Black Hair with Red Highlights


Red is a popular color and one of the most popular when it comes to hair colors. There are many shades of red, so you have plenty of options to enjoy. Black hair with red highlights does look amazing, and choosing the right dye for you is a fun activity. The beauty of the red color is that it is a great hair color for brunettes. Red looks its best against black hair. You can make your hair’s new color stands out with stylish haircuts.

Best Black Hair with Red Highlights

1. Short black hair with red highlights

The first hairstyle is done on bob-cut hair. This stunning black hair with red dye is the first to kick start this list. The color is quite bright and will make a statement. Recreate this cut, style, and red dye on short hair.

Short black hair with red highlights

2. Suble Red and Black

Here is an interesting way to color your hair, by adding just the red to the sides. This look is done on long hair, color a section of the two sides of the front. The effect will look cool and pretty and a good choice for women who only want to dye a small section of the hair.

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3. Purple, Pink and Red highlights on Black Hair

Getting your hair in such a color is stunning, red and black can create versatile looks. The purple is an added touch of beauty and they look good with this color combination. This style features dark roots, color mix on long wavy hair the blend of red and purple works well together. As we can agree this is an amazing pink and purple hairstyle with red highlights, and one of my favorite.

Black Hair with Red Highlights

4. Ombre Black Hair with Red Highlights

This beautiful ombre hairstyle on black hair is soft and delicate. The hair starts with a beautiful black shade, red soft hue, and midway down the waves, the beautiful bold red highlight has been added. This is a super adorable way to wear highlights, that stand out. Ombre black hair with red highlights color is a bold statement and compliments almost every brunette woman well.

ombre black hair with red highlights

5. Multi Color

This next hairstyle features multi tones that are so flattering together. Dark blue, light blue, light purple, red ends, and black roots. There are a lot of red highlights on the end of the hair. I love how they were able to make all these colors work without looking tacky.

Black Hair with Red Highlights


6. Straight Black Hair With Red Highlights

This color technique is quite common and if you are looking for something that will be a sure hit. Streaks in the hair work great on all hair colors but especially on dark tone hair. This bob cut has an angled cut long front and short back. This is a nice style and color for any woman to rock any season or occasion.

Source kristinpuga.hairdresser

7. Subtle Tone on Black Hair with Red Highlights

Choosing to color your hair red, this means it can be bold or modest. If you are seeking a subtle tone this is what you could copy. This bob hairstyle for fine hair has a very dark red tone. So for example, if you want a low-key color this is great, for office and school with strict rules.

8. Red Dye On Curly Black Hair

Black and red highlights for curly hair are the ultimate color mixture. Red hair on dark skin girl has always been a popular choice and always trendy. This hairstyle has dark roots which makes it low maintenance, no need for regular touch-ups. The vibrant color on the ends will make your style stand out on your curly hair.

There are a few color red wash shampoos you can use to wash your hair bi-weekly to keep your hair vibrant. You don’t

ombre black hair with red highlights

Image Credit: @hairvolutions

9. Mid-Length Dark Red Hair

This mid-length hair is a classic that is timeless and a safe choice. The dark red ends and black roots will stand out in any season. It’s gorgeous and will look amazing on people with brown honey or hazel eyes.

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10. Burgandy and Dark Red Hair

Burgundy is a beautiful color that when blended with red it creates a deep warm look. This color combination creates a fun professional look for work and a casual lifestyle as well. This is a fashionable choice for modern women. To copy this color combination you may need a professional stylist to create a vibrant finish. Blend the burgundy color with your red hair to create beautiful highlights on dark hair.

Brown and black hair with red highlights

11. Red and Brown Color Highlights

Brown and black hair with red highlights is the perfect color combination for the summer and fall seasons. This hair color you can really enjoy and have lots of fun with. Another great reason to get this it is a low-maintenance color that will grow out lovely.

Brown and black hair with red highlights

12. Copper Tone Highlights

Copper color hair is one close to my heart, this was the first hair color I had. This color is chic, with dark roots and coppery highlights. If you have dark hair this copper combination will compliment your natural hair beautifully. Winter hair color such as this will stand out all season long.

Source: @brit_bellasalonandboutique

13. Wavy Brown and Red Highlights

This one is another gorgeous look, with long pretty waves flushed with brown and red highlights. Dont you think the red highlights complement the black and brown beautifully? The style looks soft and glamorous at the same time, great for a special occasion.

14. Winter Berry

If you are looking for a fall hair color that could transition perfectly into winter look no further. The color is beautifully jazzed up. The style is done one medium-length hair which is so pretty.

Black Hair with Red Highlights

Image from @texasbalayage

15. Cute and Vibrant Cut

Looking for a vibrant color on your short bob, well this looks stunning. The red balayage hair tone is strategically placed through the hair. Some are close to the roots and others leave peek-a-boo dark hair throughout as well. I love how the blend is soft but bold and beautiful.

Black Hair with Red Highlights

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