hooded dryer. Be sure the hair is dry before taking it down.

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If you have stick straight hair and the moose doesnt do the job use sea salt spray. If you have curly hair may best to skip this step as it may dry the hair out making it a bit frizzy.