29 Festival Makeup Coachella Inspiration

Coachella is one of the most popular festivals that allow people to enjoy and express themselves. If you are looking for a festival and rave makeup looks you are in luck we have collected some of the best inspiration. Coachella makeup is full of glitters and rhinestones with a bold statement.

These ideas have a lot of glitters and face gemstones that embrace the festival mood. If you want to stand out regular makeup won’t do, you need to bring that fantasy to life. These festival makeup ideas can also be used for other related events.

1. Gold Glitter Eyes and Lips

This festival makeup look is gorgeous, with gold and glitter above and under the eyes. The under-eyes glitter is chunky under the eyes which makes it really pop. Other features such as the gold line between the brows and the lips.

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Glitter festival makeup

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2. Bestie Festival Makeup Ideas

The next look has large rhinestones in purple and green and is the perfect Coachella makeup idea. You can choose your favorite color and mix it with white as this color goes with any other.


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3. Gold Stars

Beautiful gold stars create multiple designs on the face. The look also includes a soft touch of orange eye shadow and lipstick. The orange eye shadow looks very good on women with brown or hazel eye colors. Feel free to switch these out in colors that complement your skin and eye color.

Golden makeup for festival

Glitter on face and hair

Creating glitter hair and gems on the face creates a lovely makeup idea for such festivals. This looks great with the silver glitter blend on the blonde hair. The large and small gemstones on the face are stunning and contrast with the black matte lipstick.

Festival makeup

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Festive Makeup Look

Here is another great makeup idea with gemstones for Coachella. This next look uses large and small silver stars. This whole look is bright and pretty with wine-red lipstick.

Coachella makeup ideas

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Emoji Looks

Crystals in multi Shape and Size

Here is another creative way to do your Coachella makeup look. The big gemstones have a nice flower shape in the middle and then smaller ones formed around the eyes.

festival makeup

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Burnt Purple and Orange

Here is an alluring way to style your makeup, beautiful eyeshadows, and a small touch of chunky gold glitter.

eye festival makeup

Image via @melissasplitter

Soft and Subtle Glitter Festival Makeup

The glitter is soft and delicate with glossy eyes and lips. If you are feeling more on the elegant side this is a lovely choice. Make sure you do your brows to help bring out this makeup look with bold black mascara.

glitter festival makeup

Image from source

Multi color Mermaid Crystals

This next look has multiple color eye shadows and rhinestones. Feeling like a mermaid well this look may be what you are longing for. This will be popular among young kids and teenage girls. The look is fun and youthful and will make your festival day feel special.

Festival makeup


Lemonade Pastel

This green is so pretty and the rhinestones are so pretty. I love how minimalist this look is but still bold, with great balance.

Festival makeup

Bubble Gum Pink

Here is another version of the previous look except done with pink shadows. If you are not feeling yellow/green then this is an alternative. The look also features long lashes, arched brows, and bubble gum pink lipstick.

festive hair

source: @romietorious

Emerald Rhinestones And Glitter Festive Makeup

Emerald green is a pretty fairytale color and also reminds me of thinker Bell. Coachella makeup look with small glitter around the large rhinestone in different shades of greens. The rest of the face makeup is left to look natural.

glitter festival makeup

Fairy Blue Glitter

This look has a unique pretty color that has a bit of shimmer, and chunky glitters. The eyebrows are even makeup of blue to match the rest of the look.

Coachella makeup

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Beautiful white and Gold Glitters

This next look features a beautiful smokey eye, pink matte lips, and silver and gold glitter festival makeup. This look is pretty with different size glitters and blends of two colors.

festival makeup look

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Coachella Makeup

This next music festival makeup is so pretty and memorable. The look is soft and feminine and not hard to copy.

Coachella makeup

Easy Festival Makeup

This look has an innocent and badness to it. The lip colors and the playful art on the cheeks are pretty and winged liners. This look is not hard to do, pretty soft pink lips, shape eyeliner, and cute bunny paint on the face.

Coachella makeup

Glitter Festive Makeup

This is another beautiful festival makeup for the next big event. With liquid liner and long lashes makes a dramatic look. The chunky gold glitter is so pretty and soft pink glossy lips. The look also features a light eye shadow.

music festival makeup

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Pink and Purple Festival Makeup Looks

Lovely festival makeup glitter idea to try with a little sweetness.

festival makeup looks

Beautiful Emerald and Pink Hearts

Fantasy Makeup

Coachella Makeup

Coachella Makeup

Everything about this next makeup look I love. The light brown gold glitter creates a freckle look under the eyes and over the top of the nose. The pink glittery eye shadow is so pretty also, the whole look is special and the hairstyle helps too.

 Makeup Coachella

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Happy Bright Colors

These festival makeup looks are perfect for even beginners.

festival makeup looks

Embrace yellow

On land mermaid look

This look requires many sizes of face jewels to recreate the look. Choosing the colors that compliment your vibe and such as here it matches the color in the hair.

Rhinestones and colors

Glitter and Chunky Gems

This glitter festival makeup looks to play with shimmer and chunky crystals.

glitter festival makeup

Gold Tears Perfect Rave Makeup Inspiration

glitter festival makeup

Stunning Green Crystals

We love these face jewels, you will find a lot of tutorials online on how to apply festival makeup.

glitter festival makeup

Image via @ravegirls_world

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